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「この手に科学の灯を」 (Kono Te ni Kagaku no Akari no)
“Let There be the Light of Science”

Today was the day, that for the first time in thousands of years, the darkness of night was finally defeated.

General Impressions

Before we talk about anything super important, I just want to highlight how amazing it must be for an entire village of people to discover ramen for the first time. Bursting with flavor and a flavor of umami that they probably haven’t experienced before, I can’t imagine the amount of happiness that eating something like that would bring. Add in some gourmet add-ons like huge chunks of meat, thicc pieces of chashu, and a bunch of local vegetables and you have something amazing on your hands.

Okay, back the serious part of the post now. With the introduction Asagiri Gen and his obvious relationship with Tsukasa, it looks like the story is hitting a high point when it comes to the two worlds slowly colliding. Luckily it looks like there’s a lot more than what is on the surface for Gen and his mere existence has been giving the story a bit of spice that it’s been missing. With a new possibility of utilizing him as a double sleeper agent, I’m loving how instead of trying to coerce Gen into turning, Senku is just letting science do its thing and in turn pumping out “miracle” after “miracle” to convince Gen what the correct choice is. That and how can you not feel for the guy who wants to live a simple life in a stone world? Luckily Gen seems to be more of a show rather than tell kind of guy and his ability to turn Magma away with some slick sleight of hand tricks really helped demonstrate how far he’ll go to support Senku.

On the science side of things, who would have thought that Senku would be able to create electricity over the course of a single episode? With the power of some good ol’ elbow grease, a little sibling rivalry, and some high powered magnets at the center of it all we got to see the birth of the Edison light bulb. An invention that in hindsight is such a magical thing that it’s almost a damn shame how easily we forget about just how it touches literally everything on the planet.

Man, what an episode! With the rate things are progressing, it feels like we’re only weeks away from Senku and the Kingdom of Science being able to complete the crazy flow chart to save Ruri. That said, I doubt it’ll be an easy journey to get there but with the likes of Gen, Kinro and Ginro finally joining their ranks, it feels like they’ll be able to get just about anyone on board.

Small Spoiler Talk:

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September 2, 2019 at 10:38 pm
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