「クリスマスと彼女」 (Kurisumasu to Kanojo)
“Christmas and Girlfriend”

From the highest levels of potential to, well, something less appetizing: yes, Kanojo Okarishimasu has not forgotten its origins. Given how last episode went you’d expect some movement on the whole “Ruko is secretively best girl” front, but nawh, right now it’s all about Kazuya, and damn does Kazuya know what is strengths are. Of whether those are actually strengths is up to the beholder, however I dare say few will be breaking with popular opinion on this one.

Given the nature of Kanojo Okarishimasu’s story you have to give some credit the whole shebang. For all the drama and head banging agony, yes, romantic movement does occur—albeit of the slow variety. While a lot (read: everyone) could do without a whole week devoted to outright stalking and rationalization, Chizuru going ahead and buying Kazuya a present really shows this pairing isn’t strictly professional any longer and is, in fact, in the realm of more intimate implications. Mind you, I’d still pour cold water on any beliefs we’ll see actual development towards a fully fledged relationship before this season is through (romance is always about suspense over reward), but Chizuru is undeniably starting to grow smitten with her most important client, and such feelings will inevitably lead to more dramatic circumstances down the road.

Of course, such positivity is quickly drowned out by Kazuya because damn is this a male lead who knows how to go from hot to cold. While I can get behind Kazuya eagerly embracing a newfound crush on Chizuru (it’s not true love yet by any means), spending a whole afternoon following her around like a lost puppy and wallowing in self-degradation is not a good image, especially after all the talk of improvement and learning to stand strong and independent. These are the sort of stunts which really come across as overly creepy and needy, actions which rather than indicate desire and development hint towards stunted growth and overt naivety. Kazuya may be firmly focused on Chizuru at this stage, but in my opinion there’s better ways of showing that interest, especially right after hesitantly hitching his horse to the Ruka rollercoaster. The one benefit though is at least we know what’s up with Chizuru given the mention of acting school. Kazuya might be a hopeless cause, but by hell does Chizuru have a game plan and is consistently working towards her long-term goal.

It’s just a question now of how much her growing affection for Kazuya will wind up upsetting that plan once the inevitable inter-girl drama kicks into high gear.




  1. Do this Anime here take on on purpose to smooth out the border between Call girl and Girlfriend for Rent?

    Is it now Call girl stalker anime?

    Well, seems like the Money = All turns out well (aka Power), idea is still strong

    Please do not think in release it to the west or something. Keep it for yourselves

  2. Kazuya:The terms: Two phone calls per day, no leaving her on read, and always like her tweets!

    Is the last line some sort of joke that a Twitter-averse person can’t understand? Twitter may be as entertaining as a dumpster fire (and sometimes there’s the rare gold nugget of a tweet), but otherwise, I’d rather not jump into that f**king cesspool masquerading as a social media site.

    “♪ Smile! Sweet! Sister! Sadistic! Surprise! (Service!) ♫” And speaking of random shout outs–or rather, a seiyuu joke–I wonder what Ruka would look like cosplaying as KanColle‘s lethal curry chefHiei? (Well, there’s already seiyuu joke fanart of Chizuru cosplaying as everyone’s favorite damegami.)

    Other thoughts:
    – Noticed some pretty familiar movie titles at the cinema: Power Rangers (most likely the reboot version), Kong: Skull Island, A Silent Voice/Koe no Katachi, Logan and John Wick: Chapter 2.
    – Goddamnit Kazuya, Chizuru just agreed to let you go out with Ruka, and yet you waste that Christmas date opportunity just to follow Chizuru around?! Hoo boy…
    – And there’s the reveal about Chizuru I was waiting for. (Also, Kazuya learning something new about Chizuru after that misunderstanding. D’awww.)
    – That preview… XD (Ruka found Kazuya’s AV stash!)
    – Thank goodness I decided to watch this episode first before proceeding with Uzaki-chan and OreGairu Kan. (While continuing DismArchus’ Persona 5: The Royal walkthrough once I’m done watching this week’s episodes of the anime I’m following.) Man, those two latter shows and that walkthrough does wonders in healing (if not downright blunting) the stings of cringe I get with each KanoKari episode.

    1. Would be cool if you could try to avoid mentioning what happens in Oregairu since I have yet to start watching this latest season.
      And you’re right, look at him complaining being alone at Christmas while he could have spent it with his (forced on him) gf.

  3. It’s actually quite depressing the message this anime is sending out. Kazuya did so many disgusting things. Stalking Chizuru even though IT’S NONE OF HIS BUSINESS, creating a false story about her in front of his friends and digging a deeper hole. The thing that makes me mad is all his behaviour is rewarded in the end by Chizuru. Whoever created this manga just reeks he had no proper relationship ever before

  4. “The terms: Two phone calls per day, no leaving her on read, and always like her tweets!“

    Bruh?! These are considered harsh terms in Japan?
    I can’t imagine what he would think when a girl asks to go shopping…
    Two phone calls for a new girlfriend isn’t that unordinary if there is interest.
    I get pissed if a person I barely know read and don’t answer, let alone a girlfriend.
    So it leaves always liking her tweets, must be lots of work, really a lot….

  5. I find Kazuya’s stalking this episode inforgivable!
    He could have just talked to them – or left them alone.
    Chizuru must really started having some feelings for him since she didn’t bury him under ton of lawsuits straight away.
    And regarding Ruka and her “demands” – welcome to the world of rent-a-boyfreind, Kazuya…. only her “fee” is silence.

  6. It’s amazing how watchable this episode was. Would’ve scoffed at the storyboard writers if the said they’d make a whole episode of stalking and naughty delusions. Maybe it was all those passers-by commenting on how creepy he was.
    I’m sure my view of Kazuya is as low or even lower than Chizuru’s. Maybe that helped?

    Of course he should’ve gone with Ruka for Christmas. She’s shown some capacity to try to understand his needs. The least he could do was to reciprocate accordingly. Properly communicating is probably better than all those replys and likes. Especially in his circumstances.

    Finally, for some reason, it feels bad knowing what the preview was referencing. XD


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