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OP: 「プリズム」 (Purizumu) by AmPm feat. みゆなの

「お久しぶりです」 (Ohisashiburi Desu)
“Long Time No See”

A new season of Fruits Basket means another season of emotions.

General Impressions

You know, for a show that took a decently long break since its first season, I’m surprised how easy it was to jump back into things. With a tasteful recap of what happened during season one (including a big reminder about Kyo’s incident), I think the episode gets an A+ when it comes to getting the viewers ready for whatever’s about to come.

Now, if that was the only A+ the episode god, we’d be in for a rather depressing season. Luckily, the episode itself was pretty darn good for one that didn’t really advance the story all too much. Instead, we got to see Yuki get fleshed out a bit more as he’s grown from just being the quiet prince as well as getting to see Motoko in a whole new light. Being frank, I’ve never liked the idea of the Prince Yuki fan club. Besides gently crossing the line into stalker territory, the way that the members treat others who they deem as a threat has always rubbed me the wrong way. Amazingly though, the show managed to show just how much Motoko has grown since the last time we saw her as well as just how open minded she’s become. Honestly, it’s kind of amazing how the plot managed to take something that I’m sure a lot of fans disliked and managed to turn it into an opportunity to learn more about Yuki.

Moving on to the prince himself, it looks like he also has his hands full with another problem. Totally forgetting about Yuki deciding to join the student council, who would have thought that his subordinates would be so.. unique? Literally on opposite ends of the spectrum, it looks like they’re going to prove to be difficult to handle. Difficult in the sense that I think we’ll get to see just how much Yuki can grow when it comes to handling others outside of those who aren’t directly in his “life”.

Overall, a pretty good introductory episode to get us back into the swing of things! While I kind of wished we could have seem more of the Soma-plot, I’ll take whatever I can! Also, thank you everyone for your patience with the late post. It’s been hectic and I’m sure we’re all aware of the current situation the world is in. Be sure to stay safe and healthy out there!


ED Sequence

ED: 「ad meliora」 by THE CHARM PARK



  1. So is there anyone in the Soma family who isn’t overloaded with emotional baggage or some sort of trauma?

    I didn’t read the Fruits Basket manga, but did follow the remake series and it seemed like with each Soma introduced there was someone who had a pretty tragic backstory or some sort of baggage that Tohru had to help them with.

    Like how Kyo was ashamed of his real form and saw himself as some sort of monster. Despite the fact those who care/love him because he’s family don’t view him as anything of the sort.

    1. Momiji has every reason to be traumatized, but he’s pretty together.

      One could say Shigure and Ayame are pretty together too, although maybe that’s because they were twisted from the beginning.

      Hiro is also a pretty normal kid, all things considered.

      The rest are all deeply troubled.

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