「Caesar’s Gold Coins」

Oh boy things certainly went from 0 to 60 on the confusing scale this week didn’t they? As though Psycho Pass didn’t believe two more weeks were enough to contain the plot spillage (not this one) we seemingly got every minor plot and then some this episode, with suicide bombings, religious conspiracies, and good old fashioned kidnapping appearing in all their “told ya so!” glory. I know this is only one confirmed season, but damn does it feel like we’re gearing up for Psycho Pass 4.

Arguably the biggest aspect coming out of this week obviously lies with the links emerging between our latest villains and the Bifrost group, and not just for the immediate protagonist implications. Psycho Pass has been slowly leaning towards some sort of overarching societal manipulation this season, with Bifrost in some capacity always behind the movements and directives being handed out to the foxes circling the henhouse. It’s still unclear just what Bifrost’s objective is in all this (or even the nature—i.e. good vs. evil—of that objective), but the intent sure seems to be upending the current order in a way our little gang of three desires. Not difficult seeing why certain actions are being taken after all when you come out desiring the return of predatory economics (read: unregulated capitalism), or what may come next after revealing the rampant crimes occurring in society’s most vulnerable. Once Sibyl is shown to be openly tolerating the very thing it’s designed to prevent, utopia’s legitimacy (and the reason for Sibyl’s existence) is going to be slightly less guaranteed.

What makes it all the more interesting (or confusing) are the other battles going on under this umbrella. The Foreign Affairs Bureau for example appears to have deeper involvement in domestic matters than one would typically expect, while the always adorable (if still equally one track minded) Mika continues to hide some key information regarding Akane and her latest promotion. Couple this with our religious pawns apparently engaging of scheming of their own and we’re looking at one hell of an interagency struggle. It’s really unknown how all of this will come together in the end (if it does!), but I firmly wager the missing link lies with Kei and Arata and the hazy murder uniting their past. Considering Kei’s apparent relationship with Bifrost and Arata’s special powers I’m even down to thinking our inspectors have more involvement with our current villains than they think.

After all, you don’t just openly capture the wife of a two-bit inspector for nefarious purposes just because he’s proven good at infiltration.


  1. An episode ago when they revealed that the wife would be going in for surgery during this story I knew something was going to happen, the question was just what.

    Are they going to stick a bomb in her? Torture her in front of her husband to get him to break? Put her into one of their coma machines?

    1. I think bomb tops the list, Eternal White appears to only be for clouded hues while torture of innocents doesn’t really fit Bifrost’s methods. They won’t hesitate to off her of course, but Kei being given a Joker-esque choice of who blows up wouldn’t be out of the question 😛

  2. After watching all the Case files movies i can easily see Sybil being behind it all in the end, won’t be the first time Sybil generates necessary madness and terrorism to keep itself in power.

    1. I think it’s an open question how much involvement Sibyl has with Bifrost right now. There’s no doubt Sibyl is self-interested and would do what it could to create enemies for scapegoating, but Bifrost seems like it’s being set up as the equal antithesis of Sibyl. The other side of the shadow government coin per say where either Sibyl or Bifrost can come out on top.

  3. well, at least (((they))) let Akane keep in touch with others, with Mika knowing. so that part of the deal is not so under the wraps as i imagined it could’ve been. the double(triple i reckon, if not quad) fem-enforcer keeps on being the very model of stupid, like Mika s2, cause we sure didn’t get enough of that in s2, at least we got mika getting mind-broken as a relief there.
    bifrost being equal to sybil, now that is something. either Sybil setting itself up as a Me-vs-World or our dearest brain-oracle-in-a-jar is rather blind to things. perhaps it needs a good economist in that collective.
    good season so far, have no clue how it’s gonna go. reminds me of individual eleven storyline of GiTS

    uwu PART AND PARCEL desu desu

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