「It’s Too Late」

That feeling I first had after watching the first episode of Carole & Tuesday returned tenfold after watching this episode. Why? Because now I have attachments to each of these characters, Angela included. It’s been a wild ride and things are getting bumpier as we reach the turning point in the story.

There’s so much to unpack in this one episode it’s a little overwhelming. First, Spencer returns to his mother’s side claiming he is better suited working with her to help her campaign. Jerry doesn’t look too convinced but Valerie couldn’t be happier, welcoming him back with her version of open arms. This will come at a cost for her, however, when she realizes her son, and perhaps her daughter Tuesday, will cost her the presidential election.

Second, is that romance brewing between Carole and Amer or platonic love? I didn’t explicitly sense any romance between them when they met up in the previous episode but I did sense their connection, one Amer (Ezekial) denied at first. I didn’t expect Carole to go see him in prison but her presence ignited a side of him he hasn’t connected with in a while. His song to Carole was an emotionally charged letter, but again, I think it’s a lot more about the sense of ‘home’ she creates for him. I mean, if it’s been so long since they’ve been together, I highly doubt the love he’s referring to in his song has romantic connotations. In time though, after the series ends, if they ever reunite I wouldn’t put it past them to get together. Yes, I’m one of those people. I always do this thing where I imagine an untold future when a series ends.

Third, Angela is hanging on by a thread. With her Mama and Tao out of the picture, she has absolutely no one left to guide her. I had thought she would find the strength to step up but I can’t blame her. When every step in your life has been handed to you, what do you do next? She’s a child star who’s never had to consider the questions: “Who am I? What do I want?” As a result, she’s imploding. She’s destroyed her AI replica (which I’m glad she did but I’m sure Tao has her saved somewhere) and she’s abused so much substance she’s hallucinating. Will Tao make it in time to help her or will he choose to fall back on his AI for the Grammys? I’m unsure which way this will go but I hope Angela’s story doesn’t end with her down in the dumps.

Finally, Carole and Tuesday have completed the final song to their debut album, an album meant to take the music industry by storm! It was a beautiful performance accompanied by Tobe playing the organ. Their song is meant to encourage people to come together and lean on one another. Is this the song that will mark the beginning of the seven-minute miracle? Or is it the collaborative song they’ll perform with Crystal on the Grammys stage? Also, I knew Crystal would return. I just didn’t know when until Gus mentioned collaborating with an established musician. Even so, I still reacted like Tuesday did.

The election is at hand, Valerie has surpassed the opposition, Christmas, Carole’s birthday and the Grammys are around the corner, and Tao is highjacking Schwartz’s plan to power. What’s in the works for the next three episodes? A whole jumble of events if you ask me.


    1. was there not an “Macross” Real Concert, where the “old Star” made a Show with the “New one”?
      Perhaps here Crystal is the one that introduce C&T into this World and Eartgun introduce Angela

      Both work as their “official Music Guardians/Mentors”

  1. So I’m guessing Angela is a clone? That’s where they seem to be heading with this whole thing, also plays into the whole manufactured celebrity bit. Now I’m curious what happens in those “6 minutes”

    Ty Love
  2. I’m all for more Maaya Sakamoto as Crystal. Though it’s a shame her contract won’t let her sing for her character.

    I like how Amer responded to Carole’s message in Insta with a rap of his own and basically declares his love for her. Even if you don’t understand English I’m sure you get the feeling behind the song based off of Carole and Tuesday’s reactions.

    It’s frightening to see Angela in the depths of her despair. She doesn’t even know how to reach out for help nor does she have a place she can go where she feels safe. Instead she turns to drugs and more drugs.

    1. Rather than her contract, it’s more that Maaya herself wants it that way. She said in an interview once that it’s her way of keeping her singing work separate from her voice acting work. I read that interview a long time ago so I might be mistaken about this, but I also think she said that when it comes to singing/music, she doesn’t want to be known for her character work, but her own. I totally agree though, I think it’s a shame when she gets cast as characters that sing — it’s a real tease!


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