「回復術士は、新しいおもちゃを見つける!」 (Kaifuku Jutsushi wa, Atarashii Omocha o Mitsukeru!)
“The Healer Finds a New Toy!”

You know, Kaiyari may not technically be a hentai – but for all intents and purposes I think it’s deserving of the moniker at this stage. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. When you’re starting your week pulling a riverside threesome and ending with some intimate deflowerment you damn well know there’s interesting places ahead of us, because if there’s one constant about this show, it’s that it doesn’t know how to dial down.

While I’m growing slightly annoyed we haven’t gotten around to having Keyaru finally face off against the next unfortunate enemy after several weeks of teasing (I swear the poor bastard only gets one foot closer with every episode), I will admit everything else has been an alright distraction (heh). Just take Keyaru’s impressive array of crazy faces, might just be me, but some of them alongside their accompanying situations are side achingly hilarious. And yes, that’s before delving into the show’s predilection for all things oral. There’s certainly a revenge story still at the centre of it all I’m curious to watch play out, but it’s hard denying eye candy is what we’re all quickly coming here to see.

In terms of actual plot, however, the main development this week was in our returning girl Kureha who the keen eyed will note was already introduced earlier with Keyaru’s first healing. Honestly nothing really remarkable for this little encounter; Keyaru won against Kureha (as is to be expected from those totally healing abilities), the dark side of the kingdom in subjugating and enslaving demi-humans was reinforced, and Flare continues suffering for the sake of prior wrongs. If anything the news here was that you can now fully expect Keyaru to copulate with and acquire any girl who wrongs him or those he considers his as nothing says total defeat like hearing the moans of pleasure lamentations of your opponent’s women. What does that mean for the guys who are on Keyaru’s hitlist? No damn idea, but I’m not about to dwell on it too much.

Considering those guys are apparently set to enter the picture, I think we’ll find out soon enough.




  1. Compared to the first 2 episodes, the last 2 actually seem somewhat nice with the fights and actual plot if you ignore how he converts girls to his side… Also thought i remembered kureha as a black haired instead of a silver haired but meh.
    If we get to see keyarga finally face of against leonard next episode, he can finally free his village and the people that treated him so nicely 😀
    I do have 2 small gripes with this episode though and that is first how he originally needed to make contact through his hands to start the healing and now he can just heal his entire arm without even using his remaining hand? As for the second gripe, that is mainly a combination of how characters look and sound without being recognized. Then again, that might just be an issue with animation and sound as nobody even recognizes the princess their voice or face without the clothing change.

    1. Personally I think the art change is a neat way of providing disguises, Keyaru and Flare are honestly just different enough that I can believe no one would recognize them. Doesn’t explain the voices, but then neither does Flare retaining the pink hair and getting away with it 😛

    1. I actually didn’t think about that, changing their gender and maybe even their face/bodies a bit and then just throw them to the slave traders as a nutjob and enjoy the revenge from their training

    1. I suppose being open and consensual in regards to sex was too much for most networks. Which cancelled a dub, and actively took down streams since they own the license. But just chose to not show it.

      I mean to be fair not many people actually cared to defend that, since it’s easier to complain to cancel stuff than not cancel something.

  2. Isn’t this the bullsh*t we all call out in BL (and to a lesser extent Yuri) I’m genuinely asking why it’s acceptable here? Ppl always condemn BL for its blurry consent, problematic age gaps and fetishistic same-sex portrayals but never Ero, Josei, Eichi & Hentai where they occur much more often than their BL counterparts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that people call out these issues but I’m curious if I’m the only one that sees the double standard and finds it worrying. I’d be less worried if people just said BL is not personally appealing to them but they honestly claim it’s morally reprehensible but this moral outrage is nowhere to be seen when female characters are the victims and/or assailant. When the anime community continues to excuse or enjoy the romaticised abuse, oversexualisation, & fetishised same-sex experiences of girls while simultaneously condemning the same for guys … it just come out looking rather sexist 🙁

    1. Other than airing out that grievance that has honestly lingered for a while (even though I’m a Yuri fan and not a BL fan, but I do get bothered by the treatment of the fans by the rest of the community) I begrudgingly do want to see what happens next -_-

      1. I guess that’s true. Ppl do heavily critique other female dominated genres like chickflicks or YA romance. They’ll overanalyse everything from dialogue, realism, the male or female lead, or setting just to find something to dump on. You only have to look at action or male roadtrip movies to make the same comparisons but those don’t nearly get the same treatment 🤔

      1. But not as much as we’d anticipate. I heard it may be taken off some streaming sites and dub schedules but look how far it had to go for this. The industry limits releases for much less with BL despite there being a sizeable target segment. Companies acknowledge the moral outcry of fans and sacrifice actual profit to censor, not dub, edit dialogue, age up chars, or add trigger warnings for these properties but the same hardly happens for hentai which is mainly schoolgirls getting violated in the most inventive or cruel ways (also 99% of titles have girl on girl but no one says its fans fetishise gay ppl).

        So I was expecting a huge sh*tstorm like with Boku no Pico. That one outrages everyone and “fujoshis” were attacked despite the fact it was made by men for men as is the majority of shota. Actually this hentai connoisseur was confused about the outrage as he claimed the only difference he saw from other hentais depicting p*dophilia is the victim of a male predator happened to be a little boy and not a little girl (or intersex person). In any case I’m glad ppl aren’t loving this show or shipping its couples like they did with Diabolik Lovers (rape culture: the anime) or Magus’ Bride (How to marry your 15-year old slave who sees you as a father figure: the anime) or Maid-Sama (y’know where the stalker guy assaults his not-girlfriend with a forced hickey and then slut shames her for it making her feel self-conscious, insecure, and personally responsible enough to not wear what she wants or do the activity she wanted: the anime). So that’s a plus … I think?

    2. Have to also consider who the perceived majority is who watch anime or read manga/light novels – i.e. men. Publishers and producers are less likely to offer BL works because they think it won’t sell well. Not really true in practice given the fujoshi market, but Japanese firms are notoriously risk adverse and since they have no good idea of the potential (as they rarely offer these works) they don’t release many of them. Becomes a negative feedback loop after a while, and that’s before considering stuff like public outcries and the dominance of other genres in the production/publication pipeline.

      1. I completely agree but it’s not that aspect of the industry I’m complaining about. Yes, it’s sad the appeal of the BL genre is lost on male industry execs who decide what can or can’t be adapted (and how censored) with little influence from the female creators or the demands of their female consumers. I’m also aware that censorship works differently regarding males and females; depicting explicit moments (not played as a joke or one-sided) between men will take your rating to 17 while doing so for women will make your rating 14. This is why samurai flamenco could not let it’s canon male leads share a kiss but did so for the gay & bi female side characters… it’s just homophobia!!! In that regard, as a Yuri fan, I’m grateful my genre gets more anime releases despite being less popular than BL. Though sometimes what gets released is less than ideal but like BL, Yuri overall is less problematic than its equivalent age-rated straight romance anime which heavily objectify female characters (including those presenting female).

        I’m referring to the double standard when releases finally come out. This happens more with dub studios as they “hear what the fans are saying”. The english releases have added trigger warnings, aged-up characters and edited dialogue to be more consensual but only for BL properties. One studio did this for its BL dub but other titles like Maid-Sama, Diabolik Lovers & Citrus were dubbed quickly and left as is and let me tell you I would have appreciated some goddamn trigger warnings there. Another studio dubbed a famous mature BL and aged up its main lead but never aged up a single female minor in their numerous hentai dubbed releases. All this tells me is they are aware that these tropes are “problematic” but are desensitised to them being inflicted on female characters. You don’t have to look too far, just see the anime community’s reaction to the sleeping kiss from Sarazanmai and the lack of their reactions when the same kiss happens in Sailor Moon, Bleach, Itazura Na Kiss to mention a few (and all those couples became canon), Being a woman, this type of thing sucks all the more…

  3. There won’t be any episode without some love making, huh? Not that I’m complaining too much since the scenes in this episode were pretty erotic (full-length image where).
    The fight was well done as well imo for the kind of show we’re having here, though what irked me is the fact that he had to rely on underhand tactics by using an aphrodisiac in order to get Kureha on his team. Well, at least he wasn’t lying about the kingdom’s soldiers commiting atrocities, though I’m not sure who’s memories we actually saw when he touched her. His or hers?


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