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OP: 「Sea Horizon」 by Umino High School Teibou-bu

「リールとキャスティング」 (Reel to Casting)
“Reel and Casting”

In the second episode of Houkago Teibou Nisshi, we see Tsurugi getting adjusted to the Breakwater Club as she learns the ins-and-outs of reeling in a fish. As she gets settled into her new club, we also get to know the other members of the Breakwater Club more clearly when she starts to see how they all react to her learning new details about fishing.

The last episode did make an awkward situation out of Tsurugi’s decision to join the club as she was roped into joining to prevent an octopus from hiking up her skirt. This was seen as a questionable start to Tsurugi getting peer pressured into joining the Breakwater Club and also made it difficult to explain to her parents why she changed her mind so suddenly on switching from Handicrafts to Fishing. Her parents have an amusing response to all of this since her dad remembers how the Breakwater Club was run by weirdos even back in the day, but it does help smooth things over from an otherwise rocky start for her decision to join the Breakwater Club.

One very amusing aspect of Episode 02 is how we get more details on what Yuuki is like when she isn’t in recruitment mode. In a stark contrast from the first episode, Yuuki becomes overtly lazy as soon as Tsurugi tries to settle into the club. She loses motivation in fishing for the day very quickly and passes work onto Tsurugi knowing that she could get away with it if Makoto wasn’t watching. It shows a funny contrast between the Yuuki that seemed like a serious authority figure for knowing how to fish and this episode’s Yuuki, who wants to take a break in peace even if it means dumping her work onto the newbies.

Even funnier is how this is one of those shows where the Vice President has more of a leadership role within the group. On top of holding Yuuki accountable for pushing her busywork onto Tsurugi, Makoto is also the most concerned about whether Tsurugi is interested in being a member of the club and wants to encourage her to keep going at it.

It’s not going to change the world, but Houkago Teibou Nisshi is a nice and mellow diversion from the heavier fare of the season, acting as a funny and light-hearted way of learning the basics of fishing. The cast so far has been pleasant and amusing as a group of oddballs who want to make the most about their hobby of fishing. It’ll be interesting to see what the characters end up going through and what Tsurugi will learn along the way.


  1. I just heard the show got delayed indefinitely after episode 3.

    This is quite sad news, concerning this was definitely a nice, relaxing show and quite funny as well.

    1. Any and all anime delayed by Covid-19 will eventually return when its safe for folk to get back to work. Its not the end, rather a short intermission. The money people who got the show made will want a return on their investment.

      1. Its also fairly pointless to begin production on something, especially if you’re producing weekly to a schedule & voicing if you’re just going to be delayed by the virus. Plenty of shows have been pushed into Summer.

        I’m fairly sure the staff here will eventually run out of shows to blog about as more and more things get delayed.

      2. The Problem i see here, will become the TV Timeslots. They are not reserved for them in the Future. Because at that time other would want the Slots, too

        i do not think they will step aside. Or they release them directly on Disk. But this also is risky

        Oh my..

    2. It’s too bad that it ended up getting delayed. I was really enjoying it and has been nice to cover to make the quarantine calmer and easier.

      The most important thing is making sure everyone is safe and healthy, so I don’t blame them for prioritizing the well-being of their staff rather than worry about keeping us entertained.

      It’s sad to make a send-off for such an easy-going show this early in the Spring season, but hopefully, things will simmer down in enough time for them to be able to continue the series eventually. That this is less of a goodbye and more of a see-you-later.


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