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「最終負荷実験」 (Saishuu Fukajikken)
“Final Load Test”

This was a rather wild episode when it comes to the amount of exposition that was dropped on us.

General Impressions

I’m not going to lie — I was surprised with how much I could sympathize with Miller and his team as they continue to lay siege on the Ocean Turtle. If you were to look at the whole concept of fluctlights and the ability to create fully independent and functioning AI, it’s not hard to think that other countries would be real weary of technology like that coming to fruition without having a piece of the pie for themselves. So as much as I want to be salty that the attack on the Ocean Turtle is what left our main boy Kirito in a near-vegetative state, I just can’t when you factor in all the extra elements. That and you have to be impressed with how professional these mercenaries are seeing how they didn’t actually kill anyone in their “unsanctioned” raid of an ally country.

Luckily, if cross-country politics aren’t your thing, there was a lot more outside of that to fill this week’s episode. The biggest being Asuna will finally dive into the Underworld. God, I can’t even express how happy I am to know that she’ll finally have an opportunity to be more than just a pretty face that stands around and occasionally harasses Kikuoka for being an asshat. However, I am a little concerned about how Asuna might be entering the Underworld in an avatar that doesn’t resemble her. Seeing how the “antagonists” are also utilizing already existing avatars, I hope that Asuna gets some special perk of being able to look like herself. That said, I suppose I don’t really have to be all that worried since I feel like Yui dropped a huge spoiler when she asked everyone to be ready just in-case Asuna needed help. Does this mean that at some point, everyone will be in the Underworld!?

With the threat of the final load test looming over everyone inside the Underworld and a highly trained duo who have been spending their time wrecking people both in and outside the virtual world, it looks like everyone has a rough time in store for them. Man, I can’t wait to see how the story addresses all of this! In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week where the post shouldn’t be coming out late. See you then!



October 30, 2019 at 3:30 am
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