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「屍喰部隊(スカベンジャー)」 (Sukabenjaa)

With the likes of Kimetsu no Yaiba and Vinland Saga going full bore visual ecstasy of late it’s a little hard for the lesser of summer’s offerings to make their mark, but Accelerator certainly is one up to make a challenge. While production and buckets of cash infused animation will never be the Index-verse’s strong suit, there is plenty of room to make the most of a streamlined process, and oh boy did we get that this week. Gentleman, the villain has properly returned.

Whether down to making up for the disaster of Index III or not, it’s hard denying Accelerator has gone out of its way to really lay on the eye candy. We got everything from punches to explosions and all manner of crazy faces in between, plus the satisfaction of it lasting damn near the entire episode. Sure, it’s easy to highlight some of the weaknesses of the production here (looking at you 3D CGI), but when compared against the usual J.C. Staff treatment of all things Index? Yeah, I’m not going to turn my nose up anytime soon. Accelerator just keeps on doing a fantastic job with its material, and keeping it a pace which helps reinforce the degree of entertainment derived from the experience (at least for yours truly). When a 30 minute episode winds up feeling like 5, you know you’re doing something right.

For all the fun of watching cackling villain doing cackling villain things however, the real sense of satisfaction will come from finally getting some answers, and Accelerator will certainly have to start building up to it eventually. Scavenger, for all the tomboy glory that is Naru, really felt like a sideshow than point of development, a set of secondary but largely unique characters existing just to help give a reason to bring back our man of the moment. An absolute joy to watch definitely (particularly that face of utter despair), but something not really linking back to the central element of Last Order based shenanigans at first glance. I imagine we will get to that side of things soon enough now that DA has been gutted and competing roadblocks expunged, but considering the Index-verse’s love of going off onto various different side character tangents it’s hard denying a little doubt exists when it comes to keeping this story entirely on the rails with only six confirmed episodes to go.

Not that I envision Accelerator going the way of Chomper and her loyal Fist of Justice anytime soon mind you, but we’ll just have to see how well the second half of this show matches up to the success shown thus far.



August 17, 2019 at 9:45 pm
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