「参戦」 (Sansen)
“Joining the Battle”

Know what’s better than one Fist of Justice? Two Fists of Justice. Is the second actually a Fist of Justice? No damn idea, but I’m not going to ask unnecessary questions when the fireworks are this good. That’s right, it’s Friday night fight time for Railgun, and with every nun’s favourite chew toy front and centre you know the results will prove amazing.

As expected after the cliffhanger of last week, no Misaka is not actually Level 6, but powering up to that point. Obviously second science-side Indexverse is not going to let that enigmatic level-up out of the bag so easy, but at least it’s nice seeing some sort of measure for it—even if only a 2% one (so far). Personally I don’t expect Misaka to break the mystical barrier through this little scheme (got to keep those mad scientists employed somehow), but hey, you never know. With Mitori on a direct line to the biribiri whispering sweet nothings into her ear, expect some more chaos before all is said and done.

For all the fun of Misaka fighting though, the interesting bit will be with Misaki and Gensei. There’s still a good deal of information to reveal surrounding Dolly and Misaki’s running vendetta, and that’s before touching on Gensei’s shrewd use of both Level Upper and Exterior. For all that our little blondie is likely to mentally browbeat her way to victory in this showdown, I really suspect a call for assistance and some humility are in store for the girl. You wouldn’t have Kuroko for one joining the picture if things weren’t setting up for a group finish after all. Plus it’s not like Misaki doesn’t deserve some thrashing; she may have honest intentions and a tragic backstory, but the manner of delivery is often as important as the actions delivered.

All we have to see is if the results of that duel can match up to the Misaka show.




  1. Fun fact: The author’s original outline for this battle did not include Gunha. It was actually the artist who suggested the idea to the author. It’s probably a good thing, because even as sturdy as Touma is, his survival here all alone would be kind of questionable with massive chunks of masonry dropping on his head.

    1. @Touma is, his survival here all alone would be kind of questionable with massive chunks of masonry dropping on his head.

      Yep, in Index/Railgun S2, Accelerator could have done exactly the same thing to Touma without going near him and ended the fight conclusively. But engaging Touma in battle to a degree he can use his ability is just stupid.

      1. Well, that is why Accelerator lost to Touma, stupid pride. Accelerator could have easily won the fight from a distance and he knew it, but his pride wouldn’t let him do it. To do so would me acknowledging that his power is not all powerful. That he would have to give ground to Touma in order to win. He would have to accept that on some level Touma is a threat to him, Railgun S helps show this by giving the viewing Accelerator’s inner thoughts before his final charge.

        The next couple episodes are going to be great. I am really looking forward to seeing the various conflicts in animated form.

    2. Without a doubt, this was probably one of first Touma fights which actually felt somewhat believable as Gunha was effectively doing all the heavy lifting while having his opponent act rationally. Going to be interesting seeing how Touma snaps Misaka out of it though, because you know this arc won’t be complete without a tomboy blush XD

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  3. Railgun keeps on delivering with two great pairings this week.
    That Kuroko/Misaki teamup was nice, though I actually expected Misaki to undo the mind manipulation. Maybe after all this is over? What I don’t want is for Kuroko to forget what happened here, including her finding out about the Sister clones. Anyways, great to see that Team Judgment is fully on board.
    Touma/Gunha were equally fun, including the princess carry at the end. 😀
    Worth a mention: Touma’s Imagine Breaker got back the old sound. Just one more reason how disappointing Index 3 was if even that detail got changed for no damn reason. Thankfully, Railgun T fixed that. Thank you.

  4. Kuroko’s gonna be pissed once her memories of Mikoto return and she finds out this was going on in Mikoto’s psyche.
    Kuroko: “I’m the only one allowed to touch onee-sama like that!”

    Gunha channeling his inner Saitama? He most certainly does. (*epic guitar riff*) “ONE PUUUUUUUUNCH!!!”

    Also loved how Gunha notices the ability-nullifying properties of Touma’s right hand. Here we go…

    Other thoughts:
    – As if the “Building with no windows” would go down after a lightning strike like that. Goes to show that Aleister Crowley is still the biggest magnificent bastard of the AcceleRailDex ‘verse.
    – Misaki’s mental interaction with Touma… XD
    – But honestly, I’m looking forward to seeing Mikoto dish out some “shock therapy” on Gensei once she breaks free. Though I wonder what Misaki will do first.

  5. Loved the “two spidermen” ,moment between Gunha and Touma.
    Also, Ill be damned if Gunha is not channeling one-punch man here.
    Once Kuroko gets her real feelings back, Misaki will have hell of explaining to do,
    I wonder what is Kozaku agenda here, mentioned by Gensei? (anyone with spoilers to share? just remember to use spoiler tags)

        1. Yupp if you go back to that episode you’ll notice Misaki was actually Dolly’s second friend; the first ran off after seeing her scars. We know from that flashback the first friend was Mitori too given the girl’s appearance. Thus why it’s not hard imagining what Mitori’s agenda could be considering her involvement with Dolly and what’s certain to be the Misaka cloning program.

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