「ポヨンポヨンするの」 (Poyon Poyon Suru no)
“They Go Boing-Boing”

Now that’s the Strike Witches I remember. Boobs; breasts; buxom boing boing! And, erm, other things too. That’s right, never think this series forgot its true origins. I may be slightly peeved that story progression once again took a back seat to fun and games, but honestly, given how much fun was emphasized here (heh), I think I can live with a few disappointed brain cells.

Given Strike Witches’ proclivity for down ballot fan service, having a whole episode devoted to showing why T comes before A definitely is a cause for some celebration. Especially when it’s Francesca starting things off. Hilariously on-point cackling? Please, it’s all about that snaggle tooth! Oh, and all the fun which comes from Charlotte going full shock and awe, because that little bit of entertainment will never lose its value. Don’t worry Perrine, bigger is not always necessarily better.

If oscillating mammary glands and watching Witches go full horror with true jump scares wasn’t enough too, we also got the absolute comedy which comes courtesy of Yoshika’s latest magic troubles. While this will inevitably be another excuse to backseat Yoshika later on—i.e. next week—it does give rise to some seriously hilarious linkages between the allure of boobs and a Witch’s magical powers. I mean the results speak for themselves, but ever consider why Yoshika has so much latent magic in the first place? Why because she’s a washboard of course—everyone knows flat is justice, and justice is pure and wholesome. That crumpled magic pipe? The result of some age-related thoracic landscaping and a deficit of Lynette fondling (gotta keep that internal pipe corrosion down for consistent fluid flow you know) that I’m sure will be solved in time for next anti-Neuroi offensive. Oh yes siree. Never think for a second Strike Witches doesn’t give some consideration for its universe mechanics, because I guarantee you the lessons learned this week will find a way to slyly pop back up later on when the going gets tough.

Or, you know, at least once Eila can finally admit what’s written all over her face. Hey, if Gertrude can admit her deepest thoughts so can she!




  1. “They Go Boing-Boing”

    I can already hear Rushia Uruha’s “NEEEEEEEEEEEE!” from here. *ahem* Anyway…

    – Nice to hear an explanation on why Yoshika’s magic is on the fritz. Though the question now is, “Is there a way to fix her magic source so it can flow again?”
    – Shizuka mentioning a “battle at Hamburg”? Wait, has the offensive to retake Berlin already started, or is it still skirmishes before the big push?
    – Ah yes, Yoshika’s love of “boing-boings” is back!
    This scene of Francesca groping Sanya gave me flashbacks of Illya holding down Miyu–except Mai Kadowaki’s character is the one on the receiving end this time. It also helps that Chiwa Saito (who voiced “fille fatale” Kuro/Chloe) also voices Francesca. (And on a similar note, Kaori Nazuka–who voiced Miyu–also voices Lynette. Also, Misato Fukuen was in Prisma Illya 3rei.)
    – Gotta love Perrine’s rage against big boobs. (Rushia would be proud.)
    – This is becoming similar to a game of Among Us, except the dead crewmates also become impostors. (That would be one scary game mode, though.)
    – Man, haven’t been this trippy since Vento Aureo‘s “Torture Dance”! (Also, had a chuckle at how the cursed witches’ magic circles are basically boob-shaped. “ALL HAIL OPPAI!)
    – From witches getting Azur Lane-sized boobs[*] (or Coco/Noel-sized boobs in keeping with the earlier Hololive reference) to…fog? (Hope it’s not the Fleet of Fog… Just kidding.)

    That was a nice fanservice breather episode. Can’t wait to get back into the action, though.

    ([*]Note: Though yes, there are some less-endowed shipgirls in that game, which includes one German tsundere heavy cruiser.)

    1. It’s why we never get more than one or two episodes like this, they’re included purely as a bit of lighthearted and comedic relaxation in between the more serious stuff. Just have to look at the likes of Plunderer to see how well excess fan service works in these sorts of stories.

  2. Funny Fact, this Figure is an old Ancient fertility goddess

    But i think i skip this Episode. I do not like “senseless fanservice”. perhaps i am to old for this stuff now

    1. Also this explanation of Yoshika’s power here, reminds me of Ichigo’s problem to control his Powers, too

      You remember? When even his Big Sword changed form like an Pudding and such?

      So Bleach still exits.. somehow 🙂

    2. As I mentioned in the first post, it’s a shakōki-dogū. Though what it’s doing in Europe when it should have been a so-called “Venus figure” instead will forever remain a mystery.

      And the more senseless fanservice the better! Except for oppai-Lucchini, of course.

        1. And why “venus”?

          Well, as you see. The Science assume about this Female Big Sexual Genitals (Breasts, Butt) are an Goddess

          Because “if your wife if healthy (Big, fat) then your Men has enough Money!” is still an think in some Cultures

          1. The origin is Japan, late Jōmon period. And everything we don’t understand about ancient tribes/races is called religious by default. Maybe they weren’t goddesses but were the Paleolithic equivalent of Only Fans.

        2. No they’re not. The figure seen in Road to Berlin are, as Angelus correctly states, Japanese in origin. The ones you’re thinking of, the Venus figures, are mostly found in Europe, NOT Africa.

          1. Heh learn something new everyday. I knew the idol was not European in origin from appearance, but couldn’t place the damn thing. At least its presence makes some sense though considering how involved the Netherlands was in trying to maintain trading links with the Tokugawa Shogunate. Not a stretch to think a curious sailor brought the thing back and the local pagan collective got hooked on the possibilities 😛

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