「超人高校生たちは異世界に来てしまったようです!」 (Choujin koukousei-tachi wa i sekai ni kite shimatta youdesu!)
“Super High School Students Seem to have Come to a Different World!”

You know at some point Japan is going to grow sick of isekai in its various varieties, however that day is not now so here we are enjoying yet another alternate world adaptation. If you’re expecting perfection or the greatest thing since sliced bread in a tsundere’s mouth best turn back now, because Choyoyu is not going to be any of that. This is one will be as conventional as they get, although that doesn’t mean it cannot be fun while doing it. And oh boy is it aiming in that direction.

As mentioned in the ever reliable RC Preview, Choyoyu is pretty much a love child between your bog standard isekai plot and Danganrompa. We’ve got seven kids, all teenage prodigies in various categories, who for some reason find themselves literally flying into an alternate world. How exactly this happened and why? Surprisingly few details given (you’d expect the rationale behind such an act to usually be the first thing of mention these days), but the mention of seven heroes and subtlely hinted saving of the world (well, empire most likely) largely covers what’s missing. At least the story doesn’t seem to be going entirely in the worldly saving direction though, because as soon as you mention potentially aiming to rule the world you know exactly things won’t be entirely as they seem. After all, we’ve got spunky dog girls and elves open to full frontal action.

Where Choyoyu will likely encounter problems however is in the characters playing out its premise. While the likes of Danganrompa and last season’s Nakanohito Genome have mostly solidified suspension of disbelief when it comes to teenage characters with ridiculous knowledge/strength/power, Choyoyu strains this foundation by taking them a little too seriously. This cast isn’t operating under the pretense of subtle humour and pulp action/thriller feel, rather it seems like they’re going to be playing out a “for keeps” style of story (if this episode is anything to go by) most isekai aim towards in various fashions. By itself of course this isn’t an issue, but the intent becomes questionable when we’ve got moeblob super inventors retaining key technology and our supposedly unrivalled politician Tsukasa (Kobayashi Yuusuke) pulling double duty in debating and fighting. And don’t even get me started on what some of the others are supposedly capable of. If Choyoyu intends on making its premise fully work it’s going to have to inject some pulpy, humorous insanity into the mix to help offset the un-believability its cast, because without a bit of structural chaos to help the wish fulfillment go down, it’s going to take some serious effort to keep these kids acceptable and entertaining.

It’s up in the air just how well Choyoyu will manage threading that needle, but with a whole world set to learn about and seven OP children in need of further introductions, I think it won’t be long before we see just what this isekai is made of.

OP Sequence

OP: 「はじめてのかくめい!」(Hajimete no Kakumei!) by DIALOGUE+


  1. An interesting fact about Choyoyu, most of the cast are voiced by seiyuu experienced in Isekai:
    Tsukasa: Subaru from Re:Zero and Shin from Wiseman’s Grandson.
    Ringo: Filo from Shield Hero
    Riruru: Yue from Arifureta
    Keine: Tuka from Gate
    Masato: Dust from KonoSuba

    1. Given recent trends, it won’t be long before every seiyuu has a multitude of isekai roles under their belt.

      I have to admit, I don’t have any hopes for this show (well, be watchable, I guess). I’m worried that the characters will be trapped by their respective stereotypes (e.g. Shinobu’s only lines for the entire season are ‘Nin, nin.’)

      On a separate note, as far as backstory for the mains is concerned, I couldn’t care less. By definition, they’ve all been doing wonderful things since getting their first degrees at age six. I can’t imagine any benefit to knowing more than that.

  2. …it’s going to take some serious effort to keep these kids acceptable and entertaining.

    I agree 100% with what you said, but I watched the episode twice and enjoyed it both times;
    subjective is difficult to measure and I’m not entirely sure its exact appeal to me ’cause there
    are flaws…
    — it seems like a no-kill Anime. Are all of the baddies just gonna be scared straight?
    — they “freeloaded” for (over) a month and just now see that they should help…?
    — that full frontal action feeding scene was a little over-the-top for me.
    And for God’s sake, mayonnaise on potatoes?! Sour cream is the acceptable topping!

  3. Choyuyu’s author is Misora Riku of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry.

    There was advertising for it in Rakudai’s anime too.

    He writes both Choyuyu and Rakudai concurrently; this one’s latest Vol 8 came out in March 2019.

    Although the manga version has an English licence, the LNs do not. You’ll have to know how to read Japanese. No active LN fantranslations either; barring a few chapters of Vol 1 (translators stopped due to their lack of time).

  4. What I watched:

    What I expected:

    What I got:

    Well, that was a slightly strange experience, to say the least. I mean, how can you start something with such a massive infodump and it still be full of plot holes? And then it goes for some serious fanservice with the classic “nipples visibly poking through the blouse” and “mouth to mouth feeding”, and then after that… nothing much. It’s like the first part of the show was made by a different group entirely from the rest of it.

    Anyway, there seems to be plenty of material to build a decent series from, but I hope it gets into its stride soon because it’s a 3 episode rule job for me.

  5. I know this is a wish-fulfillment sort of anime and the introduction of the characters are pretty stupid, which is acceptable. But c’mon man, a highschooler, being a prime minister, when you can’t even join elections below age of 18. Now that’s king bullsh*t. Regardless, I’m an isekai trash, so i guess i could give it 3 episodes. Shinchou Yuusha is in top of my isekai watch list.

    1. Heh don’t get me started on Tsukasa, it’s so removed from reality even for anime that it’s wholly impossible to take seriously. Then there’s also the prodigal doctor Keine who approaches a similar level for anyone with basic understanding of surgery and medicine. It’s as though the series is determined to see how far it can push one’s suspension of disbelief lol.

      1. I think author was taking cues from Danganronpa when he wrote the story; what would happen if you took Danganronpa special skill students + isekai adventure – Monokuma death trials.

        And truthfully, the Danganronpa characters had pretty outrageous skill sets; like Ultimate Doujin Creator, Yakuza, Animal Breeder, Scammer, etc.

  6. I read the manga itself. It was boring and terribly done. I’ve no doubt this series will go the same route. I’d rather watch the other two Isekai series instead of this

  7. I loved this manga for the sole fact that this basically gives me my Danganronpa fix in an alternate world where they actually work together instead of killing each other, something I always wanted as a side story of sort for the series, and this manga/anime gives that to me.


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