「7分12秒」 (Nana fun juuni byoi)
“7 Minutes 12 Seconds”

Every week seems to be more of the same when it comes to Plunderer, and yet for all which stays the same that much more changes behind the scenes. Having gone from fantasy to school-life and now the first taste of military fun and games, all that’s left is a heaping dose of violent slaughter—and oh boy would you look at what’s coming down the pipeline.

After a few weeks of beating around the bush it’s nice to finally learn what our time travellers are meant to do—and yes, it has to do with Licht. Obviously. Personally, I wasn’t expecting the Ace-making surgeries to be the target (or let alone turn out that cute), but hey, it certainly makes some sense; who wouldn’t jump at the chance to destroy the weapon before it’s even made? Arguably the bigger learning though is that genetic predisposition towards Althing. We finally know for example that the Aces are meant to be what Schmerman is in practice, and that all those violent tendencies shown upon powerup are due entirely to the Ballots. Of course what the Ballots are remains firmly unknown (if still related to Althing), but after teasing Hina’s Ballot like that I suspect we’ll find out pretty quickly. After all, Jail has to survive that cliffhanger somehow.

Going forward as well we’re starting to get some ideas for how Plunderer advances 300 years. The threat of new war has already been succinctly dropped for example, providing a means for getting pacifism to convert to militarism, while Schmerman and the gang are clearly working towards an underlying goal related to Althing. Without a doubt this has to do with securing peace and stability for all, but you know something is up when cloning is nonchalantly mentioned in the same breath and our evil blondie seemingly lacks any evil bone in his body. At least overt ones. I’ve got no idea how Plunderer intends on squaring this circle and finally revealing all, but I do know the results will prove impressive.

After all, when the lewd jokes are improving this much, the serious side is guaranteed to be all that much better.

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  1. Well that rat experiment and Schumermann’s freezing magic give me the shivers like what Jail has felt that time. And yeah, how does he have his own overpowering power without touching a Ballot? I mean sure his DNA is somehow so unique and rare that it’s precisely meant to be the most dangerous thing since what we saw with present-day Licht going into a mindless berserk monster during his Star Stake with Sonohara.

    Unless I missed the lines said by little Nana, the Ballots are somewhat confusing for me to figure out who can wield tremendous power with it. For Jail, maybe his DNA is also unique but it’s the non-killing type despite his claims he has “pierced” his criminals with his Iron Ability.

    And reason I say it’s confusing because when Hina touch it with her bare hands, nothing happens unless the author is unaware of what to do wih her in the course of this series and just shamelessly making her just become a vase (a term where one has INSIGNIFICANT role and rarely does anything to the plot). 😑

    Don’t get me wrong. I can tolerate in waiting for explanations on how Ballots work and that Hina is a pure-hearted female protagonist, but for how long? I got a feeling there will be backlash from viewers who are not keen in watching her even if the PLOT TWISTS are one of the BEST we’ve ever seen in an anime series. I just hope at final episodes of this cour will we see Hina become a SIGNIFICANT character that DOESN’T INVOLVE TO HOLD A BALLOT. 😞

    Nevertheless, I enjoy this ecchi series progression of its fanservice, which should’ve been like this from the earlier episodes. I giggled that even no-nonsense JailBo can also get nosebleeds. 😅

    1. Not sure Jail’s DNA is unique to be honest, I’d suspect the likes of Hina before him given how close to the chest Hina’s past has been played. There’s just too much unknown about the Ballots and how they’re obtained/handed out to really make any reasonable predictions about right now.

  2. “Lose some weight!” – Jail making me laugh
    Unfortunately, production quality hit a new low with this episode. If this kind of quality is what we can expect in the upcoming weeks as well, I’d rather they took a break like all the other shows.

    1. To be fair Plunderer’s animation has never really been great to begin with, but IMO it hasn’t been particularly bad yet. I suspect a lot of the money here is being saved for the upcoming fights, but we’ll just have to see!

  3. Apparently there are seven Aces with Nana being the first. Confirmed ones are Licht/Rihito and Sonohara leaving four still unaccounted for. Really thought the shot with a paintball group (Saki, Genji & Kyouhei) were gonna be Aces too since they are named and featured in the opening/ending, but then again the whole star stolen group are named and featured in the opening/ending. The total just doesn’t add up. Unless those girls follow Tokikaze’s predicted fate that is.

    Discovered a fun fact. I thought that SD card was rather slow or too large, but apparently they did release it in 2014. There are faster and cheaper ones now, so perhaps it’s a slight indication of time?

    1. For the SD card very likely. Plunderer hasn’t really gone out of its way to make this period super futuristic so it’s perfectly reasonable to assume we’re looking at current times when it comes to setting.

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