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「上も下も標はなく」 (Ue mo shita mo hyou wa naku)
“No Guidance Above nor Below”

You know what’s better than the fluffy slumber party with a tinge of magical fan service? Why the jealousy-fuelled harem building follow-up set to really go places if allowed of course! Assassins Pride may be breaking fan hearts left, right, and centre with adaptation choices, but for all the issues the show still manages to stay (at least for me) on the right side of fun. After all, it’s about to get really fun.

The main event this week obviously lay with Kufa and his hidden side, and frankly it’s not hard seeing why. I seriously doubt for example that anyone couldn’t identify who the boy in Rose’s flashback was, or what (or who) the voices Melida is hearing actually belong to. It may be a case that Kufa is in fact innocent in this regard (it’s unlikely he’s out attacking the rest of the girl gaggle for one), but the links are too strong given what we know, and most importantly, what we don’t know. Not hard imagining Kufa’s vampiric side has certain physical requirements, or demands and desires of its own; after all, it’s not apparent whether it’s a simple power up or something more. Kufa may not wind up revealing his full history to Melida during this arc (Rose is actually a better one to reveal to considering the memory loss and her position vis a vis the girls), but you can fully bet we’re going to get some substantial information for ourselves very soon.

Outside of Kufa’s increased importance is also the wildcard in Rose’s father and what definitely isn’t a simple disease. Not hard imagining the voice Melida is hearing is related to the disease for example, or that it has something to do with the mystery magnets how do they work spots located around town. Hey, maybe it involves some memory manipulation too, you never know! Considering Rose’s father is just oozing hidden side and our spunky new teacher needs her time to shine (something significant was clearly chopped from her scholarly introduction), we’re looking at some more interesting magical shenanigans one way or another. The only question is just how involved Melida will wind up being in this situation.

Between , romantic competition, and those ridiculous cliffhangers, it’s not hard guessing what the answer is going to be.



November 23, 2019 at 12:10 am
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