「外装代脳 (エクステリア)」 (Ekusuteria)

Yes, that’s right, you haven’t heard wrong: Railgun is back on hiatus after this week. Frankly this was an inevitability considering Japan’s recent federal state of emergency declaration (thanks Corona-chan!), but it still doesn’t take away the sting of yet another spring (alright, technically winter) show being pushed into the summer—and the one reaching its climax at that. Considering we’re now in save Misaka before she explodes mode, the wait to find out what happens next is going to be painful.

As deduced previously, Misaka’s new powerup isn’t Level 6 material, but it’s certainly gearing up to be it. Thanks to that Gensei magic our little biribiri is slowly and inexorably changing, rapidly increasing in power while simultaneously losing the hallmarks of sanity. I think we all know Misaka is going to survive this situation (obviously), but the how undeniably remains up in the air. Touma and that mystical Fist of Justice cannot deal with the combined might of tsundere attitude and coopted Sisters network after all, and even Sogiita’s ridiculous one punching can only scratch the surface before being walloped into tomorrow. It pretty much comes down to Misaki actually saving the day (because deep down she knows she cares about Misaka), but after that showdown with our octogenarian Terminator I’m not so sure she has what it takes to carry on.

Where any upset is likely to originate is likely with Kuroko and Mitori, because there’s no way this plot tangent is likely to remain isolated when Kuroko onee-sama infatuation has remained deadly silent these past few weeks. Mitori’s backstory after all is still technically an unknown, and with her own intentions for Misaka equally in the dark, you can bet there’s something to the girl which will help overcome the ticking time bomb on the other side of the city. Plus who wouldn’t like to see another pair of enemies team up for the sake of something greater?

For as far as we’ve come in this arc there’s still plenty of material to work through, and even more character relationships to build back up. I have no idea when we’ll see Railgun again, but I’m definitely looking forward to the moment it makes its return.




  1. I think this is the 4th Anime to be postponed because of the bat-flu.
    Good thing I have a little bit of a backlog to watch. Sure hope a vaccine
    is developed soon because I really believe that’s the only thing that’s
    really, really going to end this and let things to return to a “normal” state.

    Great episode but I was beginning to feel that the story is being stretched –
    taking longer to tell because of the delays and what not. I mean, they
    did the princess carry twice (yeah it was a little funny the first time but
    I wouldn’t call it worth-repeating funny). Also, it just seems like the Kuroko
    and Mitori part is really taking too long.

    I suspect all of the players are going to eventually converge on Misaka’s
    location and they’ll all have to work together to save her (kinda like
    Railgun S’s ending, I think), and they’ll be able to attend the next afternoon
    event. Hopefully, it’ll be just as enjoyably over the top as well (I really
    loved that ending) 🤩!

    Stay safe everyone!

    1. Unfortunately the standard length of time for a vaccine to be thought up over to being mass-marketed is 4 years, which was the record. The 12-18-month stuff they keep peddling is very generous. Experts are more optimistic that standard treatments like drugs and antibiotics will come way sooner.

      1. If there’s a vaccine (and that’s a big if) it’s anyone’s guess as to the timeframe. Twelve to eighteen months is the average for flu vaccines; COVID-19 could be that, shorter (like the Ebola vaccine a few years back) or longer, it all comes down to how easily the virus can be cultured for genetic modification and whether the noninfectious variant needed for vaccines can be produced with current methods.

        IMO domestic economies won’t wait on a vaccine before reopening, there’ll be other strategies (e.g. enforced social distancing) implemented after controlling the first viral wave as it’s easier to design policy for.

        1. From what I understand its not about curing the virus but easing the symptoms of people most affected? If Covid-19 was a bacteria it would be 10000000000000x times easier to treat infections but viral medicine isn’t as advanced these days.

          1. It’s both. Viruses are funny in that they’re incredibly hard to come up with a treatment–i.e. vaccine–for (leaving the treatment of symptoms), but once you do they’re ridiculously easy to combat. Bacteria conversely are easy to treat for thanks to antibiotics, but poor use of those treatments can lead to severe reinfections courtesy of so-called super bugs.

            Thus why everyone is so focused on vaccines and healthcare professionals are cautioning against easing quarantine measures. If all you’re doing is treating symptoms you need significantly more resources than you would just using a mass vaccine (see the recent swell in PPE and respirator demand) and will certainly see more casualties because of it.

  2. Years and years of manga panels and novel text about Misaki’s lack of athleticism still failed to prepare me for seeing her “running” speed animated. This is a very serious, indeed, a dire situation, but I couldn’t stop laughing every time the show kept showing her desperate leisurely jog as she tries to escape for her life.
    Next episode should be a doozy. Even for those who are caught up with all animated works, (though not the source materials of course) Index 1-3, Accelerator, and Railgun + Railgun S, there’s a huge surprise coming up. It’s a shame it’ll probably be a while before we see it.

    1. Then I guess it’s a good thing that there’s another break. Wouldn’t want them to mess up the next episode.
      Meawhile, I could finally watch the final two episodes of Index 3 and the Accelerator series.

      1. Considering how well this arc has been adapted so far I’d be really surprised if its conclusion is screwed up that badly. J.C. Staff might have thrown Index to the wolves, but they definitely know which side their bread is buttered on when it comes to Railgun.

    1. In terms of Index, they adapted 1-22 + SS1 from the original novel series. They did not adapt SS2. That’s the entire first Index series minus SS2. The series has two sequel series, New Testament (complete 23 volumes long, so essentially as long as the original) and a new one, Genesis, which only has 1 volume out so far. If they kept up the insane pacing of the index anime, it would take another 3 full seasons to get through new testament. If they actually slowed down, it would take even more.

      Railgun and Accelerator are based on manga, rather than novels. The accelerator anime covered vols 1-7, the necromancer arc. The second arc, the nectar arc, is still ongoing though it might be finishing relatively soon. The current railgun anime is currently up to vol 10 of the manga, nearing the end of the daihaseisai arc. It’s already confirmed that the rest of railgun T will move into the next arc, dream ranker, instead of being anime original. As a result, railgun T should cover up to the end of vol 13 by the time it’s done. The railgun manga seems to currently be nearing the end of the arc after that, the jailbreak arc. Note that railgun does also have 3 side story novels (not manga), but they aren’t animated. The story behind Saten and Xochitl is found in the first one of those and was foreshadowed back in Railgun S as well.

      There are two other manga side stories. Dark Matter, a 1 volume affair about the #2, Teitou Kakine, and Astral Buddy, a series focused on Misaki right hand girl, Hokaze Junko, the girl with purple hair drills who also liked Gekota. Amusingly, unlike railgun, accelerator, and dark matter, astral buddy is not considered an index spin off, but rather a railgun spin off. So yes, a spin off of a spin off. Dark Matter is finished, and Astral Buddy seems to be nearing the end of its first arc. A fair amount of people expect to see Astral Buddy animated at some point, though probably after a new season of Index.

    2. The arc is pretty much done with Chapter 65 of the manga. Daihasei Festival Arc concludes with Chapter 70. Leaving oh, 2 episodes, maybe 3? to conclude the arc. So had the Covid-19 thing not been a thing it would have been done soon.

        1. No worries, if you get tired of waiting for new episodes start on Chapter 65 onwards if you want to see where the anime is at. Who knows, you may keep reading and catch up to where the manga is in Japan. There’s like 60 or so chapters to catch up on if you start where I suggest lol.

    1. This season really is a write-off with the number of delays unfortunately.
      What’s especially concerning though is how it’ll affect summer and fall because the recent state of emergency declaration just threw the scheduling for the rest of the year into question. We truly live in interesting times.

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  4. Would really love to get a feel of Misaki’s legs. XD
    Volume looks normal, but damn does she run slow. I know most of her energy goes to her brain, but it’s still amazing how badly she runs.

    Terrible timing for a break. Would’ve preferred the break between this episode and the previous one.

  5. Pffft. Shokuho immediately starts gloating like the villain that she is after trapping the old geezer’s hand, only for it to backfire spectacularly because she underestimated him again.

    Magnus Tancred
      1. More like “not as cunning as she thinks she is”. OTOH this is a Kihara we’re talking about– a family of brilliant scientists with little regard for human life. Remember the guy in Index II who nearly beat Accelerator simply by pulling back his punches and let the auto-reflect do the damage? Yup, another Kihara. Or the crazy bitch from the last arc of the first Railgun season? Also a Kihara. They’re just as scummy as the Zabis from the original Gundam. :O

        I really dislike Shokuho, and thus relishing the pasting she’s getting this episode. I feel that the show is trying hard to depict her as some kind of antihero, but it’s really not convincing.

        Magnus Tancred
  6. good lord, what a cliffhanger!
    Kihara is definitely star of the episode, always one step ahead of our miss starry eyes, armed to the teeth with “borrowed” powers and armored with expendable prosthethics, with razor-sharp mind predicting every move of his enemies… yet totally indifferent to having Mikoto, Academy City and even himself killed. What a villain!
    Bonus points for playing force-choking Vader.
    And then we have Kuroko slowly but surely hunting down our puppetmaster, Except when she gets cocky and almost gets killed…

  7. I could have sworn Asanagi had a hand drawing this scene

    And remember that scene of Mikoto pulling on Misaki’s top (and exposing the latter’s underboob) in episode 08? Yep, there’s R34 versions of that scene now. And with the face Gensei’s making after cornering Misaki… “Ugly b**tard” R34 doujin, anyone? Also, Gensei’s absolutely hax AF. (More so if he had Accelerator’s “Vector Change”.)

    On Misaki’s side, she should have kept that initial plan since that was also the only place Gensei would have stepped on after the rest of the floor disappeared from underneath him. Still a long way to go before Misaki becomes a magnificent b***h at 4D chess.

    Well, see you in a couple of weeks…

  8. Ah… can’t wait to see the dragons!

    Hmm Level 6.
    So has one appeared in the novels already?
    A true certified level 6 form of Accelerator?

    The Index universe is too convoluted already.
    Just dipped to the Wikia in a bit and theres these Phases and Pure World.
    Wanted to see if theres anything new on Aiwass.
    So many events I want to see animated, wonder if I’ll live to see them.

    Had heard the saying that super science we don’t comprehend is magic, or something like that.
    Is magic some science in the end?


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