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OP3: 「Storyteller」 by TRUE

「リムルの忙しい日々」 (Rimuru no Isogashii Hibi)
“Rimuru’s Busy Life”

First Impressions

We’re back with another season of Slime Tensei. And we kick off from where we left off, with Rimuru bidding farewell to the beloved students he helped save, by instilling spirits that can stabilise their magic. Unfortunately, we had a bit of a gap between the seasons. So there was no emotional momentum, meaning the farewell didn’t feel particularly impactful. However, no good deed goes unrewarded. I fully expect these kids to help out and be relevant later on. After all, Rimuru has displayed great capabilities in gathering loyal, indebted followers who would be willing to move mountains for him.

That said, being Slime Tensei, it wasn’t going to remain pedestrian for long. After fooling around in a variety of different clothes to satisfy Shion and Shuna in the whimsical and fun ways that totally exemplify this series, Rimuru and the representatives of Tempest will be imminently meeting with delegates sent by the demon lord Carrion. Only the moment the envoys meet, sparks fly and tensions begin to rise as the high level subordinates take any affront to their masters personally. And how do they resolve these petty squabbles? By fighting for the honour of their liege. Despite being mere reincarnated slime who wanted to rest easy, now that he’d fulfilled his promise to Shiho that he would save her students, it doesn’t look like Rimuru will be catching a break anytime soon.

Concluding Thoughts

For those of you confused about where Slime Tensei picked up from, it actually continues from the 5 OADs that were aired in the past year or so, focusing on Rimuru’s time at the school. To be honest, I’m glad we’re past all of that. While it was a nice change of pace from the frenetic, crazy adventures of defeating calamity tier monsters and kingdom building from scratch, it can’t really compare. I personally love the characters from Tempest – the Ogres, the Goblins, the Lizardfolk, the Orcs, the Dwarves, etc. How they co-exist in an metropolitan society that’s way more advanced compared to other places in this specific setting. And particularly where the geopolitical circumstances are equal parts intriguing and fun.

Just to clarify, I’m not saying it reaches Legend of the Galactic Heroes levels of sophistication. But it’s just really exciting seeing how the other powerful entities become increasingly wary of Rimuru’s growing influence, with the nearby Human and Dwarf nations seeking to forge trade connections and political alliances. As well as how certain institutions might go about causing trouble for him by sending disasters his way. We know that the Harlequins stirring up trouble serve under Clayman – one of the prominent Ten Demon Lords. It will be interesting to see how Rimuru’s encounter with the antagonistic demon lords will shake out. He’s pretty overpowered thanks to Gluttony and Great Sage. Yet I get the feeling it won’t be a simple walk in a park either.

Anyway, that’s about all I have to say. Thanks for reading this post. Takaii won’t be returning to cover this series and I don’t think I’ll have time to cover Slime Tensei. Nevertheless, we’ll try and see what we can do.

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    1. This show is not really a shounen, it’s more of a seinen. The characters are all adults and the show is basically about politics.

      It’s pretty far from stuff like Naruto and One Piece.

      Slime has more to do with shows like Log Horizon, GATE and Maou Maoyuu Yusha.

      1. agree that it more like Log Horizon and Maouyuu
        where ton of character interaction going on
        world building behind scene
        world progessing and how one action affect the whole world
        not like one protagonist like what common shounen do

      2. Its published in a Shonen magazine and has all the hallmarks of a shonen series. I don’t mean to insult fans of the show but it doesn’t have a complex plot and is fairly routine with its story beats.

        I’m aware of what is to come but for the sake of avoiding spoiler tags, I’ll just mention how the first season followed a basic world building set up which would often end with Rimuru faced with a fight he quite easily wins because he’s a typical OP Isekai protagonist(Rinse and repeat).

  1. Ep 26:

    Glad i did saw this Animated with my Ears and Eyes. Yes, the Ears saw it, too and rejoiced. The Sound FX is S Class, too

    Please go on. i looking forward to this. i am in your care, Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken (as also the Manga)

    *Japan formal bow*


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