「インビジブル (強行突破)」 (Inbijiburu (Kyoukou Toppa))
“Invisible (Forced Breakthrough)”

Poor Bell. I would also be mortified if the girl I loved watch 4 girls flirt with me in succession, then get the wrong idea about the situation.

Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in an Alleyway?

First of all, Naaza. I know some people will love her animal ears. We all know she once conned Bell and has always been in love with her god Miach. Since he chose to expend all his wealth to save her life. So there’s nothing to see here. As for Aisha, we all know she’s thirsty for Bell and wants to rail him to another dimension. But that’s physical and has nothing to do with true love. I can’t speak for Ryuu. And whether she sees Bell that way. But from what I can tell, she’s primarily acting as a wingwoman for Syr – one of her dearest friends from the Hostess of Fertility Inn. Finally, Eina. She might be angry towards Bell. However, she evidently cares for him. And I don’t think we can mistake those feelings to be anything other than romantic.

When Aiz commented on Bell being a delinquent, I reckon it shows she cares and is bothered to some extent by what she perceives to be Bell’s philandering. Or maybe I’m just talking out of my ass. But one thing’s for sure. Bell will have an impossible time trying to convince Aiz that the events which transpired before her eyes don’t have any deeper meanings.

Foiling Finn’s Plans

Although it hasn’t been adapted into anime canon, Finn is hopelessly in love with Lili and hopes to restore the Pallum’s hope and pride with Lili by his side. Since well, she’s a female Pallum. As it turns out, Fels did have contingency measures for Finn’s extraordinary intuition – with Lili being the trump card. She first succeeds at causing a diversion by transforming into a fleeing rabbit monster, causing a division of the Loki familia to run in the wrong direction.

Then she disguises herself as Finn and issued incorrect orders to group and defend the town center against monster attacks. I haven’t always been a fan of Lili. Her attitude can come across as really endearing or off-putting. But this episode, she definitely redeemed herself in my eyes – putting her life on the line to heroically buy safe passage for the Xenos who she previously discriminated against. Not once, but twice. That right there is how a creator should write out growth and character development.

The Loki familia’s ace up their sleeves is Gareth, who ends up being stalled out by Welf and Mikoto. Unfortunately, Wiene diverges from the group of Xenos travelling to the secret entrance and ends up bumping into Tiona – who represents a significant threat to her life. Though Bell and Haruhime are in the vicinity and rapidly speeding over to her location, will they be able to make it on time to save Wiene?

Concluding Thoughts

Next week promises to excite thanks to an epic lineup of showdowns. I can’t wait to see how many fights pan out: Ryuu vs Aiz, Welf and Mikoto vs Gareth, Bell and Haruhime vs Tiona and Bete. Not to mention how Astorius, Riveria and Finn are unaccounted wild cards who can greatly change the tide of battle. But the Xenos and Hestia’s familia can win these fights yet lose the war should they fail to escape. Regardless of the outcome, I expect other gods and goddesses to intervene alongside their familia. So it’s hard to say what the most likely outcome will be at this point in time. Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading this post and see you all next week!


  1. Opinion on Eina:
    Well here we miss skipped content from season two. They put one of the thickest books into the last two Episodes and almost exclusively focused on the Story with Bell, Hestia and Ais. But it was structured as mostly side stories with the war with Rakia going on in the background.
    Here we skipped a fake date between Eina and Bell because two Adventures, an Elf, Luvis Lilix, and a Dwarf, Dormul Bolster, were also Adventurers that got help from Eina like Bell and had a thing for Eina. They stalked her and were pushy, so she told them she already had a boyfriend. Long story short, Bell protcted her from these two and got out of the “little brother” status that Eina classified him in her inner monologes. Also both the Adventures were tricked by their respective god that Bell did blackmail Eina to go out with her. So just some trickery from bored gods.

    Other content that was skipped in season 2:
    – the reason for the war was to get Welf back to the Rackia kingdom as his father and grandfather only could produce one-time-use magic blades and Welfs were also more powerful with more uses -> Welf sorts out that mess, talking to his father and grandfather and declares at the end of that story his love for Hephaestus, also first hints that armored monsters were sighted in the dungeon were mentioned.
    – Lili got a marriage proposal from Finn (that you mentioned), because he was moved by her for swallowing her pride and beg Loki familia to help Bell (during the fight with the Minotaur). This resulted in her getting out of Bells perspective to see her as a little sister (also she is older than Bell) because she asked him, how he feels about it, because it would mean she would need to leave the familia.
    – Mikoto trying to get out of the “adoptive child” status and trying to convey her feelings for Takemikazuchi -> getting one of the twin blades Takemikazuchi ordered for her and him saying that she gets the other one upon her return to his familia in a year (this could be seen as a proposal because one blade was “female” and the other “male” but Takemikazuchi probably didn’t realize it)
    – Syrs adventure in Deadalus Street. She takes care of some orphanes from time to time as she did grow up in the same orphanage as them, which is located there. Bell followed her -> sweet time -> kid disappeared -> heard a monster in the sewers (the Xenos that Dix mentioned this season that escaped from its cage) -> Bell fighting it and losing -> High ranking member of Frea familia coming to save Syr, the children and Bell and killing the Monster/Xenos (he was ordered to guard Syr it sems)

    1. Thanks for the insights! Since a while back, I try not to actively read novels for shows that I would consider covering, because I complain a lot more about adaptations when I’m familiar with the source material. Although information like this makes me realise what they cut out, I don’t feel disappointed. They feel like little fillers/extras that expand on the lore behind Danmachi’s premise, since I didn’t spend hours reading/getting emotionally invested in them.

      1. Yeah, was a lot of lore expansion around the concept of love in Danmachi, that started due to Bell never considering a god could love love their “child” other than familial love, which was adapted in Season 2.
        Other things in that Volume iirc:
        – Gods/Spirits and the people of the world cannot produce offspring together.
        – Only Humans and Amazoness can produce offspring with another race, but an Amazoness has always an Amazoness child(female), while a human x another race except Amazoness will get an half-…
        – Half-Elfs are not populare among most Elfs because Elfs are very prideful
        -> Elf x Dwarf wouldn’t be able to get a child together.

        Finn being 42 and proposing to the 15 year old Lili … also here it was mentioned the more Falna a child absorbs (the higher their Level) the more similare they get to the gods -> which results in slower aging, being more powerful, learning Skills etc.
        Also Finn wants to produce a Pallum heir for him or her to help the Pallum race if he is no more -> Tione is not an option as she would give birth to an Amazoness

        Syr got also more suspicious due to having one of Freyas highest ranking members, Allen Fromel, as shadow bodyguard. He is also the brother of Anya, one of the Hostess of Fertilitys maids.
        Syr being the one to deliver Bell the Firebolt grimoir in season 1, which Freya said she wanted to give to him and also she was the one who gave Bell the magical item that prevents one critical hit, before he fought against the Apollo familia.
        Syr being very sharp picking up lies, like the gods.
        Hermes respecting or being afraid of Syr on multiple occasions, mostly at times he talks about Bell.
        Mama Mia never really getting angry at Syr for skipping work.
        Mama Mia being the previous captain of the Freya familia.
        Syr and Freya never acting at the same time.
        (Syr sharing the same hair and eye colour with Freya, and Syr being another name for Freya according to Norse mythology)
        So it is a populare speculation that Syr and Freya are one and the same and just Freya disguising herself.

        Freya was ordered to fight the Rakkia armee by the guild as one of the punishments for destroying the Ishtar familia. It was mentioned that her familia is powerfull enough to ignore the orders, but if she did and “attacked” the guild she wasn’t sure if she could also take on Loki familia in the fight, as Loki wouldn’t lay low if Freya did.

        Daphne and Cassandra joining Miach familia, but that was mentioned in the Beach OVA so …

        I think that are the most important parts that I remember

    2. That skipped content not only adds context and more fully fleshes out the DanMachi universe, but will be very important later on. It’s a shame that they didn’t make that content the OVA (or series of short OVAs/OADs) instead of that fanservice-laden bikini episode.

      1. I somewhat liked the first OVA/OAD. Even if it was just Bikini-Onsen Episode, it still introduced us to “hidden (save) areas” in the Dungeon that people haven’t found yet. But the only thing that I got out of the Beach Episode was, that Daphne and Cassandra joined Miach, and that was a Information that the Anime skipped due to adapting only a part of Volume 8.

        I need to say, that I never read SO past Volume 2 due to the Anime also adapting Volume 3 of SO and I am someone who doesn’t want to skip something, just because I have already seen it but I also struggle to motivate myself to read it afterwards … but I have all Volumes here xD

        From FC I only read the Manga adaption but also bought LN Vol 1 & 2

        1. Anime characters constantly go and do nothing. Especially when there is a manga/novel which they need to adhere to. Coincidence is probably the biggest driver of plot that anime has. That’s a separate issue though.

          But Otter is generally a serious guy. I hope they use him well.

    1. That totally went over my head. I didn’t realise that Freya could have had a secondary meaning to the command which she made.

      Ottarl is definitely a wildcard. But I reckon that he will be the deciding factor which tips the scales towards Bell/the Xenos since he’s Level 7, and well, I can’t think of any other way to explain how they could possibly pull off an escape so cleanly with minimal losses.

  2. You can see where the Loki familia are coming from even if they don’t have the full facts Infront of them. When 99.999999 percent of monsters want to straight up murder humans it’s completely unacceptable to leave a bunch which may or may not be harmless above ground where civilians are living too. The adventurers clearly are tasked as essentially being makeshift soldiers to keep people safe.

    That’s probably one of the better things about this arc coming to an end, these battles are being fought between good guys with differing ideals.


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