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OP: 「Contradiction feat. Tyler Carter」 by KSUKE

「set up/stand up」
“set up/stand up”

It’ll never get old to hear Korean surnames in a Japanese anime when the voices are extraordinarily Japanese.

General Impressions

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was walking into when I started the episode. Outside of the aforementioned Korean (the text on the dead guy’s tablet was in Korean!) surnames and the oddly red nose and ears that all the characters had, I was afraid that the show wouldn’t be able to hook me with its odd decision to show me an island that was entirely leveled by someone/thing literally smacking the palm of their hand on top of it.

Tiny bits of confusion aside since what’s a good story without some mysteries, this first episode was definitely super fun to watch as it established the rules of the world. Seeing how it apparently revolves around people fighting while being somewhat constrained by the rules of physics, I’m curious just how high the stakes will be based off the purse-chase scene early in the episode. Last I checked, it’d be pretty tough for even the fastest bicyclist to keep up with a motorcycle but to also navigate through traffic with someone else standing on the back seems kind of impossible. Fun to watch, but definitely impossible.

The reason I bring that up though is I’m really curious to see just how crazy things escalate since you can only have so much power until you’re literally immortal. Using Tower of God as a direct comparison since it’s another Korean webcomic that was adapted by Crunchyroll, I appreciated that even with literal superpowers everyone had constraints (maybe outside of Bam) that they had to abide by. Sure, some people might say that this might be looking too far into the future since we don’t even really know what our main characters are like yet, but these are things you can’t ignore ya know? Mind you, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t die from laughter when Mira slammed her face straight into that road sign and felt an overwhelming sense of justice when Daewi straight All Might punched that thief.

From everything that I’ve seen though, it looks like we have a deep story on our hands that will fill the gaps with some good laughs. Hopefully we’ll get more insight into just what is going on behind the scenes with the God of High School tournament as well as some more info on our main cast. Oh and before I forget, I just remembered that the participants apparently have nanomachines in their bodies to artificially constrain things if needed. But you know what? The first thing I thought of was the tournament officials using those nanomachines to just rig matches and kill competitors if they needed to deal with them (depressing I know).

In any case, take care everyone and see you next week!


ED Sequence

ED: 「WIN」 by CIX


  1. I’ve read the webtoon for a good long while, and this makes me want to get back in there.
    Much spoilers ahead!
    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. The thing about koreans works is that it is sexless. It just focus on one aspect, a clean aspect, like watching disneyfied Anime to be honest. I read God of Highschool, and the flow is different as in franitic and jarring.

  3. I was just laughing when the old lady started to clap and follow the beat of that rapper’s livestream lol. I actually liked it! I like animation and music and I’m interested to see where it goes. I like fighting tournament style shounen so I hope this delivers!


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