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「林檎は勇気を出して狩人になるようです! / 桂音は悪い子を決して許したりはしないようです!」 (Ringo wa yuuki wo dashite karyuudo ni naru youdesu! / Katsura oto wa warui ko wo kesshite yurushi tari wa shinai youdesu!)
“It Seems Ringo’s Worked Up the Courage to Become a Hunter! / It Seems Keine Can’t Stand Naughty Boys!”

Well after the hell which was final week of fall semester (note: 100 page design memorandums are not fun to concoct) it’s back to the grind of isekai and the fun which is Choyoyu. And oh boy what fun it was these past couple of weeks. I’m on record saying I loathe having to do double posts, but after the shenanigans last time and the reveals this week, I dare say my real-world troubles couldn’t have picked a better time to happen.

While obvious from the start that Choyoyu would be the usual alternate world affair, I quite like how the show can liven up the usual isekai escapades. Past scenery for example has well-established the quasi-harem nature familiar to us all, but no matter its overall genericity, Ringo pulling a cutie pie with cat ears and copious blushing is always going to be a win in my books. It’s about time we got the girl’s backstory after all, and while essays could be written on the more adventurous aspects of it (a Nobel prize at six—and then two immediately after? Not happening for even the greatest of prodigies), at least we got an explanation for that Tsukasa crush. I honestly don’t know how a (self-)styled political prodigy can so blatantly miss the forest for the trees, but hey, got to keep those tropes rolling somehow.

The real fun though obviously lay with Keine, because while Ringo may be three points shy of inducing diabetes, she cannot top the maniacal 180 switch we’ve got with our new Light Yamagi/Tanya Degurechaff hybrid. Medical impossibilities or not (I’m trusting Dr. Stone more on the whole sulfa production chain to be honest), having one of our magical seven go full evil is firmly a win no matter how you look at it, and we haven’t even got to the important enemies yet! Choyoyu might be chocked full of issues and inconsistencies left to right, but the simpleminded fun of its cast ensures a lot of those can be passed over in the name of getting back to the fun.

After all, with literal nukes on the horizon and our old count back for more (you really think this guy could be anyone else?), this isekai ensures its next week finale will be going out with a bang.

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