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Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Nikai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desuka – 10

「お母さんと一緒ギルドは千客万来! ……って, 招かれざる客ばっかかよ!」 (Okaasan to Issho Guild wa Senkakubanrai! ……tte, Manekarezaru Kyaku Bakka ka yo!)
“The With Mommy Guild Welcomes All! …Wait, It’s a Bunch of Uninvited Guests!”

In this episode, we get a conclusion to our last cliffhanger as Mamako faces off against two waves of bomb threats from Amante’s crew. But as the tension in our opponents fizzles out, we’re given more added comedy that diffuses any of the danger in favor of transforming their trip to the dungeon tower into a light-hearted trip with a crowd of moms joining them.

The beginning had some humorous mom jokes with how quickly she almost fell for a scam from an enchanted sorcerer with the dedication and persistence of an Avon lady. But while the situation lacked the level of seriousness the end of the last episode had, especially with Mamako’s bomb-diffusion skills, that was only the beginning. You know how Goblin Slayer could be read as taking place in a world where erotic goblin doujin scenarios were the worst-case scenario of any Novice-class mission? In this episode, we have a similar situation where this game gives players the frightening potential to recreate your favorite blackmail doujin with nefarious bandits and a hapless well-endowed warrior. It is indeed eyebrow-raising that they would allude to such works with Pocchi asking Mamako to “service” him in bed with the blatant implication of wanting to blackmail her into sex. But since it is a light-hearted fantasy romp, the anime luckily did a number of bait-and-switch methods by having Mamako automatically assume that he meant to tuck him in and sing him a lullaby. Honestly, these moments with Pocchi and his friends are easily one of the two best parts of the episode as the comedy-of-errors shows Pocchi’s crew being easily captivated by Mamako’s fried rice and lullabies, reminding these otherwise hardened and gritty guys about their own mothers. They look so old that it’s hilarious to see how the flashbacks show a visibly older Pocchi disrespecting his mother as if he’s a teenager. But it was a pleasant surprise to see that Pocchi would be reoccurring as a cheerier character after Mamako’s hospitality made him have a change-of-heart about his mom.

The other best part was when Mamako decides to recruit the rest of the moms to help them scale the dungeon tower, allowing them to reunite with their children and try to reach out to Amante as an effort to get her to come around to appreciating her mom. Unfortunately, it becomes all the more apparent why Amante’s crew left their mothers as they force most of Mamako’s party to cater to their specific demands. After hearing about an influx of robberies in their area, each of the mothers asks for Wise to warp them back to their homes, causing her to painfully chug through MP potions to supply herself with the magic to support them. Additionally, Masato is given a guilt trip by one of the mothers who forces his hand in having her transported to her home right away and Medhi tries to turn away the rest of the moms who ask her to heal their joint pain. The only member whose let off the Porta, who is happily fed sweets by one of the more charitable mothers. As this is all happening, Amante preps up her booby trap only to trip and fall, triggering all the bombs to trap her in the tower. Now with Amante, she has some amusing gags connected to her incompetence as a foe, giving away all of her secrets and resorting to desperate means to go about plans her own way. The funniest moment with her is attached to how it gave Medhi carte blanche to go wild with her sadistic personality, twisting the knife as she delights in digging into Amante’s looks and draining the hot springs as she preps up her turn in the bath. With all this in mind, it should be an easy feat to get her to soften up over time, though it would add an element of surprise if there is a genuinely rough reason why she created an anti-mom gang. The next episode should be a revelatory one as we climb up the dungeon tower and find a way to not only reunite the kids with their mothers but also redeem Amante for her adversarial role.

September 14, 2019 at 11:44 am
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