「司は異世界を変える覚悟を決めたようです!」 (Tsukasa wa isekai o kaeru kakugo o kimeta youdesu!)
“It Seems Tsukasa has Resolved to Change the World!”

Surprise, bet you never saw this post coming did ya? I’m not sure what really made me decide to cover Choyoyu all the way through in the preceding week, but between base simplicity, hilarious (and thoroughly exaggerated) villainy, and the always entertaining isekai flair probably had something to do with. I may wind up regretting my decision a few episodes down the line, but hey, I’m enjoying myself right now.

Having recently started rereading David Weber’s Safehold saga, one of things I’ve been looking forward to with Choyoyu is its move into literal world building. Throwing a bunch of modern knowledge equipped characters into a new world and having them reinvent modern technological society is a ubiquitous premise in isekai (if only marginally), but it’s a setup which allows for both a structured plot and reasonably interesting developments. You can either keep the concept relatively constrained and “personal” (e.g. Outbreak Company) or go right for the jugular in overarching change in its totality (a la Drifters), all the while staying true to the main intent of the story. In Choyoyu’s case the latter will be the name of the game, and while unlikely to be too comprehensive or complex (after all, going full fantasy railgun with cutesy mascot AIs and teenage prime ministers isn’t that realistic), this sort of setup tickles my engineering and history nerves in all the right ways. Just have to see how this little state building project goes.

Not everything shown is wish fulfillment sunshine and lollipops with Choyoyu though, and once again we need look no further than the enemies. I honestly don’t know what to make of the antagonists so far—over the top arrogance and simplistic stratified beliefs make sense sure, but stereotypical womanizing with groping and rape—and gold grills? Oh boy we’re going places with this one. It’s really hard thinking of Choyoyu’s latest opponent (if you can call him that) as little more than the usual light novel quirk, an opponent so downright despicable because writing him that way is apparently the only way to get across his wicked evilness and prop up the goodness of our main cast. At least until you realize just how much artistic attention was lavished on those gleaming (gilded?) smiles any 4/5 dentists would be proud of. Seriously, Choyoyu is digging itself a hole here, because now I expect any future enemy to be crazier than the last lest the show lose the sense of momentum building up from these encounters. Every opponent must be better (in a bad way) than the last, since a cast this overwhelmingly powerful (no matter the entertainment) cannot simply coast to victory for too long before the boredom sets in.

Good thing we’re then looking at our seven prodigies turning into heroes before too long wouldn’t you say?


      1. @Greed

        Yupp gold is actually a pretty good material (and was heavily used for dental fillings in the early to mid 1900s). The difficulty is that pure gold is quite soft and malleable so it must be doped with other metals to increase strength—i.e. low carat. Nevertheless pure gold teeth like our noble here were not common because fixing them compared to filling was significantly harder.

  1. Some extra source details:

    – Inzhagi purposely took Lyrule to curry Findolf’s favour so he could get a promotion.

    – Findolf has a thing for virgins – the source depicts him strangling a female byuma tribute to death for faking her virginity; and Inzhagi appeals to his sense of cruelty by promising to execute the girl’s entire family as retaliation. All for his own personal gain, of course.

    – Shinobu is well-informed on wizard Gale’s attacks and strategies. She went undercover as a bargirl at a tavern he frequented and flirted info out of him when he was drunk.

    1. How to make thins kind of Illusion (Without the Smoke Bombs):

      – create some kind of Projection Wall. Try Water Fog
      – use a strong beamer and use this Fog as Projection Wall
      – You know these “old days” where Disco’s used Laser Beams to paint in the Sky? Same base

      But this Projection Wall has short life, because of Wind and Humidity

      1. If they have powerful drones 4 or 8, then they could also use these Silk to “draw Magic Circles” in the Sky. Of course far enough away from their eyes and at night

        Also this kind of Trick could be used in Dr. Stone, perhaps a combo of Chrome and mentalist. Senku invented drones.. So 4 or 8 of them is possible, 1 Master and 7 Slaves or such or Manga Magic

    2. At this point I’m just overlooking these abilities because there’s no way to really make sense of them. If I started tearing them apart it would just lead to frustration and that’s never fun so ignorance is bliss in this instance 😛

  2. So it’s okay to slice everybody up outside, but the
    real culprit only gets a rubber bullet to the head?

    Yeah, and the creepiness with the fat ugly gold villain
    was almost at the level of Hataage! Kemono Michi. I’ll
    give it a little more to see if there’s any real world
    building that’s going to happen (you know, like 500
    years worth – schools, medicine, shampoo (I’m looking
    at you, Honzuki no Gekokujou), plumbing, etc.).

    Or was it all just BS…

    1. Well, even i want to see how this here develop. Episode 4 got my curiosity. But feels like it want to ride the “Slime Empire” and other similar Animes waves

      Also this Lord survived here to send a message to this King. Perhaps the King will punish the Knight or how he was and this Lord here is one of the Nobel’s

  3. I done my Homework. So here comes my But…

    – Aoi (The Samurai Girl) is not only very Good with the Sword, but also that strong to go against this Monster…

    – The Magic Trick boy, but this is no surprise here. But even today’s magicians need preparations to do them, right? But here he do this right out of nothing

    – Cellphones.. I hope they have some recharges that survived the crash. They have only 1 Energy Reactor so far. So they need from time to time send it there to recharge their Mobiles

    – Money is good, Trust is better. But others can play dirty without punishment. There is no Police and Laws (or peoples that enforce them) around like today. Think it way back into the “Cowboys” time. Only where the arm of Law can reach and their ears can hear, it can work

    There are some flaws here and there, some are even Deus-ex Machina big. But for the sake of this Anime.. i hope they can be overlooked

    Slime-kun aka Slime-dono, has the better answers for that right now.Of course he is alone, but he has friends that support him.

    Trust is good, but Trust alone do not let the Sun shine. it is a Base sure. aka Get Friends and Power to protect against outside forces and also inside (envy and such)

    So enough of my Real World Anchors, enjoy this if you are willing to push this aside

    1. – oh i forgot the Doctor. She done an emergency operation to save the Mayor’s Life. But he is not a Human. Do they have the same physique and such? If yes, where did she studied the “differences” between their races? She need Samples, right?

    2. Also (not a rant this time):

      – She is the only Elf so far in this Village. and this Blue Eyes after the rescue, i bet this is Magic Power because of her Bloodline.

      I do get curious what the Manga or Anime here show the excuse that she is unique until now

  4. Don’t get why Lycanthrope swapped to killing them when she revealed Paladin abilities. Wouldn’t that make her father happy and solve the whole mess? And why does Vampir have to be eliminated by his guild if that is the case?


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