「私、死す?」 (Watashi, Shisu?)
“Am I, Dead?”

This week’s episode of Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? was far more pleasant on the human side with Shun and his friends trying to reflect on their pasts. Whereas they were able to gain some kind of grasp as to who has appeared in this world, Kumoko is on pins-and-needles as she is forced to face a dragon that might just trigger a Game Over on her end.

I appreciated how this week, they made it more of their prerogative to give us a clearer picture of what Shun’s life was like before he was reborn. It gives us somewhat of an idea as to what the group dynamics were with those that were easier to confirm such as Hugo, Filimøs, and Feirune. There are others that haven’t quite been confirmed such as if Katia used to be Shun’s friend who was mocked for possibly liking guys and where Shun’s other friend Kyouya went.

The latter calls into question what exactly Filimøs knows, why she has such detailed intel on her old classmates, and why she has to keep some of their identities and whereabouts a secret. It doesn’t help that she confirmed Wakaba to be dead just in time for Kumoko to be hit with an attack from the lava dragon. It might even be a red herring that Kumoko and Wakaba are possibly the same person, but it does gives us food for thought about Filimøs’ importance to this isekai given how she electively decides to dole out crucial information whenever she deems it to be important or acceptable enough to mention.

On Kumoko’s end, it is amusing to see how she ends up going wild in the cave, mad with power and nearly dying from a number of close encounters with fire. It won’t be the end of Kumoko, especially if we just saw a new magician side of her that the rest of her inner reflections tell to shut up. But with how the episode ends, it’ll be tough to see exactly how she’ll pull through or where she’ll end up to avoid having to face an adversary like the lava dragon ever again.


  1. Gonna be honest, the ridiculous amount of Kumoko’s silliness is starting to get on my nerves a little, didn’t think there could be too much Yuuki Aoi, but here we are, they finally put her in a role where her high pitch voice is too much. This whole ordeal is giving me PTSD from when Black Clover started to air and Asta could not stop yelling every. single. damn. episode.

    1. I’m loving that Kumoko is geeking out and going a tad power mad as she powers up and gets a grip on the world.
      The fact that shortly after she is thrown into a life or death situations just makes it more enjoyable but she spiders on.

      I’m surprised how much I find myself looking forward each week to the next episode and I was properly laughing at this weeks in a good way.
      I do like how the parallel minds are going as well as they are just fun.

      Roll on next week.

      John also
    2. One of the best parts of the novel as contrasting her inner genki girl dialog with the reality that she is a horrific and terrifying monsters that at best people are completely perplexed by.

      They can get away with it now and probably for all but the end of the 2nd cour, but I’m not sure what they will do when/if another season or two is announced.

        1. Well, this will become more apparent later in the season when we get to book 5 where she actually actually gets to meet and hang out with other people for some time. In the LN there would be chapters where we see things from Kumoko’s perspective and then later from another persons perspective of the same event and they can be quite different. Hard to give examples without spoiling anything, but consider Kumoko a biased narrator.

        2. Just imagine her with a normal spider face, like the nightmare spider we the previous ep.
          And as far as personality goes, as she has said before she was almost a neet, and had no friends due to crippling social anxiety. So while she has a rich inner monologue thats not how she acts out loud.

          Alexander Lee Hamilton
          1. one thing that makes me confused is what exactly size is kumoko? she started as tiny spider smaller than even a toad, but now she seems to have grown multiple times (with shedding the skin and changing species on the way), but still not going to reach “giant spider of doom” size.
            I wonder how she will interact with humans once she becomes powerful enough to be actual threat to them…

          2. Go back and compare her size to the human footprints she finds in EP1 or the actual human she encounters (carrying the dragon egg) in EP2.

            The LN and manga describe Kumoko’s size as being somewhere around that of a large dog or a full-grown pig pretty much from birth.

            Mother, on the other hand, is essentially a full-on kaiju.

  2. “There are others that haven’t quite been confirmed such as if Katia used to be Shun’s friend who was mocked for possibly liking guys”

    When introducing herself to Hugo and Yuri in episode 1, Katia uses the name “Ooshima Kanata”, which is the same name embroidered on the shirt of the character in question in this episode’s flashback. So yes, they are the same person.

  3. the nuggets of proof are piling up 😛 if you want to build a theory you could come a long way to the truth now with this.

    i really like the animation with the truthfullness adaption it’s a treat to see it animated 🙂

  4. Some flashbacks from life back in Japan are nice indeed…
    I wonder how did reincarnate this “scary” girl with habit of showing up behind someone’s back. Maybe as some scary monster? Undead maybe?
    And regarding Filimos, I presume her being an elf having something to do with way she has access to info on classmates, with Elves being longlived and all they might access to some secret magic or whatsnot.
    Oh and Kumoko won’t die from the dragon… I am pretty sure. Like 99%. Classical cliffhanger!
    Kanata definitely seems to have hard time, first he was suspected of being gay, and now he is reincarnated as a girl, I can imagine handlibg either can be tough, but one after another….
    If Administrator D – whoever it is – is somehow behind all that, reincarnation business, it definitely has weird sense of humor….
    Can’t have enough of Kumoko VA now, with third and fourth personalities forming…. it is one-woman-riot!

  5. “There are others that haven’t quite been confirmed such as if Katia used to be Shun’s friend who was mocked for possibly liking guys.”

    Did this writer not watch the the 1st episode? It is clearly stated that Katia was the reincarnated Ooshima Kanata. A guy reincarnated into a girl.


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