「海と彼女」 (Umi to Kanojo)
“Beach and Girlfriend”

Well if there were any doubts on the direction of Kanojo Okarishimasu I think they have been firmly settled. While the chance always remains of some unexpected firework blasting through the montage, the story as shown through Kazuya’s eyes is going to veer firmly towards the tried and true. Mental anguish and drama is the name of this game, and if the show has anything to say, there will be no doubting the effects of either.

As suggested following the events of last week and fully confirmed this episode, Mami’s actions towards Kazuya are more in line with jealousy over any sort of legitimate interest. Guy you dumped winds up with a hottie barely days later and shows you up with friends? Got to put that flame out before it expands (and people start questioning your appeal), especially when girl in question starts appearing in the most awkward of circumstances. Admittedly there’s a little more to it than simple catfight of course (Mami for one is hiding one hell of a personality dichotomy ripe for use and abuse), but from a romance perspective it’s easy to see where this road leads—and that’s before factoring in any further female competition such tales feature. When it comes to romance, the overly complex is always preferable to the straight and narrow.

In terms of Kazuya, however, it’s not too difficult finding purpose in our MC’s stereotypical ways. While all manner of derogatory remarks are suitable for the kid at this stage (it’s part in parcel of being a typical male lead), there is some measure of realism to his actions, particularly the fervent hope that Mami might actually like him in the end contrary to all evidence a third person perspective provides. Whether true or not for every guy, I’m pretty sure most can relate to the latching onto a sliver of female attention and thinking it translates to marriage bells and future family life no matter the signs to the contrary. I can fault this kid for a lot in this show (notably in how quickly that ~10000$ of his is about to run out), but wrongly associating interaction with interest? Yeah that’s a hole far too challenging for anyone not to fall into. It’ll be interesting seeing how this quagmire builds into romantic development on the part of Chizuru though, as her actual interest in Kazuya, between spontaneity and blurring of professional/private lines, is slowly and quietly building up. Not to the degree of any major relationship advancement mind you, but enough to think this story will be more than simple transaction as things go forward.

Of course if that actually sees similar development and improvement on Kazuya’s part is anyone’s guess, but no romance would ever be complete without its MC remaining a tried and true knucklehead until its dying breath would it?


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ED: 「告白バンジージャンプ」 (Kokuhaku Bungee Jump) by halca



  1. I like Mami’s character in this episode in the perspective that her wacko personality spices up the otherwise bland story.

    The other side characters are too shallow so far. Hope they develop.

    1. You can probably expect as much development as cookie cutter archetypes promote. All of Kazuya’s and Mami’s friends (outside of actual love interests mind you) are pretty much here to encourage the romance drama and not much else.

  2. I don’t know if this is good or bad but so far I think best case scenario for ML is actually staying single.

    On the one hand Chizuru is relatively nice but she is pretty much in it for the money and Kazuya trying to hook up with her is putting her in an awkward situation. I don’t really like Kazuya’s behaviour where it kind of feels like he’s buying a prostitute and expecting her to fall in love when all he’s paid for is sex. At the end of the day he’ll go broke trying to buy love that can’t be bought.

    On the other hand Mami feels quite double faced and has no real interest in Kazuya. Kazuya is obviously lusting after Mami and she just wants him to fall for her and then she’ll dump him (again). She’s pretty much a homewrecker and will bring misfortune to anyone who catches her interest.

    Only saving grace is that Kazuya probably deserves his misfortune. From what I have seen so far he doesn’t really take any interest in the girls he’s allegedly courting. With Chizuri he has an entitled customer attitude but knows absolutely nothing about her. As proof we don’t know any of her hobbies, interests or even why she works as a “rental girlfriend”. With Mami it’s even worse as he had been dating her for months yet didn’t know her personality at all.

    Mami when referring to Chizuri says “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with going by looks. But you’re a big boy now, so you should consider personality too.” and he completely misses the points when he says “She’s not like that” when problem is that he’s exactly like that.

    I think Kanojo Okarishimasu has to significantly up it’s game as while first episode was interesting I feel it’s progressively gone downhill

    1. >On the one hand Chizuru is relatively nice but she is pretty much in it for the money and Kazuya trying to hook up with her is putting her in an awkward situation. I don’t really like Kazuya’s behaviour where it kind of feels like he’s buying a prostitute and expecting her to fall in love when all he’s paid for is sex. At the end of the day he’ll go broke trying to buy love that can’t be bought<

      i agree. I dunno, i do not see what this Show want us to tell. A Boy that sit between the Chairs that are to big for him?

    2. Good point about the protagonist seemingly having no clue or caring what the girls actually are interested in. Though I don’t feel that’s uncommon in shonen romcons.

      1. Yupp it’s quite common actually, there’s more suspense and drama gristle to be had through mental dissecting of character actions and spoken words than slow burning, realistic, “organic” developments you’d more often find in real life. The latter is something largely restricted to true romance.

    3. Yupp it’s a pretty big moral quandary they’re all in right now. Mami IMO is the major wrecking ball as she is definitely not interested in Kazuya and is largely out to ensure he doesn’t get with someone else. She pretty much cannot stand that Kazuya might actually nail the post-breakup landing with Chizuru rather than fall into beta orbiter/friendzone purgatory and and thus is doing what she can to try and ruin him for what she perceives is Chizuru’s interest.

      As for Kazuya I cannot fault him too much at the moment for any notable lack of interest. The kid is at the age and not experienced enough to do more than the “does she like me? Does she not like me?” mental workout without ever considering how to go about building interest – i.e. discerning personalities, discovering hobbies, finding common interests. It’s also unclear how long he was dating Mami before, but yeah it definitely wouldn’t reflect well on him if that initial relationship lasted months.

      The key will be how the show develops these pairings and characters going forward, but frankly I wouldn’t expect much more than what we’ve seen so far given this one largely sticks to the usual romance strategies.

  3. “♪ Uh-uh, f**k that.
    B***h toying with yo heart, f**k that.
    Constant thinking with yo d**k, brotha f**k that.
    A non-mahou shoujo Mami, brotha f**k that.
    Got a low tolerance being burned IRL…

    Like woah-oh… No… ♫[1]”

    Anyway, where to begin?

    “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with going by looks. But you’re a big boy now, so you should consider personality too.”

    Gotta love Mami’s hypocrisy while saying that./s I’d ask more about how deep the Mami rabbit hole goes, but I feel I’ll be cussing up a storm once I get the answer to that.

    On a more serious note, Kazuya may be a big boy now, but he’s still not grown[2]. He is yet to learn the warning signs of someone who’s not good relationship material (easily seen by the audience, not so much Kazuya), and it’s a good bet (or a given for those who’ve read the manga) he’ll be burnt a few more times by Mami’s manipulative nature before (if ever) he wises up. Also, Mami stealing a kiss at the end instantly reminded me of School Days‘ scene of Sekai stealing a kiss from Makoto in the first episode… and you know how that anime ended. (Yeesh.)

    OTOH, I do wonder if Chizuru and Kazuya’s “Rental GF – Client” relationship will turn out to be a case of “something fake becoming better than the real thing” (to loosely quote Bakemonogatari‘s Deishuu Kaiki). Yes, I know she’s paid to say some soothing words to make her client(s) feel less lonely, but she does give some pretty good, profound advice–even when she’s at her harshest. And she’s only harsh because she’s just about had it with Kazuya’s indecisiveness and tendency to dig himself deeper.

    For now… Ruka-chan, Sumi-chantasukete! (Cringe levels at 35%)

    (Note [1]: A poorly thought-out parody of the first few lines of Kendrick Lamar’s “ADHD”.
    Note [2]: Reference to DMX’s “Lord Give Me A Sign”.)

    P.S.: Did you just confuse Kazuya for (KonoSuba‘s?) Kazuma? (*Virgin-Chad comparison chart intensifies*) On a different note, if this show won’t be covered, I hope to see a season-ender impression.

  4. Kazuya is bland pervy MC. Only good quality of him so far has been defending Mami from Chizuru and Chizuru from Mami. Which is bad in itself because he doesnt seem to be capable of differentiating lawful neutral from chaotic evil…
    Chizuru is first class pro as rental persona, abusive shrewd when in private persona. She slips into hints of caring personality sometimes, though. Which is HEr saving grace,
    Mami has no redeeming qualities at all. She is there only to spoil others fun, And she does that in completely underhanded, manipulative bitch way that deserves only utter scorn. She even keeps diary of sorts where she writes her true scorn for all others involved.

  5. Understanding Kazuya’s situation almost makes me sympathize him. But then he has to act up and thus any accumulated sympathy is lost. XD
    He’s certainly a master at digging his own grave.

    I think it’s better just to stay friends with a girl like Mami. Getting further is like playing with fire, but without the heat. Kazuya’s so blinded by love that he doesn’t know what he’s getting into. She’s all sorts of trouble.
    What is she typing on anyway? mendokusai~931 is her username?

    Chizuru needs a bonus for dealing with Kazuya. That’s just taking into account whenever she’s in professional mode. I think her advice in normal mode is spot on too.

    1. Mami is a good bit of evidence showing the direct correlation between hot and crazy – you don’t even want to try and befriend her because you sure as hell won’t be able to keep her only as a friend for too long lol.

      As for what’s she typing on just looks like a smartphone and a standard messaging app. The focus on it leads me to suspect group validation and acceptance is what’s driving her actions.

  6. Other characters and story aside… This episode really made me simp for Chizuru Ichinose real hard.


    Far more potent than her swimsuit mode

    Henrietta Brix
    1. Man, now I want to see fanart of “twin braid meganekko” Chizuru with OreSuki‘s Sumireko Sanshokuin (also in “twin braid meganekko” mode)…

      …plus pre-metamorphosis Saki Yoshida for extra PTSD.


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