OP Sequence

OP: 「Can now, Can now」 by Study[古橋文乃(白石晴香)、緒方理珠(富田美憂)、武元うるか(鈴代紗弓)、桐須真冬(Lynn)、小美浪あすみ(朝日奈丸佳)

「天才と彼はその[X]なる判定に銘々慮る」 (Tensai to Kare wa Sono [X] Naru Hantei ni Meimei Omonpakaru)
“He and a Genius Each Consider a Decision Pertaining to X”

Bokuben is back!

General Impressions

Man, what a short break that was! A mere season ago we were watching Yuiga and company deal with all the fantastic problems that come when a smart and single guy ends up getting close with a bunch of girls all at once as he accidentally creates a harem. Jokes aside, I’m so happy that we actually get to see more of Bokuben’s story in anime form.

For those of you who haven’t watched the first season, I’d highly recommend going back and watching it since it’s just a damn fun watch with all the characters getting into various hijinks. However, this post is about the start of season two and I think we got just about everything that makes Bokuben fun to watch except we don’t have to deal with the typical shenanigans that come with this territory. Case in point, the moment when the girls accidentally went into the men’s onsen. Unlike other shows where this somehow becomes the male lead’s fault even though everyone clearly understands that the girl(s) are at fault, we instead got to see a cute moment between everyone when they work together to avoid an awkward situation.

That said, if I had a small gripe with this week’s episode, it might be how long it ran with the cup-size joke. Because if I remember right, I don’t think the first season had that much focus on the ecchi moments, but I suppose if they’re trying to frontload it all up front, more power to them. That and I suppose without all the preparation throughout the episode, the final joke about Fumino’s size probably wouldn’t have hit as hard.

In any case, what a great episode for Bokuben’s return! With a strong showing that gave us just enough of a reminder of what happened last season, it looks like we’re in for a fun time. A fun time that truly makes me wonder whether or not Yuiga will end up with somebody. Anyways, I hope you guys are enjoying the new season and I hope you’ll swing around for the next post!


ED Sequence

ED: 「放課後のリバティ」 (Houkago no Ribati) by halca



  1. Man, I’m glad to have marathoned season 1 of BokuBen. It was more entertaining than I thought, and it was paced just right, so I couldn’t help but smile when I heard season 2 being announced relatively quickly. (Funnily enough, rival series Quintessential Quintuplets will air season 2 this upcoming Winter 2020.)

    Will have to make do with this opening credits scene of Kirisu-sensei (and that dream scene of her in a school swimsuit–lolwut?) until she properly appears in a future episode.

    Though as much as I like Kirisu-sensei…sweet Jesus, Rizu! Petite + Nice rack = Deadly combo.

    I also loved the call-back to Yuiga unintentionally finding out about Fumino’s bust size (and also the source of the “Distressed Fumino” reaction meme)…with another shot of Fumino in distress. (Poor girl can’t catch a break… Gambare!)


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