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OP: 「PARADOX」 by Amamiya Sora

「理系が恋に落ちたので解析してみた。」 (Rikei ga Koi ni Ochitanode Kaiseki Shitemita.)
“Science-types Fell in Love, So They Tried to Analyze It.”

Have you ever met those types of people who impossibly over complicate seemingly simple things? This is that, in romance anime form! Meet Himuro Ayame (Amamiya Sora) and Yukimura Shinya (Uchida Yuuma), a couple of intelligent science-types with little to no common sense. After Himuro confesses her love to Yukimura, the natural question remains: Does Yukimura love her too?

Hahaha no. Not with these idiots! Their real question: What is love, anyway? And more importantly, how do you define it?

I went into this expecting to enjoy the color palette but being unsure about the obtuse science-type aspect. I’m just too unrepentant of a liberal arts type, I make my living where words meet emotions, so seeing these baka science-types quibbling over the defintion of love could have annoyed me. Fortunately, they’re so likable and adorable that I enjoyed the first episode heartily! (Three episodes dropped all at once, but you’re only getting a blog post of the first one, cuz Stilts-oniichama is busy. If you’re going to discuss the second and third episode in the comments below, please use spoiler tags as and when appropriate.)

It really came down to nailing the mixture between serious and doki doki, especially with Himuro, who is far more in touch with her emotions (and how weird she is) than Yukimura. But he’s following along on this quest willingly, which makes it seem like the boy doth not protest too much. Add on how the skits were solid overall—and the adorableness that is Himuro’s wagging ponytail—and this is a good option for fans of romance and comedy. You’ll likely have seen two more episodes of this than I have if you’re committed to the cause, so hopefully they haven’t already proven me a liar.

I won’t be blogging this further, but I will be watching it, so hopefully the good times continue to roll!

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ED Sequence

ED: 「Turing Love feat. Sou」 by Nanawo Akari


  1. Definitely the anime that is the choice of Steins;Gate. El Psy Kongroo.

    P.S. Did GNU/Linux users realize the girl’s pc was using Ubuntu 16.04 with the Unity Desktop Environment?

  2. Loved this episode. The main couple are adorable. What makes it really enjoyable is that they aren’t denying it, just trying to prove it. They are also doing that process together.

    Only one problem for me. Need to get better Japanese reading skills. Would’ve had more fun with that pie chart.

    Anyway, since apparently they’ve already released three episodes, anyone knows the release schedule? Is it weekly or are they doing batches?

  3. All I could think about was “where are the negative controls”??!!! How can they determine if the doki-doki effect was from love if they don’t compare with data from other couples who claim to be in love. Also, even if they do kabe-don 60 times all they prove is that kabe-don is significantly related to pulse rise (chances of it being a coincidence is less than 5%). That still doesn’t prove the next step; that pulse racing in this case is related to being in love. A better experimental setup would be group A:People who claim to be in love and B: A group of random people with no connection to the couples in love. I would also make sure that the couples in love would have been together roughly the same time because there is a difference between new love (infatuation) vs older love (at least in terms of brain activation). Each stimulation (experiment) would be done with couples first and then the same experiment with a random unknown from the control group. Ideally the experiments between each couple would be on a different day than between one half of couple and unknown to avoid contamination (leftover emotions from previous interaction). I would collect data on body temperature, puls, EEG (brain electrical activity) and fMRI (brain area activation as measured by way of blood flow). With enough data you could maybe even train a machine learning algorithm and just run it on the Baka-couple data and it will tell you if they are in love or not.

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Rikei%20ga%20Koi%20ni%20Ochita%20no%20de%20Shoumei%20Shite%20Mita/Rikei%20ga%20Koi%20ni%20Ochita%20no%20de%20Shoumei%20Shite%20Mita%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2026.jpg
    I could have sworn this was a “missing episode” of Miru Tights

    Also “best scientist girl” since Rio Futaba and Kurisu Makise. (The expressive hair is also cute AF. And I never thought Sora Amamiya could give a vastly different voice to Ayame after getting used to her as damegami Aqua.)

    That being said, isn’t love mainly a matter of psychology and human biology?


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