「巨乳御手 (バストアッパー)」 (Basuto Appaa)
“Bust Upper”

From serious Kuroko to…more serious Misaka? Yeah, I think that’s a valid way of putting this week’s Railgun. We’re still only partway into the mysteries of Dream Ranker and thus due some further filler-ish one-off character moments, but don’t think for a second that’s all we’re getting. In between bouncing breasts and satisfied Satens a tendril of story exists, and it’ll soon make its presence felt.

Given anime comedy usually revolves a few tried and true tropes and stereotypes it’s arguably overdue for us to have a Railgun episode focused exclusively on trials and tribulations of wholesome washboards—but somehow I’m having a hard time complaining. You couldn’t pick a better duo than ITEM’s Saisai and Misaka to have fight over a purported bust enhancer (conveniently proven to work I might add!), especially when it’s accompanied by a whole slew of washboard jokes and related faces of pain and suffering I’m sure one prominent vtuber is having schizophrenic kittens just thinking about it. Boing boing indeed.

Besides dreams of new mountain acquisitions however, a great deal of the fun this episode was definitely tied up in all the related dream sequences. While some of these dreams are difficult to place (at least from specific character perspectives), I don’t think too many will be complaining when we have the likes of Motoharu’s lolicon siscon affection for adopted maid Maika coming through, Kongou pulling a move into the idol life, or yet another Misaki drive by courtesy of telepathy. Oh, and did I mention ninjas collectively rejecting legs for boobs? Yeah, I don’t think I’m fully in agreement. On the other hand though one of those dreams did give us the first taste of Railgun’s next (and currently unnamed) antagonist, since few likely missed her notable appearance in this arc’s OP. It’ll take some time before we find out what that dream is all about (not to mention the relationship with Indian Poker), but rest assured, we’ll get there soon enough.

After all, any time Saten is on the case, things have an uncanny habit of popping out the woodwork.




  1. The dreams reference many characters in the franchise. Yoshikawa, the former level 6 researcher and one of Accelerator and Last Order’s guardians, Tsuchimikado and Maika, and as for the girl who thinks she’s being scouted as an idol, well, look at the opening sequence for a hint there. Also, in said dream, the idol outfit is one worn by Arisa in the Index movie.
    The magazine version of the manga included a dream where Mikoto was training as a ninja under Hamazura’s buddy Hanzou, but this was removed from the tankoubon version. Hanzou was also removed from Index III so go figure. The dream from the telekinetic tokiwadai girl and her telepath friend was originally about Himegami and Fukiyose in Touma’s class. Sadly, Fukiyose’s VA is on hiatus, so the scene was altered, as was a scene she had earlier in the daihaseisai. At the end of the ep, Mikoto mentions a dream where she was with a street performer. This is Ayame and we actually get to see that dream in the manga.
    The cat near the end of the episode is Sphinx of course, and if you look carefully, you can see Index herself.

  2. The first dream is probably from Yoshikawa Kikyou. I don’t recognize the scientist with the black and white hair.

    Kinuhata shouldn’t be worrying about her lack of figure at this point– I mean, she’s only twelve years old.

    Magnus Tancred
  3. If you didn’t tell me that this was in the manga, I’d have thought that it was anime original. Glad that the “plot” (since there’s none in this episode *wink wink*) is finally picking up.

  4. They sure love their boing boing. The effort put in has been noted. Though the effect after throwing that bottle was something I’ve never personally observed. XD

    Wondered why Misaka didn’t recognize Saisai though. I guessed they never met when Misaka went against Mugino’s team?

    1. When your life is in literal danger you may not remember everyone while jumping around and being a spidergirl. Obviously Mugino and Frenda were memorable because they were the two who actively engaged Misaka in combat.

      1. Oh and Saiai didn’t engage Misaka in combat if memory serves. She was the one who captured Shinobu and wasn’t with the others who were fighting Misaka. Thats probably it.

  5. I thought it was poor that the Judgment folk didn’t pick up on Miyamas condition sooner. There were plenty of signs before he collapsed that his ability was taking its toll. Certainly if you were in the same room as someone suffering from their ability you would know.

    1. They should’ve aired Index III AFTER Railgun T. I can not invest emotionally to a character that we already know what is her fate is going to be. Oh well, at least we probably have some reference about “body cutting” next week.

      1. No because Index is the mothership while Railgun is the spinoff. Index is so far ahead of Railgun in terms of plot its not even funny. We still dont even have the New Testament novels in anime form yet.

        And then we have Genesis Testament(Sequel to New Testament) which has only just started and is like two novels in.

        Poor Touma, it never ends for him.

  6. To quote the almighty Emperor Wakamoto:

    All breasts…are not created equal.” (OT: That bit about the Chinese Federation’s preference for idiotically big breasts is even funnier in hindsight thanks to Azur Lane‘s [non-loli] character designs. [*Looks at Yunsang and Kincora’s non-loli kansen, among others*])

    – If Saten can learn leet kendama skills through Indian Poker and others even mastered English through that, I wonder if it’s also possible to learn Nihongo through that method as well? Reminds me of how knowledge/skills can be downloaded directly to the brain in The Matrix or the “Omelette du fromage” episode from Dexter’s Laboratory.
    *Deep breath* FRENDA! ~<3 Though it saddens me that she won’t grow further after this. On the bright side, loved that off-hand mention/foreshadowing of her little sister.
    – Mikoto and Saiai’s quest for a bigger bust size was entertaining from start to end. (That last scene, though… It works?!)
    – Poor Shiage, still the Level 0 butt monkey (at least at this point in time).


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