「富士ピラー攻略戦!」 (Fuji Piraa Kouryaku-sen!)
“Fuji Pillar Assault!”

Oh now we’re going places. Or at least intending to go places, if the sudden feature of new plane girls is anything to go by. Yes, that’s right, Sigururi hasn’t really revealed its entire hand yet, but between the material on display and the plot hints head it’s fairly clear where we’re headed in the not too distant future. Do I expect miracles happening? Far from it, but at least we got something to finally chew on.

After all the hints and backstory teased last week, credit where credit is due: Sigururi gave answers. As fully expected Sonoka saw the death of someone dear to her, although unlike as predicted it was due to one big sister simply refusing to let her be a casualty rather than nefariously prevent her from doing her best. Colour me surprised it wasn’t more than this (to be fair—not really), but it’s nice knowing Sigururi is willing to fill in the blanks when prompted. The issue though, of course, is that we’re still left wondering just what the hell is even going on. While Valkyries doing battle against Nordic entities makes enough sense, is there a particular answer for where this whole fight came from and why Odin even exists when we get down to brass tacks? Sigururi might be tolerable (and enjoyable) in a vacuum, but it’s hard feeling like we’ve gone from the simplest of premises to full-on fight without nary an elaboration on just what we’re fighting for. When Independence Day arguably does a better job at backstory, you know you have a problem.

The one positive caveat, however, is that Sigururi is at least indicating a willingness to fill in its blanks. Besides the suggestive reactions of certain Valkyries to both Odin’s actions and the advance of events, we also have the likelihood of seeing major twists in the not too distant future thanks to the like of ominous foreshadowing and major player smirking. Do I expect Sigururi to fully throw conventional magical girl alien invasion on its head? Far from it, although the consistency at which it’s been playing close to convention is enough to suggest something major is coming down the pipeline. You don’t tease Odin doing these faces for so long after all without some sort of payoff at the end, nor do you keep trickling out the past without fully pulling the lid off it at some point.

Without a doubt Sigururi has things left to reveal, and all we can hope is that it’ll make the buildup worth what we’ve invested so far.




  1. Glad to be of Help. i still wish you all Luck for the future Episodes

    But remember, i had only ideas not the “secret plot”, adept it, bend it of your own

    i am also known as Seska1973, but for Friends Seska is fine, too

    1. Why i do this?

      – i know the Shirobako anime. I know trough this Anime the logistics and stuff all behind this

      – i some episode the Director had an “Black out” for the Story and some inpiration Online gave him the genius spark to move on

      – so i try to give feedback and sparks, because you gave me/us these Animes and Mangas

      – so Win-Win (Imagine the Crew Picture of the Last Episode and me standing behind in the background)

      – yes, from Shirobako’s point of view i am felling me more as an Supporter making tweaks . I am not an Creator

      Well, i already wrote this here in my Secret base, i bet its in the Archives

      1. – Shirobako for understand the Basics and how to produce Animes

        – Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! | 映像研には手を出すな! Up to date, and how PR is also needed

  2. Jeez, more than two weeks with no net (landline) access… (Having three particularly strong typhoons hit close to my neck of the woods certainly didn’t help matters.) And I’m still far from done with all the catching up I gotta do with the anime I’m following this season, on top of missed episodes of the Trash Taste podcast (just partially watched the one with Garnt/Gigguk’s fiancee–Sydsnap–and just saw that “Trash Taste Drift” special), Top Gear season 29, and season 2 of The Mandalorian, plus a look at the debut streams of the other Hololive EN members besides Gawr Gura as well as recent-ish episodes of Asa Coco… Goddamn.

    Well, for all intents and purposes, I’m kinda back, so on to this episode:

    – An Avro Lancaster carrying a Grand Slam bomb? Very nice… I wonder if there’s a Valkyrie who flies a Vought F4U Corsair?
    – So I’m guessing this is Sigururi‘s equivalent of Jotunheim’s Frost Giants? (Still thinking in Marvel’s Thor, but hey, similar Norse Mythology influences.) *watches further* Wait, what?! That‘s Sigururi‘s Thor?! What exactly turned him into that? (Also, to quote Admiral Ackbar, “It’s a trap!”)

    As for Independence Day backstories, which one?
    * – Will Smith’s character being a Marine Corps aviator and aspiring NASA astronaut who lives-in with a single-mom stripper who has a kid?
    * – Jeff Goldblum’s character being an MIT graduate who got estranged from his White House staffer wife?
    * – Bill Pullman’s character being a former Gulf War fighter pilot before entering politics and becoming POTUS?
    * – Randy Quaid’s character being a Vietnam War vet (also a fighter pilot) who was apparently abducted by aliens?

    Yeah, definitely enjoyed watching Independence Day back when it premiered in the 90’s (and later occasional replays on cable TV/home video), but the sequel (Independence Day: Resurgence)… Yech. And not just for its China-pandering crap (an experience that would be repeated with Pacific Rim: Uprising), it felt like they forgot some of the backstories of some of the characters from the first film (if not downright forgot some of those characters completely). It’s a shame, too. I did like the further worldbuilding in that sequel. The 20-year gap (in real life) between the original film and the sequel also didn’t help matters. Anyway, enough digression…

    Returning to Sigururi‘s episode… That scene with Thor confirms that Odin has ulterior motives regarding those Pillars, and that “helping humanity” will help him achieve whatever the heck those motives are. And jeez, those Pillars make alien undead(?) out of fallen Valkyries? Guess I’ll see in the next episode (which should be out already as of this post).


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