「200万年の在処」 (Niman Nen no Arika)
“Where 200 Million Years Have Gone”

That actually wasn’t what I was expecting but I must admit that I absolutely loved it.

General Impressions

Man, after two weeks of cliffhangers it was nice to finally have the story ease into its next arc without throwing too many curve balls at us. Seeing how Taiju and Yuzuriha have been temporarily replaced with Chrome and Kohaku, it was actually rather interesting to see just how different of a dynamic these new characters provide. Besides being a part of a new generation of people who came sometime after civilization entered the (literal) Stone Age, it was interesting to see how their knowledge of the “world” was all over the place. Between a lack of understanding of certain scientific principles to strange bits of knowledge that could have only come from before the flash, you could definitely feel bits and pieces of a new mystery brewing.

However, what was more thrilling than Senku finding a whole village of people was just how much of a jumpstart his new civilization of science got. With Chrome essentially being the primitive version of Senku, it was amazing to see that Chrome had somehow managed to collect an abundance of scientific resources that Senku could immediately put to work. That and compared to Senku’s relationship with Taiju, it was really fun to watch someone who was more focused on the scientific side of things. Jiving off of each other in a student-teacher kind of way, you could really see Senku enjoying himself as he got to witness someone else with an insane amount of curiosity and drive to find the answers to the unknown.

On the other side of things, the other new characters this week all felt surprisingly thought out. From Kinro to Ginro all the way to Kohaku’s sister Ruri, each and every one of them did a great job at showing us just how they manage to fit in this crazy story with their wildly different personalities. And sure we may not have got to see much yet, but I have high hopes that they’ll all show us just what they can do as we get further into this new arc.

All-in-all, a great start to a new arc! With new characters everywhere and a totally motivated Senku and assistant Chrome at his side, it feels like that nothing will be able to stop them. Hopefully we’ll get to see something awesome from them soon. Until then, be sure to avoid any random petrifaction rays so we can all enjoy next week’s episode. See you then!




  1. You know all those manga readers who were saying that Dr. Stone started out alright but gets way better later on? This is the moment where the series really starts to get great. It fully clicks into the pattern of introducing a problem, coming up with a scientific solution to said problem, and then working through the steps to reach that solution. It’s tons of fun.

    So many great little moments in this episode like Kohaku and Ginro playing with static electricity to Kinro’s reaction to the golden spear.

    Also, Senku and Chrome are science bros for life!

    1. Its useless, if they do show some parts not cover in cloth, fog or sun-ray, then there is just a black shadow. so move 1 frame finger is betraying you

      Also in ancient japan/nippon they used this kind of underwear like today the Sumo-wrestlers, yes even females

    1. I’m still hopeful–the very fact they talked about it openly makes it feel possible. Of course, I doubt Senku will be the one acting lovestruck.

      On a side note, this is the sort of comment that makes me promise myself I won’t take another look at the comments section later, since it tempts manga readers to make vague comments and I prefer to watch this blind. Can’t believe how much I’m enjoying this anime.

  2. Making penicillin (I assume that’s what it is) is definitely a staple of this “bringing scientific advances to medieval society” genre. I’ve seen it in the manga Jin and at least 1 other place, can’t remember what.

    1. last picture:

      in my youth staying in a village, even axle bearings can become wheels like here Senku used. Also even today on Madeira something similar is still a tourist attraction there

      1. When I was a kid, we had a kick scooter with a wooden frame and the wheels were bearings around 4 inches in diameter. It was noisy as heck so we didn’t use it much :O

        Magnus Tancred
  3. This is NOT a spoiler, but an easy answer as to why these people didn’t have
    advanced knowledge passed down is that maybe, their great¹⁰⁰-grandparents
    were rejuvenated as children. Dunno, hopefully it’ll be explained later.

    Really starting to love the dynamics of this series — looks like a lot of
    fun from here on out…

    1. There’s another plausible explanation. If the petrification ray affected all people on Earth, what about the people living on the International Space Station? The ISS right now has 2 Soyuz modules docked in the event an evacuation is needed and the station can hold up to 6 people. If everyone on the planet was affected but the people in the station were not, they could land in the Soyuz and start over.

      1. …except that those people would already understand technology,
        hence, would try to pass it on.

        There’s problems with my theory, too. The kids had to be old enough
        to survive, but not old enough to remember / understand any technology
        they might have been exposed to. That put them pretty young, so
        their ability to survive w/o adult supervision is a big krinkle…

      2. @mac65

        Unless whatever that first generation of people (wherever they came from) intentionally suppressed technology. Not in the way Tsukasa wants to, but maybe in a way to just let this new version of humanity follow its own course.

        I mean if you were someone who either woke up and found the world the way it was knowing what happened but not knowing why like Senku, Tsukasa, et al. or were someone who somehow avoided it but still saw the aftermath, you might think that maybe it was some kind of technological misshape that caused it and trying to jump-start things back to the way they were could just cause it to happen all over again.

  4. I can’t stop gushing about how Senku is just a good, pure, smart boy and should be protected.

    I also can’t wait until Senku and the village can explain to each other their “origins” to figure out what’s going on, faction-wise. The villagers weren’t surprised to see Senku and know the existence of humans outside the village obviously.

    I can state with confidence, that if I were one of the “first generations” in the new Stone World, for sure my fam and future won’t be going far. I cannot imagine an ounce of modern knowledge that I would know and somehow be able to apply to use in the raw world, apart from the importance of personal hygiene. Yet, how do you manage that if you dunno how to make soap.

    1. I believe it was Kinro who said in the episode that there are no other humans outside of the village. The only humans who would be outside the village are people who were exiled from the village in the past. That’s why he didn’t even question Senku and just immediately stopped him from entering. Any person outside the village is an exile regardless if they recognize them or not.


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