「才人工房 (クローンドリー)」 (Kuroon Dorii)
“Clone Dolly”

Well you wanted answers so Railgun is here to deliver. From clones to Sisters to Misaki backstory and even the vaunted (if never realized) Level 6 all is coming out in the open now—and we haven’t even hit the midpoint yet! Sure for all the shock and awe (emphasis on the shock mind you) we’re still kind of sparse of any actual details, but never fear, it only gets better from here.

Considering the strength and, erm, unique personality of Misaki it’s probably unsurprising the girl has an interesting backstory, but I imagine few would’ve guessed research test subject. It’s definitely befitting of science-side Indexverse though, as every Level 5 in some capacity or another winds up intimately involved with Academy City’s mad scientist class—and usually not in a good way. Misaki is no different; farmed for her ability, harvested for brain matter, and guaranteed left for dead if one researcher hadn’t forgotten her PPE at just the right time (oh the irony of that moment right now). You certainly have to feel for the girl considering those circumstances, although I’d wager more will be interested in Dolly because, let’s admit it, she is undoubtably related to Misaka given that similar appearance. If you wanted to know what makes Misaki interested in the Sisters, need look no further than our new innocent victim.

Of course such matters might temporarily fall by the wayside considering Misaka just went Super Saiyan courtesy of Gensei. While the jury is out on if this will finally be the famed appearance of a Level 6 (because God knows there’s been plenty of attempts thus far), you got to admit this form looks pretty damn awesome, and comes with the added irony of doing so synergistically off the back of a network Accelerator was meant to slaughter to achieve a similar end. Also something something Misaka losing her mind and going berserk because excessive power consumption; gotta bring everyone else including the Fist of Justice together for the grand showdown somehow after all!

It’s going to be one hell of a wait for next week’s episode, but I think the results will more than make up for that annoying delay.




  1. So we’ve finally reached this point. When I read this arc in the manga as it came out, I was caught completely by surprise as I had never expected that the crisis in Railgun’s daihaseisai arc would be larger than the one in Index’s. Strap in, because it gets crazy from here.
    On another note, it’s important to remember that thanks to his brain damage, Accelerator is completely dependent on the network at this point, not just to use his powers, but even to speak and walk. Hence why he garbled his words. In short, he has just been rendered completely helpless.
    Finally, I suggest that anyone who was watched this ep, go all the way back and watch Misaki’s introduction at the start of Railgun S. At long last, you finally know why she cracked up and started laughing.

      1. Yes, this was also deliberate, but since it’s referencing something 2 eps ago, I figured most people would notice it. https://i.imgur.com/2ZIfoQ3.jpg
        But on the other hand “Are you really a middle schooler” aired a decade ago in the first ep of Railgun S, so I imagine most people had forgotten it and wouldn’t catch the reference.
        In other news, folks might notice that from her designation as Prototype, and her nickname, Dolly, she’s the first clone of Mikoto. A test drive for Academy City’s cloning and aging technology. Note though, her normal emotional range and speech patterns. She is not Misaka 00001 (who we saw in a flashback in Railgun S) nor even Misaka 00000 the prototype for the Radio Noise. And take note that much like Misaka Worst later on, Dolly was aged up over the original, as she’s a middle schooler in this flashback, while Misaki (and thus Mikoto) is an elementary schooler at that point.

  2. Damn. Now I can see why Misaki acts the way she is. Test subject that was intended to be disposed off once her usefulness was no longer needed… Witness to Dark side of Academy City since young age courtesy og her skills…
    I am surprised she did not end up much more twisted.
    Mikoto by comparison is kinda, truly sheltered kid. Ironic, huh?
    And now we have another try at lvl 6 courtesy of our best mad scientist, Kihara…
    And it is awesome try, even if doomed to fail by laws
    of plot…

  3. I have no idea what’s going to happen next and I love it!
    It’s not because of a bad plot – it’s just that engaging!

    Hopefully, the flow of episodes will continue uninterrupted.

    1. I would expect interuptions. The number of Covid-19 cases is rising in the country(Especially in Tokyo) and it wouldn’t surprise me if lockdowns occur(Assuming it gets worse).

      But who knows, maybe anime will get lucky and escape unharmed.

      1. It’s anyone’s guess really. I don’t think we should expect any now, but it all hinges on whether Japan sees a sudden spike in cases—which they very well might since there’s no reason to try and massage the numbers with the Olympics postponed lol.

        1. Yep, but a lot can happen in a short space of time. Given the incubation time and many people not knowing they have the virus until they display symptoms and unintentionally pass to others before that time the number can easily climb astronomically. You only have to see the figures in Europe and elsewhere.

          When people start self isolating studios could easily find themselves short staffed. And if studios end up closed, I guess thats the end of that.

          Hate to sound pessimistic but this does seem like a virus that once it enters a country and infects enough people, it gains a foothold.

  4. https://randomc.net/image/To%20Aru%20Kagaku%20no%20Railgun/Toaru%20Kagaku%20no%20Railgun%20T%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2009.jpg

    Is this Misaka Worst from Index 3? Because looking at the scars on her body points that way.

    Truthfully speaking, I was squealing like a little girl to see all the lines from Index and earlier seasons of Railgun all connecting to this episode.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but Kihara Gensei was the one who mooted the idea of harvesting Misaka’s DNA for the Accelerator project right?


    She’s the pink cosplaying girl right?

    1. do remember this is Daihasei and Misaki’s flashback is even further back in time. no that’s not Misaka Worst. Dolly’s barely even functional either. and just by the name and by how the scientists called her a prototype and the timeline, it’s pretty obvious what she is. ie. she’s the prototype for the entire Misaka clone line

    2. Yupp the pink-haired girl is our liquid metal esper (which might give you an idea why she’s so interested in Misaka and the Sisters).

      And yes Gensei is pretty much the driver for everything which was done with Misaka’s DNA.

  5. The web that links each character is getting a little clearer. Safe to say Dolly is Misaka 1. Looks like she didn’t just share a name with a particular sheep, but also the same complications. Can’t help but notice it was smell that made her realize the deception. Does that show the limits of Misaki’s power back then?
    Would love to know Misaki’s reaction when she first met Misaka, did they ever show that?

    Seeing Misaki’s boosted power is scary. Exterior looks like the dream machine of all dictators…

  6. do remember this is Daihasei and Misaki’s flashback is even further back in time. no that’s not Misaka Worst. Dolly’s barely even functional either. and just by the name and by how the scientists called her a prototype and the timeline, it’s pretty obvious what she is. ie. she’s the prototype for the entire Misaka clone line

  7. Well, good to see more details on Misaki’s backstory (as well as her motivation why she acts the way she does). To think she has a connection with the first Misaka clone, Dolly. (Ditto Mitori Kozaku.)

    Meanwhile, Gensei’s master plan is using the Level Upper research to take control of Exterior, in order to take control of the MISAKA Network, to make Mikoto reach Level 6? Any chance the Level 6 Mikoto would just as easily turn on Gensei if given the chance? Also, that custom virus installed by Gensei into the MISAKA Network… Is that the same virus that affected Last Order and basically drove Accelerator’s story arc (finding a cure for that virus) in Index III?

    And when I saw Exterior–basically a big brain (*cue “Big Brain Time” jokes/memes*)–I was instantly reminded of the Mastermind tank from C&C: Red Alert 2 – Yuri’s Revenge. (“Mastermind on the move. [*Mind-controls more than three units*] Brainwave overload!“)

    Finally, Touma-Gunha team-up incoming? Things are starting to heat up.

  8. What also be cool if someone to coordinate the series together. Like for example, Playing Index 2 E11 when Styil blows up the Bus to block Orianna Thompson and here in Railgun S3 Ep 10 in the beginning the traffic jam occurred, Misaki does her super power like Professor Xavier in Cerebro.

    1. “….and guaranteed left for dead if one researcher hadn’t forgotten her PPE at just the right time (oh the irony of that moment right now). ”

      At what point did Misaki get control of the researchers? The female researcher who told her the bad news had her headgear on, on both counts. The ones carrying the Dolly’s body had no headgear or the one being tested for the apple trick?

      Dexter Sayas
      1. In the original manga, it’s shown that Shokuhou’s “vector of attack” was the researcher at the very start of the flashback that she was manipulating into eating a fruit he hates.

        While he was vulnerable to her influence as part of the experiment, she secretly placed a command in his head to have him start sabotaging the other researchers’ PPE helmets as a precautionary measure, since she was already suspecting that they were up to no good.

        Meeting Dolly just solidified that suspicion.


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