「腹いっぱい」 (Haraippai)
“Full Stomach”

A part of me deep down wants to think that current arc Plunderer really understands us. Being stuck at home all day, lacking those social connections, unsure what tomorrow’s bout of stay-at-home procrastination will bring—what’s not to like about vicariously living that school life through the eyes of a cast newly experiencing it? Maybe the upcoming violence and death just waiting around the corner obviously, but seriously, happy thoughts! Remember, we’re doing this for grandma.

Once past the cornucopia of best girl T&A and all the usual Licht shenanigans (read: unabashed perversion), this episode certainly started getting the story ball rolling. The origins of the Count system and the structured duels for Counts was succinctly revealed for example, and we also got some added tidbits in knowing the world of Alcia our protagonists herald from probably didn’t start out as a world. Still missing the link between collecting gold stars and getting a free ride to satisfactory sustenance and special powers and the Abyss of course, but never fear, that’s probably not far off. Considering the teaching class has already honed in on the preternatural state of Hina, Jail, and friends (honestly never saw that coming), it won’t be long before someone stumbles across some info the powers that be don’t want out in the open.

Closer to home though is how Licht (and by extension Sunohara) wind up turning from meek kids into mass murderers, and the hints are also quickly dropping on that front. Serious backstory accompanied by honest desire to keep one wholesome and pure? Yeah, you know exactly where this trail leads. Not to say Jail’s new best friend Tokikaze is going to perish in horrible circumstances anytime soon (that would be too easy), but the kid winding up in trouble which forces fellow friend Licht to make a stark choice? Oh I can see that happening. Considering Doan is as antagonistic as they get, features a face worth pummelling, and just got his pride dented I suspect he’ll be out for revenge shortly—and that’s before also considering what Schmerman has up his sleeve.

There’s a lot of moving parts now in motion, and the important question is how it all translates to the system—and white-haired Licht future—we know.

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  1. Another great episode since for the first time ever, I accept the fanservice scenes here with a willing heart. No, really. I mean it. I just want this kind of level of pervertedness to be displayed in the upcoming episodes.

    Well, onto the serious but awesome parts, I just wanna honor Jail a great medal for becoming the future Hero even if he won’t/doesn’t become a Legendary Ace. It goes to show that he’s stealing the spotlight in this episode especially though we should appreciate Licht’s smart tactics that don’t get anyone hurt at all. Despite his pure intentions, I’ve got a feeling he won’t be using his peaceful methods soon.

    Nevertheless, we should appreciate the light-hearted moments happening in this episode, including Lynn’s short-lived dream of having a long skirt. I mean, I’ve to agree with Captain Alan saying her happy face is annoying him. lulz

    That aside, he’s beginning to suspect the present-day characters and it won’t do good for them if he were to find out their identity.

    Since that war must happen, I claim this episode is suited with “Calm Before The Storm” sort of thing. Better brace ourselves for the 2nd shocking hit we’ll get.

  2. This must have been most consistently good animated episode for I don’t know how long. It featured fanservice, of course. 😉
    Is that kid Nana in the preview? If she is, then it’ll be interesting to see if she’s voiced by the same VA.

    1. Yes, I admit it’s been animated decent recently despite its studio being three years old or so and that early episodes weren’t great to look at. I won’t be surprised if I hear reviewers saying it’s better animated than Arifureta series.

      I doubt it would be same VA…since I guess that little girl is about seven years old.

      Speaking of VAs, I couldn’t get JailBo’s voice out of my head. Yes, the VA is the perfect fit for his character. xD

  3. Safe to say those three has changed history already?

    Can’t say for sure if Rihito actually got his stars at the end in the original time line, but Doan’s actions should be almost exactly the same. Personally think Schmerman doesn’t really know Rihito’s motives yet. Taking into account the current situation, there’s a possibility that in the original time line Tokikaze actually got expelled and somehow fulfilling his grandma’s request.

    Also think that girl that got shot last episode is pretty significant. It seemed like she’s pretty perceptive. A future ace perhaps? Have they revealed her name yet? Her two shot/theft buddies too.

    1. Guaranteed they have, but it’s a question of the strength of the butterfly effect.
      I’m not sure Tokikaze would’ve been originally for example, as that would’ve also got Licht expelled given his own objectives. We’re missing something else which explains the switch between “normal” school-life and mass killing Aces.

      1. Yeah, after thinking about it, the major changes probably are:
        – The theft victims would have zero stars instead of one when Doan approached the gate.
        – Jail confronting Doan at the gates, thus receiving Rihito’s stars.

        Both ended with everyone having two stars.


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