「温泉と彼女」 (Onsen to Kanojo)
“Hot Springs and Girlfriend”

Ahh yes, now we’re entering the true romance fun and games. And, well, some other things too. Kanojo Okarishimasu may be quickly settling into the well-engineered romcom format of waifu ping pong, but for all the derivation and hair pulling insanity, there’s a part which prevents easy prediction of where this train is going. Chizuru may have pulled ahead for the moment, yet with another competitor on the horizon, all bets are truly off.

As should be clear to anyone deigning to stick with this show and masochistically suffer along with me, Kazuya is not going to fall far from the romance MC tree. Hell, for that matter he might even find a way to crawl back up the damn thing. This scene I imagine will be drawing the most attention and head through wall activity among the proverbial peanut gallery for obvious reasons, although for me it’s his interactions over his reactions that draw the most ire. Saving Chizuru for example was a good moment for the kid to finally realize he sees Chizuru as more than a rental girlfriend (as Chizuru herself is certainly seeing him as more than a client now), but to come to it through near-obsessive focus on CPR? Legitimate or not (and it is an anime trope to be fair), it just reinforces how Kazuya seemingly only focuses on attention above all else and never tries to look beyond the pretty face. The rebound back and forth might provide sufficient drama gristle, but eventually Kazuya will have to start considering what each girl wants and likes if he’s ever going to start finding success.

The interesting bit going forward though will inevitably be Mami (as usual). The girl has now been shown up by Chizuru twice, and the second time in a way that all but guarantees some serious frustration and rage on her part. Need look no further than the rate the relationship temperature dropped below zero. I’m honestly curious seeing what Mami does next, because while she’s not immediately interested in Kazuya, there’s no way she’ll let Chizuru show her up so much, especially after all the effort she already put into her little scheme. And whatever actions result you can bet they’ll just so happen to start getting thinking of Kazuya as more than a simple stepping stone. Chizuru after all has already begun that switch of mentality, it’s only fair Mami does as well to ensure this drama train never ceases moving forward.

Considering the next competitor is set to appear, she might want to get a move on before Kazuya’s attention is irrevocably taken elsewhere.




  1. *sighs* What a b!tch… At least she’s not as malicious as the more famous B!tch from Shield Hero, but that’s about the only praise I could give Mami.

    TMI, dude. TMI. OTOH, guess it took some post-nut clarity for Kazuya to realize he likes Chizuru more than just a rental girlfriend.

    Grannies:Just as keikaku…”

    Other thoughts:
    – The amount of coincidences in this series is too damn high!
    – At least Chizuru didn’t give Kazuya the “Puu-kusu-kusu~!” laugh of a certain uselesswater goddess. Might even shatter Kazuya’s already low self-esteem if she did.
    – All aboard the Ruka train! (Remembers Yui Yuigahama’s scenes in episodes 04 and 05 of OreGairu Kan, as well as Tomoe Koga from Seishun Buta Yarou.) Damnit, Nao Touyama’s character isn’t gonna win “best girl”, is she?
    – Cringe Meter holding steady at 55%, despite taking an hour or more to get through the episode. Damnit, why does Uzaki-chan air first before this?

    1. If Mami proves malicious I’ll be surprised, she’s clearly out for herself, but I wouldn’t say she’s equally determined to hurt Kazuya just for the hell of it. There’s a lot regarding her backstory we have to learn before that call can be made.

  2. The old “Hags” are just to strange. Are they really that desperate to the their first grandchild? Then why not rent a host mother and let them have delivery his baby?

    It is not the same? It need to be love involved? then why their kind of behavior? I still do not understand this all

        1. Historically it actually is, we easily forget before the advent of fast travel and the internet that many pairings were decided by parents and elders. The past few generations have arguably been the first which haven’t adhered to that convention.

    1. Depends on your love of romance. If you like all things typical rom(com) or get a kick out of romance tropes then this will be right up your alley. If you need something more grounded or realistic though I’d give it a wide berth 😛

  3. Kinda like how it looks like Chizuru is trying to fix Kazuya’s self deprecation. She’s currently one of the two that faces his negative attitude head on. Even his grandma thinks there’s no good genes to pass on. Poor guy. XD

    It’s been a while since I find a masturbation scene funny. Couldn’t even appreciate his delusions of Mami because of it. lol
    Maybe it was the futility of the effort?

    1. Definitely the futility of it, although I personally got a bigger kick out of him deciding the first thing he needed to do after getting home was fap lol. Really gives life to some of the masturbation memes floating about.

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