「Just Like Heaven」

I never expected Carole & Tuesday to leave me with such a heavy impression.

My heart aches for Angela who’s story completely stole the show. This episode could have easily had a bittersweet ending to Angela’s arc. Instead, her Grammy win and performance were clouded in angst, sadness, despair. With nothing left, not even her own identity, she’s an empty shell still acting for her ‘Mama.’ There was love there, yes, but now more than ever Angela has no sense of purpose. She grasps onto the only thing she has left, the only thing keeping her sane, her mother’s wishes.

Unlike my predictions, the 23rd Annual Mars Grammys awards weren’t the setting for Carole and Tuesday’s 7-minute miracle. Where this will take place and who it will involve is much less obvious to me. Perhaps before or after the presidential elections? I can’t put my finger on it. The plot is headed in a direction I’m unfamiliar, maybe even uncomfortable with, but only because it’s unknown.

The Grammys, however, did become the stage for darkness and light to perform side by side, creating one of the starkest contrasts in this show to date. In all honesty, although Carole and Tuesday’s song was very well produced (with the help of seasoned artist like Crystal), Angela’s emotionally charged and raw performance left much more of an impact drawing me in, as if freezing time just so she could cry for help. Her POV shots during the credits as her song “Endless” continued to play in the background was a clever addition to the conclusion of the episode.

It was a little cliché for Dahlia to leave Angela with such a huge secret right as she went into the light, but at least it means there’s a little more mystery to this show than I had anticipated. With a huge clue like ‘Professor Zeeman’ left behind, we’ll be learning more about Angela’s backstory and where she comes from. Could she be a refugee from Earth, a relative to Carole, a clone? I really can’t put this jigsaw puzzle together but you’re welcome to share your theories below!

On the political side of things, Jerry is no fool. Now that he’s aware of the investigation, will he try to hide the trail, cover it up somehow? What will happen to Spencer and Kyle? I won’t theorize too much about what will happen because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone if my theory proves right.

My only questions are: How will music step in to save the day? How will music save Mars from the trauma Jerry and Hamilton are ready to drag it through? And, where do Carole and Tuesday fit in all of this?

A lot to think about and very little time to find out.

Also, was that a Steve Aoki cameo?


  1. I do not thing that Angela is a Clone. Perhaps a frozen fertile “egg” that got free and some female gave birth to her. Perhaps the “Egg” or Sperm is from the First Mars President, let him be Male or Female. So in a short she is the Child of him/her

    But, i must say Kanata no Astra here has no influence in my thinking

    Because if she would be a Sister or Clone to Carole, her Skin tone do not cover or different Parents here.


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