「パジャマパーティで盛り上がってしまった…」 (Pajama Pāti de Moriagatteshimatta…)
“Things Got Crazy at a Slumber Party…”

Love it or hate it, got to admit Hamefura knows how to make the adorable dork even more adorable. While another character backstory episode might seem excessive with only three episodes to go, at least we know what’s coming next time, and most importantly, got some development for someone you’d least expect. Not to say Anne didn’t deserve some spotlight, but when have you ever seen the background maid get a week all to herself?

Although Anne’s history is about as cliché as they come (political pawn and disowned over a burn scar? Now that’s just spitefully stupid), her reminiscing does show to a significant degree just how much a well-timed head bonk contributed to the Bakarina’s current standings. You can easily see where the doom flags would’ve emerged, as any level of privileged arrogance and petty selfishness would’ve quickly eliminated any source of support an un-isekai-ed Katarina could’ve relied upon. Instead, thanks to some thoughtful attention and even more selfless care, the girl solidified herself as someone worthy of friendship and support. It might only seem like the simpleminded opinion of a child, but that one act of defiance on the part of Katarina assuredly meant more to Anne than any other word or gift ever could. Even amongst the more zealous of Katarina’s harem I guarantee you won’t find a bigger supporter of her than the maid behind the scenes.

As for the lead dork herself oh boy did we get the full meal deal. Besides the hilarity of Anne pointing out how baka the Bakarina truly is when it comes to matters of the heart, we also got the irony of both Keith and Mama-rina fighting against the tyranny of childhood engagements. Fair to Georgo? Probably not, but it’s hard feeling sorry when his strategized attempts are just too damn funny. Also Nicol going straight for the boys love ending to the eager satisfaction of Sophia—though I suspect the fantasies are slightly more complex than she cares to let on. Top it off with some eggplant shenanigans and the running of a job fair for Bakarina Farms Inc. and damn were things kept firmly amusing. Not enough raburabu infighting to truly seal the deal mind you, but never fret, because that’s always waiting in the wings.

After all, we’re about to see the first major play at harem breaking next time around.


  1. Anne’s backstory is part of the end chapter of the LN but the LN covers a lot more than the anime (e.g. a summary of what Duke Claes spoke to Anne’s father about, the “vouchers” that Katarina gives to Anne on her birthday each year, etc). which makes it a more satisfying read.

  2. Good episode, though you would think that this is longer than 12 eps. the way they’re covering side characters. Not that I didn’t enjoy this Anne centric one. Season 2 announcement plz.
    Well, time for some new plot next week.

    I didn’t expect Bakarina mama to actually be against the Georgo engagement which is pretty progressive. Was her marriage one out of love?

    LOL at Mary’s dejected face.

    1. They’re desperately filling time. Maybe the LN version has this sort of stuff but from what I’ve read of the manga these past few episodes have been all anime original and are padding things out until they can wrap the series up on the shadowy thing that was following her in the ruins.

      1. Wouldn’t say it’s desperate IMO, many of these recent episodes and developments (e.g. Sophia’s isekai history, Anne’s backstory) are covered in the LN, just later on after some of the larger arcs; the only anime original stuff so far to my knowledge was the dungeon. These episodes were likely included as a way to space out this season’s material and avoid any serious rushing problems by trying to cram 2-3 episode arcs into a single week.

    2. No, mama Claes’s marriage was indeed arranged. Though as we’ve seen, her and Papa Claes did in fact develop strong feelings for each other. And thanks to Catarina they have also been quite lovey-dovey for years now.

      Still, Miri is a Catarina x Keith shipper. In fact, if I recall correctly, part of it is informed by Miri not wanting Katarina to have to put her real feelings behind a mask like Miri did for all those years. As a princess or the queen, it would be required of Catarina, regardless of Geordo’s feelings on the matter. But as duchess Claes, Catarina would be more or less free to continue being her (horribly embarrassing but still lovable) self.

      1. Might’ve misread, the remark was about Katarina herself and not Mama-rina. I don’t imagine for a second that Mama hates her marriage largely considering we know precious little about her life, standing, and circumstances. Plus I doubt Keith would be protesting it when he only has eyes for the dork 😛

    3. I didn’t expect Bakarina mama to actually be against the Georgo engagement which is pretty progressive. Was her marriage one out of love?

      She was against it not because she was progressive. It was because Bakarina’s behaviour is very unnoblelady-like. Imagine if your daughter becomes a queen whose hobbies are climbing trees and ploughing the earth. The family reputation will be dragged through the dirt.

      And Mary was intentionally trying to sow doubts in Bakarina into abandoning her marriage to Geordo. If a proper noblewoman like Mary has doubts about her ability cope with being married to royalty, then it would be even more true for Bakarina who totally doesn’t behave like one.

      1. If you mean Mary concerned about her own ability I’m not sure we can read that much yet, at least from the anime. So far the girl is more concerned about being tied down with someone who’s not Katarina lol.

        1. Mary has never been concerned about her own ability. She’s just trying to plant the “if someone more capable than me can’t do it, that means I can’t either” mindset in Bakarina.. Get Bakarina to abandon the marriage and elope with her to some other place.

          It’s explained in the light novel.

          1. PS: Mary’s marriage to Alan is more convenient for her in terms of keeping tabs on Geordo. If I recalled correctly, she got Alan to agree help keep tabs of and report to her Geordo’s movements.

          2. It’s why I mentioned the anime specifically because that’s not the message we’re getting from Mary in the show right now, it’s all about the yuri baiting. Not denying what the light novel explains, but I’ll be surprised if we see anything further on Mary’s actual goals before this season ends.

  3. If she knew about the otome game, I bet Mary will try to make Maria get a harem end. That way she could accept the doom flags and ride off with Katarina to the country side or where ever. With Anne doing the house work, that might actually work out…..

    Found Georgo’s little skit amusing. Even when his head knows what’s going on, his heart refuses to accept it. XD


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