「Herakles and the Sirens」

Well three weeks in and Psycho Pass is certainly not letting up on its moving pieces. Every trickle of an answer seems to yield three more questions in its place, and while a picture is slowly emerging, it’s going to be one hell of a ride to piece all these parts together. Am I afraid of it all falling off the rails before too long? Most definitely, but I’ll be damned if I’m not enjoying the ride.

While we are still missing the main enemy for this season (should be noted season 2 already had its villain in place at this point), it’s becoming increasingly likely it’s not so much someone as something. Unlike Makishima or Kirito, the new opponent actually seems to be the mysterious group Bifrost, who for one reason for another are independent of Sibyl while simultaneously flaunting their power at it. Everyone who’s seen everything Psycho Pass has offered until now well knows how imperfect or flawed Sibyl actually is, but having a small group with plentiful tools able to outright manipulate its own pieces in front of its very eyes? Even for Sibyl you’d imagine that’s taking things a little too far. Unless of course it’s all part of the plan. Not hard after all seeing all the parallels associated with Sibyl deliberately leaving “relief” zones outside of its control and how the practice could factor into the current chain of events. There’s a significant piece remaining to complete this puzzle, and it’s anyone’s guess just what it is.

Where we might start getting some answers soon though is in relation to our main characters, because oh boy are some interesting things being dropped. Obvious one of course is Mikhail and Arata being linked through apparent murder of the latter’s father by the former’s brother, because while unlikely at face value (both are too close and too much has been hinted to suggest it happened as stated), there’s something going on to have both kids seek an answer to a seemingly answered problem. Then there’s the little matter of Akane being labelled a killer (now there’s a bomb if there ever was one) and Arata being recommended for his role by Akane. Much like our towered masterminds and their gambling games a serious chunk of information is lacking when it comes to what our main cast is after and how the cast of old factors into that desire. Everything here is connected in some capacity, and until we find out just what that link is, it’s going to be a guessing game all around.

Best keep that popcorn handy boys and girls, the new Psycho Pass hasn’t even hit the gas yet.


    1. To be fair this was the first episode which really highlighted it. It was overplayed this week (particularly the hospital scene with Mikhail), but I think the earlier episodes kept it subtle enough for the themes this season is aiming for.

      1. Well, for me it was too much. The show has already devoted much screentime to the issue in episode 1, with ‘poor people of colour abused by racist police’ (which was also as unsubtle as it could get). Plus Todoroki is droning on and on about how much he dislikes foreigners in every episode. If it isn’t a death flag the size of Mt Everest, then I don’t know what is.

    2. >country got culturally enriched by two nuclear bombs
      >kinda has this whole issue of foreign people ruining stuff
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> had it historically too

      >Every Stellaris run in a Nutshell.mp3

      tis okay to be [redacted]
  1. Yoyoii is a latent criminal that is running around as a freelance journalist?? Makes you wonder whether Sibyl is changing up its game and whether Akane had any role in influencing these rather erratic changes Sibyl is allowing in the system.


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