「防御特化と出撃.」 (Bougyo Tokka to Shutsugeki.)
“Defense and Attack”

In this week’s Bofuri, we are still lingering around the latest event as Maple Tree starts to feel the pressure of being under everyone’s radars. Although they have just enough power to let Maple coast through the event, their strategic skills leave much to be desired.

One of the team’s weaknesses that are briefly explored is how little planning there is for emergency contingencies. For high-risk situations, the lack of an escape plan leaves them unprepared for when the situation starts to go sour. Such is the case when Maple decides to abandon her post to save Sally while an opponent corners and eliminates the two sisters, leaving their orb unprotected until Maple is able to return.

It’s a classic mistake and could’ve been shown as kind of a reflective lesson for Maple to try to communicate a strategy around plans in case one member is in danger. But for the most part, much of these errors are negated when Maple can just swing around and save Maple, protect the orb, and revive the two slain sisters.

But while it was a little bit of a letdown that many of the series’ threats are often undercut, this episode did have many hilarious moments when Maple mows through all of her opponents. The comedy behind Maple being insanely OP does make for some funny scenes like when Maple starts riding Syrup into a crowd of enemies and unleashes a flurry of artillery strikes and poison mist from her new mech suit. There is also some buildup towards the fight she’ll have against Mii, so that should give some more weight to the next upcoming episode.


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  2. one small thing that bother me a lot is that all guilds are “the players”, but only few have unique design, and most are just some generic foot soldiers with same design. if I am in one of the guild and never allow to create my own character, that would not be enjoyable.
    and tv anime adaptation cut out big and many chunk of contents to end arc in 12 ep format.

    1. It seems the big guilds have dedicated craftsmen (like Iz) that make uniform armor and weapons (with pretty good stats + bonuses) as a perk for newbies who join. Though I’m also curious if that same equipment gets upgraded as those same newbies level up and gain more skills (in dev-speak, “scaling”). I’m also assuming players within those big guilds only get to customize their gear once they’ve proven their skills, focused on specialized skillsets, done great feats in-game, got noticed by the guild master/s, or got randomly dropped gear that’s much better than the guilds’ standard-issue gear. Or all.

      While the main focus is Maple and her guild, BOFURI could use a little more (virtual) worldbuilding detailing what it’s like to be a regular/normal player in New World Online‘s big guilds. (Perhaps the LN or manga has an extra/omake that tackles that topic.)

      Of course, it could simply be the “Faceless Mooks” trope in action.

    2. Is that why the show never really seems to stop for a breather? It just seems like they’re going for one big event with lots of stuff going on after the next. I wanted more of a slowburn with more character development.

  3. What I like about this episode is that a guild was able to expose Maple Tree’s weak point. When all the heavy hitters in Maple Tree were out collecting more orbs, the enemy was able to infiltrate Maple Tree’s camp. It’s good to see a guild being vulnerable despite having a single over powered player.

    The same can be said for Sally, when she sent a DM to Maple about possibly dying I was pleased to see that the crew were willing to accept that Maple won’t be there to save them. However, that didn’t really happen which got me disappointed. Maple arrives to save Sally as a Super Saiyan and using a mecha.

    If Mable doesn’t let the guild members in Maple Tree take responsibility for dying in game and learning from failure, this show will become one sided. I don’t want to see that cause I like the story I just wanted the rest of Maple Tree get stronger like Maple on their own.

  4. From what I see, one way to take down Maple Tree is to force them to spread thin and attack simultaneously… Though with the arrival of the Death Star… I don’t know. Its so meme that it’s enjoyable

  5. I loved when Maple going mecha-gunship on the crew that ambushed Sally.
    Also, I loved that Achilles heel of Maple Tree – low numbers. This means when even one player gets too tired and has to sleep/log out their overall power diminishes significantly. And Maple is only one person making interesting conundrum – should she guard fort or go on the offensive? She has chosen the latter in the end, but will the others able to defend as well? Because I totally can see Payne and his guld taking advantage of Maple being out to duke it out with Mii and raiding her fort.

  6. Gaming in anime :-
    Player 1 : “I think I’m gonna die. Sorry i failed.”
    Player 2 : “I’ll save you no matter what!”

    Gaming in real life :-
    Player 1 : “I think I’m gonna die. Sorry guys”
    Player 2 : “LOL What a noob! Why are you even
    playing this game? Uninstall please!”
    Player 3 : “good job feeding the enemy team. Now get lost feeder. Why my team so noob”

    1. People actually behave like that online in videogames?(Guessing thats more of an American game thing..?) Yikes. It’s just a game, who cares if you lose. But I do think that depends on the game in question, some games have decent communities around them that are helpful to newcomers and are more forgiving if they make mistakes in parties.

      No one yelled at me in PSO2 when for whatever reason the boss aggro was entirely focused on me and I kept getting killed. If anything it was pretty funny. My character wasn’t really built for having some superboss rain hell down on me continuously.


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