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「ある骸骨の遺言」 (Aru Gaikotsu no Yuigon)
“The Last Testament of a Certain Skeleton”

While there’s no denying Assassins Pride has lost on the pacing front (filler episode why?), I’ll be damned if the show still isn’t managing to pull rabbits from the hat every time I give it the doubting glance. Hatchet job or not there be plenty of fun to wring from this one yet, and we’re getting the biggest example to date very soon. I swear complaining has never been more difficult.

After the setup last week concerning Rose’s hometown troubles and some underage bloodsucking it was pretty obvious we were gearing up for some important details, but colour me surprised the extent of that (upcoming) information. I never thought Kufa would actually reveal his hidden side to Melida for one, or that Rose would also wind up being a vampire to boot. The interesting bit here of course is when Rose succumbed to nightly chomping (because having that happen in the past raises some really intriguing questions about her and Kufa), but I imagine the main focus will be on our new unknown antagonist considering his likely role in the whole mess. After all, although Rose’s father is firmly involved in some nefarious shenanigans, I honestly doubt he has a hand in whatever vampiric presence is running rampant, especially after supposedly being attacked himself—well, at least until we see his body mind you.

The really intriguing matter however is how Melida is going to react to the news Kufa is about to drop at her feat. While the girl will undoubtedly believe Kufa had nothing to do with the attacks, revealing a vampiric side isn’t likely to sit well with her considering what Kufa is possible of (not to mention the voices in her head). When a trusted advisor and friend (and crush) suddenly showcases power already revealed to be fatal it would be natural to doubt the ability of that individual to restrain themselves in the future, especially when our knowledge of Kufa’s true nature is just as unknown to us as Melida. Make no mistake, Melida won’t be throwing the guy to the wolves (the admiration and crushing is too solid for that now), but I expect some noticeable changes in their relationship before all is said and done. With the enemies around Melida only increasing in number and Kufa’s safety net of ambiguity wearing away he’s going to start seriously involving the girl in his plans just so both can survive.

Best stay tuned boys and girls, the fireworks are ready to fly.

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November 30, 2019 at 1:09 am
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