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「そして現代へ」 (Soshite Gendai Eh)
“And To the Present”

Rest in peace dumb-dumbs. We barely knew ye.

General Impressions

What a wild episode — who would have thought that the current issue with Tsukasa (or more specifically Hyoga) would have been resolved so quickly? Actually, let me back things up a bit since it feels like I might be jumping forward a bit too much.

Going back to where last week’s episode left off, I hope I wasn’t the only one who thought that Hyoga and his band of dummies were actually in trouble. Sure, Hyoga might be an impressively strong fighter, but without his trusty weapon I’m not sure how much of a fight he’d actually be able to put up. That and when you’re living in a stone world where there’s nothing close to resembling modern medicine (except for Senku’s antibiotics), I think anyone would be a little reluctant to take on anyone wielding something as dangerous as katanas. Fortunately for Hyoga it looks like his backup plan of sending in a secret fighter to set fire to the village paid off in spades. That and I’m sure it was a high point for him watching his secret agent flaunt some of her acrobatic skills right in-front of the enemy’s faces as she completely slipped past everyone.

Fast forwarding to the latter half of the episode, good on Suika for taking the initiative and leading Hyoga and his buddies up the mountain. Even though you’d have to chalk it up to luck that she managed to take them to one of the most dangerous spots near the village, it still doesn’t change the fact that she managed to single handedly get the most dangerous person far away. That and imagine how heavy the mental shock must have been when Senku played it up and got Hyoga to believe that the wave of poison gas was under his control!

Overall, not a shabby episode for one that leapt off of Senku creating freaking katanas. With a little more action than usual, it felt like a nice change of pace from the typical antics of collecting and transforming materials into crazy scientific objects. That said, it looks like we’re heading back to more of that with Senku diving straight into long-range communication. Something that I think perfectly suits him and his style since it seems like he’s trying his best to avoid causing harm to anyone. And if you goal is to prevent an all out war, what better way is there than to try and prevent the war from even happening?

Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week. See you then and thanks for being patient with the slightly late post!



November 12, 2019 at 12:38 am
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