OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「孤高の光 Lonely dark」 (Kokou no Hikari Lonely dark) by Miku Itou

「入校式」 (Nyuukoushiki)
“Entrance Ceremony”

New season; new OP/ED; new world; and the same old Plunderer. What, thought things would change that much? Not in this story kiddo. It may be all time travel and discovering the past, but never think this show doesn’t know where its desired strengths lie. Because it does. Oh does it ever.

Given the quick change in scenery last episode some sort of explanation was naturally in store, but I cannot be the only one expecting something a little more. Yeah World War III and global devastation certainly makes sense enough for the very brief mention we got of it (I wanted that history lesson goddammit!), but alien intervention out of nowhere? And of the benevolent kind? Oh now that demands further explanation. At least we know what Althing is now and have an explanation (sort of) for how Counts and the Abyss seem to work. Because obviously when an unknown being has the power to make everyone obey its commands absolutely you know someone will figure out how to leverage that sooner or later—just ask Palpatine about that.

As for school setting and accompanying cast, well, it’s certainly going to be a ride. Although the killing was surprisingly nonexistent, don’t expect for a second that this arc will remain happy-go-lucky peaceful; between Nana’s ambiguous request, the hidden mechanisms of Althing, and the dominating presence of Schmerman in these proceedings I guarantee it won’t be long before someone starts sticking the pointy end in another. Personally I wager Nana wants Nina, Jail, and crew to kill off Schmerman given his growing baddie status (not to mention how hard it’s being pushed), but why and how are obviously something we have yet to find out. Good thing the origins of the Aces are already being teased then, because nothing says encouragement like a little human experimentation and no care for the consequences.

Best strap yourselves in boys and girls, Plunderer has finally reached the summit and is all out of brake pads.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「Reason of Life」by Hina (Rina Honnizumi), Lyne (Ari Ozawa), and Nana (Shizuka Itou)



  1. A slow burn yet intriguing episode to start this 2nd arc? I’m glad you’re still reviewing this, Pancakes. Though we don’t mind you pass the baton if there are too many new spring shows you’ve suddenly got on your lap.

    Anyhow, it’s confirmed Althing is/are alien(s)? If not, how they were able to respond to Hina and the unfortunate women being “examined” by them? Nevertheless, we now know Althing isn’t human-made like what Jail thought it would’ve been due to him being told or has learnt during his service with the Alcian Military.

    It certainly is gonna be a WILD RIDE for we’ve got a glimpse of Schumermann’s killing desire sucking our present-day characters’ oxygen supply. Yes, it was scary to see him like that. But I don’t think Nana wants them to kill anyone even if bad guys are murderers since she also has the same ideals as Licht has even at present day. Got me guessing what his actual motive in making Licht/Rihito and the rest of the Aces in the first place. Too bad we’ve to observe in the next several episodes of yet another Licht’s naughty antics to sneak in a forbidden place.

    Yes, we’ve to remind ourselves this is an ecchi series; but at least Plunderer didn’t disappoint me in giving up due to the seriousness our present-day characters have to complete the most impossible task yet: Prevent the Abandonment War…. :0

    1. No worries! Personally I’m still debating whether to continue blogging this one, but considering everything interesting seems to air on Saturday this season it makes it more likely I’ll stick with it haha.

  2. When Rihito went SD mode I totally thought: “Hey, it’s Tomoki!”
    I know it’s by the same author and stuff, but that scene is the first time it seemed like it came straight out of Sora no Otoshimono.

  3. I am eating my words for all the criticism I provided on the previous reviews.

    So the Althing is alien technology, well that explains a lot. I should really read the Manga since I had no idea 300 years ago there was a world war that brought all nations to their knees. Seems like the goofing around wont stop, but at least I can understand where this Althing came from.

  4. Should’ve guessed those three didn’t really get killed. They are present in the new opening. Wouldn’t put them there if they were just passing by canon fodder.

    Also can’t help but notice there are no numbers on Hina’s thighs.

  5. “but alien intervention out of nowhere? And of the benevolent kind?”

    It’s pretty clear that it is far benevolent.

    It enforces majority decision, and the majority can quite often make things horrible. The “Althing” is like a national parliament where everything that needs to be decided is decided (Iceland’s parliament is still called “Althing”).

    It could also explain whence the entire system of “numbers” were derived from. It will be interesting to see how we got from point A to point B.

    1. Yupp, it’s simply a question of mechanics and reasoning now as it’s pretty obvious there’s more to Althing than simple majority decision (thus the security lock on its information). I’d still say it’s benevolent for the moment though because we don’t know if Althing has its own objectives or is being used by others for theirs.

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