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「暁はゴッド暁になるようです! / リルルは距離を縮めるようです!」 (Akatsuki wa Goddo Akatsuki ni naru youdesu! / Riruru wa kyori o chijimeru youdesu!)
“It Seems Akatsuki’s Becoming God Akatsuki! / It Seems Lyrule’s Growing Closer to Him!”

Normally I’m not one for double posts, but when life goes sideways and free time runs short something’s got to give, and Choyoyu was the unfortunate victim (well, one victim!) this time around. Not that I think it’s too troublesome though, because after the developments these past couple of weeks it’s clear we’re getting to the good stuff, and nothing says good like technological fun and games. Gentlemen, say hello to accelerated modernity—and all the troubles associated with it.

While Choyoyu is inherently bound by its light novel origins, the show does display a certain degree of ingenuity when it comes to its material. Fancy technology and beating enemies with overpowered weapons may be fun and games, but it’s societal change which dominates all facets of cultural evolution. The Industrial Revolution just didn’t occur in a vacuum after all, it was predicated on Enlightenment thought encouraging the active and sustained investigation of the natural world. It is thinking like this which enables the modern world, and it is thus the reasoning behind Tsukasa’s recent actions. Although I’ll never be able to wrap my head around a teenager going legitimate politician (especially that utterly cliché and hairpulling worthy backstory), the kid is doing the right things between forging the glue needed to unite his little chunk of paradise and introducing appropriate technology for defense. The only question is which threat will inevitably throw a kink into the works.

Speaking of kinks, we’re already starting to get a few within our main cast thanks to Ringo and Lyrule. Cutie pie versus long and pointy ears? Not a struggle I was expecting (even if one inventor’s crush was obvious from day one), but one whose outcome is largely set in stone. No offense to moeblobs worldwide, but when you’re up against the most refined competition (complete with pampering and lap head rests!) it’s a steep climb to overcome such a head start. Couple that with the shenanigans of Shinobu and Elk (oh the girl knows exactly what she’s doing) and the always hilarious (and equally adorable) money loving of Rue and there might be more to this one than pure fan service. I mean, Akatsukis everywhere can hope right? Right.

For the immediate future however it’s onto spring time showdowns and crazy enemies gone wild as Tsukasa’s little nation-building experiment meets its first real challenge. It may inevitably wind up being flawless victory like always, but with opponents this crazy and cliffhangers pulling out all the stops, you know what comes next is going to be a little wild.

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  1. All of the sudden Trucks… Oh boy, this anime do not care to be somehow accurate and plausible. It give us the stuff without really explanation. Sure they build Robotic production Machinery that made alone this truck possible. Also, this truck need fuel or stuff to move… Sure.. all in a swoop

    No thanks

    1. Yeah, this Anime is turning out to be (Googles for some descriptive
      adjectives for stupid, silly, and naïve — couldn’t find anything)…

      Also, don’t forget the modern electronics like a P.A. system!
      I was sorta okay with the “hack” to get their phones working
      (since the phones already existed), but these incredible leap
      in technology — and if you lived in those times and a truck
      suddenly pulled up, wouldn’t you run for the hill!

      And if they mention mayonnaise one more time as some sort of
      technological achievement, Imma gonna scream!

      1. I dunno… the mayonnaise just seems to suit this show so well. Where else could you buy the affections of a smoking hot elf with something so pedestrian. Isn’t this sort of the point of isekai? As dumb as it is, it’s probably the least of the show’s ills.

      2. @Mockman
        You’re right on that front. Everything in this show is so farfetched that having completely random mayonnaise as the great tool of unification makes sense. Honestly I think I’ll be more worried if Choyoyu decides to actually try and play realistic.

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