Episode 09

Episode 10

「悠久の契約 / 迷宮図書館」 (Yuukyuu no Keiyaku / Meikyuu Toshokan)
“An Eternal Pact / Labyrinth Library”

With two fun-filled weeks (read: not fun in the slightest) of real-world trials and tribulations now out of the way, it’s time to return to back to the chaos which is Assassins Pride, and I’d dare say I came back at the right time. After dancing around the edges and teasing the future for so long we’re finally getting some serious movement, and while it may come slightly late for some (only two episodes to go after all), it’s always better late than never.

Arguably the biggest shocker for me right now isn’t so much that Kufa’s secret came out, but the reaction (and related fallout) of Melida. Shock and surprise definitely, but almost immediate acceptance? Slightly eyebrow raising considering this is a girl who has dealt with monsters before. Of course the explanation comes down largely to romance, and frankly it’s not that unbelievable in the end. For all that Assassins Pride has brutally carved a path through its source material the slow building relationship between Kufa and Melida has always received attention to make stuff like this sensible considering the situation. It may be hugging the borders of Twilight a little too hard in spots (sparkling skin? Oh I know where this is going), but at least there’s now a strong connection between both characters worth putting to the test. This time, there’s no ambiguity.

As for what’s going to test Melida and Kufa, well, we didn’t have long to wait to find out. While the vehicle may prove surprising for some (don’t think many expected Mule to pop back up in this capacity), it was always a given someone would eventually try exposing Melida, with the only unknown being when. The degree of failure for the latest attempt is up in the air (I don’t expect Kufa will take too long blasting through walls with daddy Angel in tow after all), but something is bound to come out no matter the results. Mule for example isn’t likely all she seems at face value, and I’d seriously doubt her sticking with the plan if Melida’s actions (and exam results) overcome whatever potholes Mule intends on creating. Much like with Rose’s backstory and the growing number of those in the know, there’s plenty of space in the Melida orbit for some other conspirators, particularly those with above average powers and playful personalities to boot.

It may not all wind up being that complex in the end, but Assassins Pride certainly has a few more cards left up its sleeve.



  1. Welcome back 🙂

    I still think that this material could have been handled SO much better with a more competent director. Haaaaah.

    Anyway, let’s see what Mule is up to. This girl definitely piques my interest.

  2. Loved episode 9, but 10 was confusing. Can’t really figure out what’s going on and why. But at least it’s clear everyone involved have different motivations and desired end game. Have to wonder if Melida is a bastard child that they are trying to make her out to be.

    Also wondering what those tentacles did to the rest of the students.

    Side note: Can’t really ship Rosetti anymore. They’re practically like siblings. Even though they might not be biological siblings, they are blood related now. Would like her to realise her wish though.


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