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OP: 「Different」by BAND-MAID

「レイネシアの結婚」 (Reineshia no Kekkon)
“Rayneshia’s Marriage”

Oh boy, it’s here, it’s finally here! Anime isekai is saved. What, exaggeration? Certainly, but after that nearly five year wait dammit I can be slightly hyperbolic—after all, I’m writing this spiel. Oh yes, Log Horizon is here again at last, and no matter the issues or shenanigans which have plagued it past and present (remember, only constants in life are death and taxes), it’s going to be one fun experience yet again. Well, at least I sure hope so.

Given how Log Horizon already has 50 episodes under its belt, I’m not going to waste time with story or character refreshers—you want filling in, best get on watching the previous seasons because frankly this one is going to be exactly like all the rest in terms of looks and material. This is evident right off the bat, as besides Deen’s art style remaining in all its divisive glory we have the likes of megalomaniac glasses, galactic idols, and omnipresent old man wrinkles finding time to make their presence felt. Also popping up for remembrance are the usual pairings (and the not so hopeful ones), while teasers of future faces—and problems—slyly work their way in. Everyone you know and love (or hate) pretty much had an appearance, and for those still missing (looking at you there Rudy) rest assured they aren’t far away.

Outside of character refreshers the big part of this opener was its twofold story. Rayneshia (Ise Mariya) naturally graces the first half of this as per motherly intervention she’s now officially engaged, and with it set to completely upset her current way of life. Naps and snacks on demand (the true princess calling card) may be beckoning from a man and castle far away, but is that what she really wants after quite literally making both close friends and a name for herself—not to mention potential true love material? That is the real question, and it’s something both Elissa and Akatsuki (Katou Emiri) are rightfully encouraging her to openly mull over. Expect this aspect to get plenty of attention as its political ramifications and the Adventurer mindset of having the right to choose for yourself also start worming their way into the conversation.

The second half, and the titular focus of this season, is politics and the problem Akihabara’s Adventurers have been dealing with since last season: indifference. Shiroe (Terashima Takuma) and the Roundtable may be working towards getting everyone home, but that is very much a long-term goal and doesn’t tackle the here and now. Adventurers may all possess the ability to do whatever they want, but the harsh reality is precious few ever want to be ingenious, to come up with ideas, explore them, test them, refine them. Many are perfectly happy with and often desire being given goals and tasks from others to work towards—which just so happens to be the crux of Eins’ (Nishida Masakazu) argument, and his main downfall. Eins is correct the Roundtable could do more to help listless Adventurers (as they were before), but he is of the opinion that others should pony up the resources and efforts to do so. Harmony and himself taking the initiative and investing their own sweat and toil? Why, he comes up with the ideas, it’s only fair others who unfairly have should now pay their fair share to make them work. It’s a lazy and arguably selfish position, and one which leads to the schism set to dominate this season.

For better or worse, Shiroe and friends are likely soon to find themselves in for the fight of their alternate world lives, and this time it’s as much from enemies within as enemies without. Best grab the popcorn boys and girls, this season is going to be a ride.

Random Tidbits

The lack of Database opening for round three shows why change is not always a good thing. Don’t deny, you know it’s true!

Whoever had the bright idea to get imaginative with the “official” subs anytime Nyanta (Nakata Jouji) or another cat-person speaks needs to be encouraged to take on a different translator position. Nyaas are fine and all, but not if it directly impacts the ability to understand what is being said.


ED Sequence

ED: 「ブルー・ホライズン」 (Buruu Horaizun) by Miyu Ooshiro



  1. I kind of agree on the lack of “Database” is regrettable, and the overuse of adding “nyanslation” is unnecessary and cringe-y. But even with those complaints, it won’t extinguish the excitement I have for S3 of one of my favorite anime of all time. I still watch/listen to S1 & S2, alternative between JP & US dubs, while working, even after all these years.

  2. Not a fan of the visual downgrades but creatively they made the right choice starting from novel 12 and integrating 11 into the season when possible. The arc is kinda fun and should easily be coverable in 12 episodes with the web novel material

    Kanami and Krusty also have a decent fight to come. Kinda feel bad for the folk picking a fight with a beast like Krusty. 🤣🤣 He’s easily the strongest guy with a sword from the real world.

  3. I dunno, maybe my memory is fuzzy, but it feels like i am missing a bunch of information. I did watch S1 and S2 at the end of last year, but it feels like stuff is missing and i am not getting the full picture.

    1. As Lyfe mentions nothing has been missed, this season just starts exactly where the last left off. The stuff with Eins might appear to be coming out of left field, however is was built up over the course of the last season, we’re just seeing it blow into the open now. Also yeah, in any case it might pay to rewatch or refresh regarding the earlier seasons given how long it’s been.

  4. While it’s regrettable database isn’t back for round 3, for me it’s been more than worth it. Since the announcement of this OP, I’ve discovered one of the best hard rocks bands out there: BAND-MAID.

    1. Yupp, there’s nothing wrong with Eins’ idea (and frankly it’s necessary because apathy can quickly turn into unrest), the issue I have is that he expects to implement the idea solely on the backs of others. Never once has he offered to involve himself or Harmony in the process, he’s always expected the other guilds to do the heavy lifting while he sits back and does nothing. And once that approach failed? Turned to Plant Hwyaden. It’s incredibly selfish, opportunistic, and hypocritical on his part, and ensures the assistance he purportedly wants to provide winds up hurting more than it helps.

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