「努力の先にあるもの」 (Doryoku no Saki ni Aru Mono)
“What Lies Beyond Effort”

Ghislaine looked like quite a snacc this episode. But I think we can agree that she was definitely not the focus – despite the evident care and attention Bind put into animating her oppai jiggles. Of course, the spotlight fell upon Rudeus and Eris, as they prepared for her tenth birthday celebrations. Despite her latent proclivities for swordplay including deft foot work, she struggles to learn dancing. And if she wants to avoid becoming the laughing stock amongst Fittoa’s nobility, she must learn how to dance.

Rudeus Sensei Guides Eris

Rudeus proves he’s an extremely natural teacher towards Eris, demonstrating that he’s extremely in tune with her educational needs and thought processes by realising that her successes in other aspects of training, namely swordplay from Ghislaine, can also be applied in a formal context too. Where she struggled to dance, owing to a mixture of nerves and lack of proficiency, Rudeus completely bridges the gap in her understanding through swift improvisation – allowing her to achieve her potential. Which is precisely what the best teachers do.

Examining Eris and Her Circumstances

She might lack patience to the point where she becomes unreasonable and violent. However, I think it could be said she’s a product of her upbringing and environment. I can see why Eris feels so rebellious and out of place. Yes, she’s been spoiled rotten by Sauros. But aristocratic society’s expectations of a young girl like her are quite unreasonable. I think it’s a bit over the top for anybody to consider a lady as a failure based off her inability to dance. There’s also the fact she’s 10. I don’t see why mistakes can’t be attributed to her young age.

Checking Up on Rudeus and his Character Progression

Despite the fact he’s got a long way to go, Rudeus arguably demonstrated some signs of growth. He exhibited self-restraint in deciding not to molest Eris. Ugh. I can’t believe I’m saying that as if it’s something worthy of praise. Because if I’m going to be perfectly honest, it’s a remarkably low bar and shouldn’t be considered an achievement, when this is really an indictment of Rudeus having a rotten personality. But many people go about their flawed ways unapologetically. At least Rudeus acknowledges his own flaws and I think the process of self-realisation is one that takes time and conscious effort. This isn’t the end of his development cycle. The series will be coming at this one step at a time, I promise.

Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading this post and see you all next week!


  1. whatever is the turning point, cant wait…
    so far Rudy was talented kid with perverted adult’s mind
    no wonder he got so easy on same page with all the male Greyrats…
    have to admire his learning drive (even if it is to pick up beast-girls later)
    compare it – say- to trying to learn Japanese to score some pickups from Japan

  2. I found it jarring that Rudeus said he needed to thank Roxy and then proceeded to say that he needs to get her to let him lick her feet. Like wtf? Did Studio Bind skip some lines or something? If that was how it was in the novels too, then Rudeus feels awfully entitled to his otaku dream fantasies coming true, even going so far to say that thanking Roxy would involve him being permitted to lick her feet. It’s either that, or Roxy has some kinky fetish that viewers are unaware of.

    I also felt there was some tonal dissonance when it showed the prince of Soreno groping Roxy before she puts him on fire, and after that she laments about how unhappy she is about the clay figurine because of how it sexualizes her body. If that prince stuff was meant to be a running gag that lightened the mood of that scene, I don’t think it quite worked and trying to lighten the mood of the scene in the first place with that sort of thing was probably not even a great idea because it takes away from Roxy’s discomfort. I think it’s telling that instead of feeling sympathy for Roxy’s discomfort, Rudeus commented on the prince being a connoisseur with a good eye.

    I hear so much from fans talking about how much Rudeus respects Roxy, but that scene was a pretty bad look on his part and when looked at in conjunction with his earlier remark about thanking Roxy by licking her foot, it’s clear he will sexualize any female he takes a fancy to, whether that be Sylphiette with his remark about grooming her to be his ideal woman, and with him sexually assaulting Eris last episode. Rudeus obviously sees females as being video game trophies he is entitled to winning over.

    1. Yes rudeus is a pervert but him saying he hopes she’ll let him lick her feet is just how much he reveres her. It doesn’t have that much of a perverted nuance.

      it’s like kissing the ring but more extreme/little sexual cus if u kiss someone’s feet it shows that persons much lower

      1. Yeah, in India people pays respect to parents by touching their foot.

        A more extreme version used to be done in Java where they did it while kneeling. But as time passed, it changed to kissing a knee and eventually just shaking the parents’ hands while kneeling.

        Those who think of se×ual things from Rudy’s statement need to learn about various different cultures all over the world. And more importantly, stop watching hardcore p🍩rn.

          1. there’s plenty of stories where the powerful female demands and humiliates another by telling them to lick their feet in Japan though? that just shows you how much the action (at least, kissing the feet) is supposed to show respect and fealty. it’s humiliating and shown in these contexts precisely because of this. and also why it has become fetishized because people like getting humiliated…
            so, while Rudeus probably got it from an eroge… it’s still based on the fact that it’s a sign of reverence *as was intended*

  3. “Rudeus prove she’s an extremely natural teacher towards Eris”

    Rudeus proves he*

    yeah it was a nice episode, i don’t really remember why rudeus shouldn’t have stepped in according to the father. familly matters ? kinda missed that then. been too long since i read it.

    yeah it’s a slowburn but progress will come.

    1. Philip wants to make Rudy his hidden chess piece in the internal politics of Greyrat family. So, the boy making his existence known to the noble society right now ruins that plan as it’s far too soon.

  4. I have an hunch, that the Anime here hide from us that Rudy is now Eris husband or fiancé

    The change of Grandfather in treating him, Eris sleeping with him in his Bed and nobody asking not even Rudy here.

    “if you want my Favor, then dance with my Daughter”.. So i think this Dance was more then just a dance

    1. Not sure if Eris is not too close relative to Rudeus. Some medieval societies favored cousins marrying, other were strongly prohibiting it. Much depends on how exactly Paul is related to this branch of Greyrats….
      But yeah it seems Grandpa Greatmoustache is favoring Rudy for now, because he is helping his beloved Granddaughter to progress , and saved her from major embarassment in the nobility circles.
      Now somebody make AMV to “shut up and dance with me”….

        1. I wanted to surprise you with my AMV, but there are already AMV Pros out there using it right now, even with Merchandising in the end. This is… Oh well, it is their right. They paid for it

          So, Youtube blocked it worldwide. So no. It is to Hot right now for Amateur AMVs Builders, like me.

          Sorry for that.

          @Admin, please delete the Comment with the Link. it do not work anyway

  5. He exhibited self-restraint in deciding not to molest Eris. Ugh. I can’t believe I’m saying that as if it’s something worthy of praise.

    This is the scene that should have happened in the previous episode, and it would have tied to his previous lesson with Sylphie… In more ways than one.

    In both cases, Paul was the key factor.

    What a paradox. In episode 3, Paul was there to tell Rudy what he did wrong, how to behave and how to apologize. He was the role model. In episode 7, the story of that ring and Paul is enough for Rudy to think twice before doing something he shouldn’t. Now Paul is the example to avoid.

  6. Well, I see that my opinion won’t sit well with other people, but I just don’t get what all the fuss is about with Rudeus “sexualizing” girls. They’ve made it very apparent from the very beginning that he was a scumbag in his former life and despite embracing his second chance at life in a new world he’s still developing as a character. He’s been a virgin for decades so at least cut him a little slack. He’s bound to have a really dirty mind. A lot of people would be doing far worse in his shoes. Everybody’s a saint until their in a situation where there’s little to no consequence for their actions. Trust me, if it’s consequences (and subsequently character development) you want then he gets plenty of it later on in the story. But as far as I’m concerned, being flawed and making poor decisions is a part of being human.

    That being said, flawed character or not, this is an ecchi series, albeit a light one. No getting around that fact and you will see plenty of it sprinkled throughout the series. Try not to apply too much logic to it. If you want to complain about that every week then fine, but it’s not going away. I personally have no issues with it but to each his own.

    1. Couldn´t agree more. Since it is easier to denounce others´ wrongs and join the bandwagon mentality many prefer to do just that. There is a saddening lack of empathy nowadays in society, so what can we expect for a fictional character. Your two cents were refreshing to read.

    2. I’m with you, apparently the people bacame prudish and puritan the the last years, and probably began to watch anime recently, and their monocle falls off when they see topics like this, when this has been a trope for decades in anime.

      This is not fucking Netflix, here SJW, PC, and cancel culture has nothing to say. This show is written this way, yeah, Rudeus is not a paragon of rightness, and above all, is a trait on his character that is absolutley insignificant, like some kind of gag, but some guy in comments above, and many people in social media are scandalized every episode by somthing without importance. Is a fucking nonsense.

    3. That being said, flawed character or not, this is an ecchi series

      In this issue, I believe that Mushoku Tensei is (unwittingly?) highlighting the ironies and hypocrisies of manga/anime audiences.

      Perverted characters, dirty old men, groping (accidental or not), panty shots, sexualization of minors (or at least characters that look like minors) and a long etcetera, are staples of the industry, and not just in series devoted to ecchi. Rudeus is, in-universe and out-of-universe, what you get from embracing those tropes. But Mushoku Tensei feels, ironically enough for a fantasy Isekai, more grounded and realistic. And thus the ecchi is noticeably more jarring.

      It could also be argued that the premise of Mushoku Tensei makes it more disturbing, because Rudeus is really an adult in a child’s body. But that also brings up some Fridge Logic: does it mean that it’s better or more justifiable with other characters? Rudeus at least has a Freudian excuse of bullying, personal trauma, and decades of isolation in the only company of anime, hentai games and porn, whereas other “lucky perverts” (who we’ve learned to tolerate) don’t.

  7. Yeah I find it offputting when a protagonist molests people. I’m not scandalized I just don’t like it. People keep saying that it’s not for fanservice, it’s to give Rudeus a chance to grow as a person, but that would be a lot more convincing if the show didn’t also include plenty of voyeuristic fanservice. The author decided to make Rudeus a creep and portray him this way, so clearly he doesn’t care if the fanservice in his story is offputting to some people.

  8. Good to see Rudeus making some coin out of his magic skill in creating figurines. Though seeing the figurine make its way to that lewd prince Roxy is tutoring and her reaction to that… Well, as long as it’s not me cringing, that’s the kind of cringe comedy I’m OK with. (Gambare, Roxy-sensei.)

    On a different note, I don’t know which bothers me more: The fact that these girls look far too young to “do the deed” (or offer themselves to random male nobles, for that matter), or the fact that Philip (Eris’ father) told Rudeus to use protection if the latter had to bed one (because that seems to imply girls at that age are prone to getting STDs).

    And as much as I admire Ghislaine’s skills with the blade (and being a magnet for muscle-girl fans), I can no longer hear her name without being reminded of Jeffrey Epstein’s partner in crime (Ghislaine Maxwell).

    1. I think Philip was joking as he would not expect 8 years old boy to be actually understand, what “protection” is (which btw begs question of all those medieval-looking fantasy worlds and both contraceptives and std prevention) let alone “do the deed”, biologically. The girls were just interested in suddenly popular boy, not trying to do anything improper..

      1. There’s a reason “arranged marriage” is a trope in medieval fantasy stories involving noble families. (Usually a political move to get into a larger, richer noble family, or to curry favor with said noble family, as seen in this episode. And yes, there are arranged marriages where the girl is barely in her teens if not younger.) That and it’s the old “off-brand degenerate” mind/imagination acting up again.

        Though at this point, Rudeus is basically a 30-something man in the body of an eight-year-old who definitely understood what Philip meant by “protection” and “taking a girl to bed.” Rudeus might’ve followed through with that if Eris didn’t drag him away.

        As for fantasy STD prevention, I’m guessing medieval fantasy anime use some sort of healing magic for contraception or healing STDs. IIRC, Ishuzoku Reviewers had contraceptive magical circles used in brothels in that universe, while in Overlord, Sebas and Solution use some high-level magic items/spells to heal Tuare (including STDs she got while being a sex slave) after rescuing her from the Eight Fingers group.

          1. also and if Girls got pregnant in young Age, they mostly the Girl and Baby do not survive giving Birth. Because of the hygienic at that time

            Also, only when Girls begin to have their menstruation they can bear a Child. Even that was known at that Time.. “Your Bleeding!, your a now a Real Woman!”

            History lessons of Medieval times could ground some questions here

        1. The “contraception” is an anime only thing. Philip didn’t use that word in both novel and manga. In fact, that world doesn’t have any effective contraception method yet. But, this fact is only mentioned briefly in one of the extra chapters the author wrote after finishing the main story. So, it’s very likely that the screenwriter had no idea about it and added the word into Philip’s line.

          1. There appears to be some anime-original material being added to this adaptation. I read on a forum that Eris buying Rudeus the aphrodisiac wasn’t supposed to happen and that Studio Bind is just adding extra perverted material into the show, likely to appeal to certain otaku who love these sorts of things.


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