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「司は全てを見通しているようです!」 (Tsukasa wa subete wo mitoushiteiru youdesu!)
“It Seems Tsukasa Has Seen Through Everything!”

I think we can all agree that Choyoyu won’t be winning any prominent awards anytime soon, but it’s hard denying the show knows how to make the most out of a ridiculous (yet hilarious) setup. From technology overwhelming to every manner of great balls of fire both blue and red in between, it’s never a dull week when it comes to this isekai romp.

As mentioned before one of things keeping me invested in Choyoyu is the promise of technological development and we certainly saw that in practice this week. While incredibly hard getting around rifled guns being able to go through steel plate (hint: knight armour died out not long after the musket was introduced for a reason), it’s still a blast seeing evil dudes get a bunch a lead to the face, even if some aren’t really that evil. Or deserving of the whallop received. Yeah, war never changes. At least that bit makes better sense than the whole lack of guns on the part of our imperial opponents though. You’d think an enemy already knowledgeable of guns would at least have some of theirs employed, if only to dissuade the peasant rabble from more ambitious intentions.

The fun this week however primarily lay with our first big fight with Gustave because nothing says entertainment like a fanatic going wild against an equally crazed (albeit for different reasons) competitor. While the guy is apparently gone, I seriously doubt anyone believes him actually dead, if only because so far at least Choyoyu hasn’t really provided a more suitable antagonist for defining the goodness of our main cast. When you’re going to overcome every challenge thrown your way you need something to make the process tolerable, and nothing does better than wacky inflatable flaming arms and an equally over the top personality to boot. I still believe Choyoyu has even more ridiculous characters to throw at us (have yet to catch a glimpse of the emperor after all), but whether we see them before this season’s end is anyone’s guess at the moment.

I’m not one to doubt right from the start, but the Azure Brigade certainly have some big shoes to fill if those Tsukasa musings are anything to go by.

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November 30, 2019 at 1:00 am
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