「防御特化と強敵.」 (Bougyo Tokka to Kyouteki.)
“Defense and Mighty Foe”

The latest episode of Bofuri poses a series of threats in Maple’s path the likes of which she hadn’t faced up until now. As her fight with the Flame Knights comes to a close, the Order of the Holy Sword ambushes Maple Tree to act as the most lethal opponent they’ve fought.

It’s hard to gauge who would possibly be the underdog in the fight between Maple and Mii as the two are relatively equal in strength. Mii has enough resources and abilities under her tool belt to give Maple a headache as her plethora of piercing strikes and flame abilities come close to draining a majority of Maple’s health. 

It took Maple’s Machine God ability to be able to pull through in the end, but Mii fought til the bitter end to try to end Maple’s streak with her life-draining attacks and self-destruct moves. They might not have had to get trapped in the Afterlife Spectator Room, but Mii’s ego was bruised enough to make Maple a bitter rival she has to face once again.

But the real kicker is when the Maple Tree compound is ambushed by the Order of the Holy Sword. They were already racing to get the event completed since orbs are scarce, but stakes were raised exponentially high when the very first attack from their leader Payne cut through Maple’s defenses.  

The big cliffhanger of the episode shows more of his attacks taking massive chunks of her HP away, making it one of the first moments in the show where we end on more of a nail biter. It’ll be interesting to see if Maple ends up braving the last devastating swipe or if Maple Tree will have to find a way to move forward without Maple’s defense skills.


  1. Based on what skills that have been revealed to us so far, I can only think of one scenario if Maple is to survive this attack. Her “Stout Guardian” skill (survive with 1 HP once a day) procs, giving her a chance to activate “Atrocity” which gives her a separate 1000 HP pool and 50 point STR and AGI stat.

    Hard for her to use other skills since 1 HP puts her at a very likely risk of dying if she takes another hit from Payne.

  2. as I predicted, Payne is the endboss of the series… he drained thru Maple’s hp like thirsty kid drains glass of water.
    Maple certainly still has few tricks up her sleeves, from 1hp miracle to xenomprph queen form to mecha form, but Payne possibly still has not shown his entire arsenal…
    another factor is his real life skills which seem to be factored similarily to Sally… we have seen him plow thru lesser palyers without activating single skill…

    1. Also while Mii was retreating in the Air, she send something to Payne or his Guild, right?

      So at last her Machina God Boss Mode is no secret anymore and what they learned from fighting her, flow surly into Paynes raid now on Maple tree guild

      Only her unknown/unseen Secret Moves can save her now

      1. like (as i would see it now)

        – Keep her under pressure to avid her casting her Spells = Stun or Interruption and Knockback attacks

        – Keep her Turtle pet away from you and her

        and so on

        also i bet Payne has a Ingore Defence 100% Attack spell that he buffed up with Berserk of his Pal to deal extra Damage

        in MMO speaking: He made a High Burst Attack to avoid her go into Machina God Mode

  3. since next episode is the last, i am formally calling this anime, the darkhorse of the season… clearly many anime fans missed this great anime perhaps because they thought, its girly, and stuffs… but damn. they missed the FUN and greatnes that is called MAPLE.

    indeed it was rushed a bit, a number of details skipped, but the content overall is effectively delivered. and interestingly enough, despite the virus wrecking everywhere, i dont see some questionable drop in quality like that “march madness” anime. just shows, production wise, story wise, this anime is the best of the season and a worthy contender for anime of the season.

  4. The animation of this episode is very nice! Especially the part where Mii jump onto Mecha Maple to self destruct.

    Mii does put up a good fight and give Maple some troubles. But she still get bullied.

  5. – I almost expected Mii to end her Megumin-like spell chant with “Explosion!”
    – But Mii’s reaction to finding out Maple survived everything she threw at her was priceless. (Wanna respec from fire mage to lightning mage, Mii-chan? *cough*seiyuujoke*cough*)
    – While this scene wasn’t what I had in mind when I wanted to see the viewpoints of normal players (specifically those in the top guilds), this was still a welcome–albeit minor–addition to the show’s worldbuilding.
    – So it’s Payne that has an attack that ignores target defense? Here we go…
    – Also noticed a bunch of other Fate alumni in this show besides Kuromu (Noriaki Sugiyama).
    – On a stranger tangent, the music that plays during tense moments is kinda similar to the main riff of “USA 6” from C&C: Generals.

    P.S.: Stuck at home in the middle of a “community quarantine” thanks to the COVID-19 epidemic… Not a lot of fun to be had… 🙁

    1. I was rather seeng Mii channelling the original nuke mage, Lina Inverse…
      I fing Mii duality of character (strong leader versus sore loser) kinda funny, and making her more interesting as character


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