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Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Nikai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desuka – 08

「言わなきゃ伝わらないが, 言ったらかなりの確率でぶつかる. 厄介だよ, 親子.」 (Iwanakya Tsutawaranai ga, Ittara Kanari no Kakuritsu de Butsukaru. Yakkai Da yo, Oyako.)
“If I Say Nothing, It Won`t Be Heard, But If I Say Something, It`ll Be a Critical Hit. It Sucks Being a Family. “

With Episode 08, we’re wrapping up the saga that is the conflict between Medhi and her mother. But as their issues are settled, questions arise as to whether this will happen to many more mothers, how they would become corrupted, and what it is about the game itself that makes it easy for someone to exploit its vulnerabilities and allow for someone to manipulate the players into breaking the game.

By the time that Mamako was able to get Medhimama to see the damage that she’s done in the game world, it raises questions regarding how her case could relate to Wise’s mother. Unlike her, Medhimama appeared to be an ideal mother growing up as she was supportive of Medhi throughout her childhood and they even looked cordial as they began their adventure in the video game world. Resentment should be something harbored outside of the game world to get the pair in the world, but it felt like they didn’t go into how Medhimama’s support became toxic in the real world. And with the staff taking on similar qualities to the items that corrupted Wise’s mother, it appears that it amplified her supportive qualities so that she would go from being by her side to cheer her on to placing unrealistic expectations to be the best for her own sake or else. It had to be enough of a problem to get Medhi within Shirase’s crosshairs, but at the same time, Medhimama looked genuinely taken aback by what she said and did in the video game. A parenting blog that Medhimama alluded to writing might be a clue as she gave advice on how to be as cutthroat as she was in the video game, but we aren’t given much insight on how this played a role in Medhi’s growing rage.

There are also questions raised as to how far her corruption went in changing her behavior and how much of what she did in the video game were behavioral patterns she displayed in the real world. If so, are all of the mothers being corrupted by turning their worst qualities up to 11? And with that in mind, has Mamako already been corrupted by the overpowered abilities that allow her to constantly dote on her son to the point of stifling his ability to express himself? Shirase hints at someone being behind the anomalies within the game, so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to say the game is as much of a trap for endangering relationships as it is a haven to repair them.

The episode is still able to have its fun though, or at least as much fun as you’d expect from a show where you can pair a heart-to-heart between a reformed stage mother and a well-endowed dragon with long blue hair. Wise’s magic stalling is getting a little old, but it was amusing to see Porta’s solution to the problem by carting out bottle upon bottle of MP potions that she has to painstakingly chug through in order to regain the magic necessary to defeat Medhi’s dragon form. Another funny addition was a gacha system that proved to cause Masato and Wise, the two kids who wanted to gain something beneficial from the academy the most, despair as their E-rank luck resulted in them pulling nothing but potions and a single apron that Mamako can use as armor. There is evidence that Medhi might be a fun addition to the party as well with her comical reaction to Wise’s criticism of Masato. Whether she’d take up the role of a healer, dark mage, or well-endowed dragon, however, will be something we’ll see within the next episode.

August 31, 2019 at 6:55 am
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