Anime coverage is a crazy job

Edit: Applications have now officially closed. Thanks to everyone who applied, we’ll be spending some time going through them all and will let each of you know what our final choices are.

Yes, that’s right, the title doesn’t lie: Random Curiosity is once again in need of new recruits. And not just writing masochists recruits either; after years of blogging and dragging our heels when it comes to new content (staying hip is a challenge, who knew?) we believe it’s time for radical change, and what better way than by expanding beyond writing? Everything is on the table for this recruitment drive, and you best believe we have an opportunity for everyone.

Overall we’re looking to add around three to five new members to our staff. With several of our writers on hiatus (or newly retired) and some more of us reaching the point of having to scale back activity, we want to ensure that our current coverage level is maintained and that all major shows are receive appropriate attention. Misses do happen, but we always strive to minimize the issue.

Likewise is a strong desire to move beyond strictly blogging anime. Manga as long-term readers will remember has been featured on Random Curiosity before, but in a world also filled with light novels, video games, and Japanese culture in general, there’s lots more out there to experience and help spread the word about. And you best be sure we want to help spread that word!

Also do note that we remain in need of additional tech support. If you have any website design experience, especially with WordPress, and would like to give us a hand with the nitty gritty feel free to email us (emails listed in the application section below) so we can discuss. While we are seeking volunteers, given the nature and required skills of backend support payment isn’t out of the question. Random Curiosity isn’t exactly overflowing with cash (it’s a fan website run by volunteers after all!), but if it comes down to a number we’ll see what we can do.

The Deal

Given our lofty hopes and dreams for this recruitment, new recruits will fall into one of the two categories below. Please note that crossover is allowed; you want to write and make videos? Apply away! The important thing for us is that you have the interest and commitment to do what you signed up for.


    The new writer(s) will be expected to provide weekly material. This can be covering one to two shows for their first season (ramping up later to whatever they think they can handle) and/or writing features/reviews of written works (manga, light/web novels), video games (e.g. visual novels), or other anime miscellanea (e.g. soundtracks, collectibles, merchandise, etc.). Writers won’t be restricted on content category and are free to cover both anime and other works/material if so inclined, however, all will be expected to contribute to important posts like the season previews.

    Audio/Video Masters

    The new content creators will be expected to provide consistent and timely releases. Given the greater involvement and difference in medium compared to writing this category is rather open-ended; some possible examples include discussions/reviews of shows and written material (whether weekly or overall), podcasts discussing certain anime-related topics, or even playthrough reviews of various anime-esque games. So long as the content involves anime and fits with what Random Curiosity does we’re open to anything you have experience with and would like a platform to feature it from.

Our Desired Skills

Regardless of category you’re looking to apply for, there’s several attributes we are looking for in all new recruits:

  • Timeliness. Random Curiosity made its name blogging shows as soon as they’re released. We want to keep that legacy going strong no matter what we feature.

  • Consistency. We need to be able to trust that you’ll get your content out on time, whether that be every week (e.g. blog posts) or according to your schedule (e.g. videos), and that they’ll be of consistent quality. That means you need to be prepared to handle your responsibilities on days you may not feel like it.

  • Communication skill. You must have good English skills for the chosen position, preferably college/university level. Understanding Japanese enough to watch anime and read manga/novels raw (among other Japanese entertainment) is a major bonus.

  • Personality. No one likes reading posts or watching videos by boring automatons. Knowing how to inject personality into your content will not only make your writing or videos better, it will also help you distinguish yourself from the other applicants.

Those are the biggest requirements. Pay special attention to timeliness and consistency—life happens, and (nearly) every member has had to miss a post or two, but those times should be rare exceptions, not the rule. Involvement with Random Curiosity is a big commitment, and likely bigger than you expect, so if whoever we recruit ends up not working out, we may decide to part ways. Likewise, if involvement here ends up being more than you can handle, you can opt to bow out at the end of any season with no ill-will. We’ll understand, and a classy exit is always better than plowing ahead until you break.

If I were to describe the person we’re looking for, he or she will have firm control over their personal schedule. Students are fine, but if you’re going to go AWOL every semester during exam time, you might want to reconsider. They will have an insightful and objective outlook on anything anime, while still having a clear, unique voice. They’ll have diverse tastes and a solid anime background, though genre specialists are not unwelcome. They’ll believe that you can take something seriously and still have fun with it, because make no mistake, RandomC involvement is basically an unpaid part-time job (though it’s still fun). They will always act professionally, do their part with a minimum of fuss, respond to vital team communication within 24 hours, and be a team player who is a pleasure to work with.

The Application

If you’re interested, send an email to pancakes(at)randomc(dot)net with the title RandomC Application and cc zaiden(at)randomc(dot)net and takaii(at)randomc(dot)net. Include the following:

  • Your anime background/history (e.g. how you got into it, what some of your favorite series are, favorite genres, etc). Please be brief, and provide your MyAnimeList or Anime-Planet profile if you have one.

  • Why you want to be involved with this site.

  • Anything you think that will make us interested or excited about working with you.

Also provide the following under the specific category for which you are applying to. If you’re interested in both categories, explicitly mention it in your application, however you only have to provide for one of the specific categories (unless you really want to strut your stuff *hint hint*):


    One of: a sample post on the most recent episode of any currently airing anime, a sample post of a manga/novel (latest volume or entire series) or video game feature/review, or a sample post of a particular anime miscellanea feature/review. Include a batch of pictures for your post; any episode review should provide 36 screen captures (zipped) from the same episode, while other posts should provide a few pictures (zipped) if any noticeable or memorable artwork is present to visually indicate the discussed material.


    A sample podcast or video of the content you’re looking to produce. Length is up to you, but anything longer than 30 minutes is likely too long. Also while this will ideally be made specifically for your application, sharing previously made content is encouraged provided it’s in line with our requirements. Remember to include a link (Youtube, direct download, torrent etc.) to your content so we can watch and/or listen to it!

If you’ve ever applied before, please email us again with a new application, so we know you’re still interested. And I encourage you to do so! We have staff right now who had to apply multiple times to get in, because even seasoned site veterans don’t always recognize a good thing the first time around.

Please submit your application and sample post as soon as possible. The hard deadline is March 3, however, we will close applications once we feel we have enough to choose new members from. While I don’t anticipate us getting overwhelmed with applications (something something past recruitments), in case we do a 1-2 day grace period will be signalled before applications are closed. We’ll edit the top of the post with this announcement should it happen.

If you’re interested becoming a member of Random Curiosity, I encourage you to apply, even if you’re not 100% the ideal person described above. Passion counts for a lot, and in the end our decision will come down to both who we think will do a good job, and who we want to work with. Good luck, and I look forward to having one or more of you join the team!


  1. It must be a “crazy” job.., most days its hard enough to just to stay chill.

    BElive Me…..the Lurkers like me out there Really do Apreciate the Efforts!

    THANKS!! And good luck to all the applicants out there

    BROOKLYN otaku
  2. Ugh, I’d love to write for Random C, this has been my favorite anime blogging site in the entire Internet, but my schedule allows for neither timeliness nor consistency. Perhaps in the future… But not now.

    Best of luck to all the applicants, and know that you’ll have an avid reader here.

  3. As much as I’d like to try my hand at contributing, it’s better to get someone who’s familiar with WordPress’ backend/technical side of things and is conscious about website security. (read: Cleaning up obvious spam posts with suspicious links, making sure that comment threads for older anime which already concluded years ago stay closed, making sure arguments/meme-y s**tposts in the comments don’t spiral out of control or become a magnet for undesirable people, and making sure the damn spoiler tags work–yes, I’ll still raise those issues until they’re fixed because nobody else seems to bother to.)

    And will you also be doing further background checks on your applicants? Not just his/her anime-viewing history on MAL, but also his/her overall reputation (or notoriety) and online history on other anime and anime-related sites + forums.

    In any case, to the new applicants: Break a leg.

  4. Would love to write for you guys as I recently found this website, and need writing practice when I have not much to do. But can’t take good screenshots or zip images on mobile. And could be lacking professionalism in terms of personality, due to having often big bias. Hope you find what you’re looking for.


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