「回復術士は、ノルン姫の蛮行に心を痛める!」 (Kaifuku Jutsushi wa, Norun Hime no Bankou ni Kokoro o Itameru!)
“The Healer is Troubled by Norn’s Brutality!”

With only two weeks to go (well, technically one now) you know Kaiyari is in full finale mode when sexy time gets replaced with revenge machination time. Alright, maybe not entirely PG13 revenge, but hey, those were some short threesome scenes if I ever saw them. Among other things. A whole lot of other things.

Considering Kaiyari has run the full gauntlet of major revenge strategies, I’m incredibly disappointed in myself that I never considered vore-inspired cannibalism being an option. Although given you could classify it under murder (which we also got this week in copious quantity), but dammit I pride myself on my imagination! Except Blade of course, because there’s no denying that little bit of theatre was pretty damn gruesome all things considered – even while still being laughably hilarious in parts. Love it or hate it this show still finds a way of surprising when it comes to its premise, and I’ll be damned if Norn’s comeuppance isn’t something I’m morbidly curious in seeing.

As for setting up that comeuppance, well, imagination probably won’t be the name of the game. While the whole setup regarding Norn’s slaughter of the town residents makes sense for her personality, it’s hard denying its incredibly heavy handed approach akin to the earlier villager executions. Maybe it’s Kaiyari running out of steam or simply showing more often how shallow its underlying writing actually is, but stuff like this feels ironically funnier than it does serious, in part because Norn has already done plenty to deserve the *cues the Borat voice* raping. And killing. Nevertheless, whatever the exact reason, I wouldn’t anticipate Kaiyari lingering on the atrocities too much when it’s all about handing out the consequences for them.

Considering Keyaru has a brand new gauntlet in need of some proper testing, I wouldn’t expect said consequences to take long in arriving either. Buckle up boys and girls, next week’s finale is going to prove interesting.




  1. With Blade it almost went as i imagined it would, only i was thinking she would be vomiting the entire way, cannibalism was a surprise, but a welcome one. Where the bones at though? If they ate the bones there was no crunchy noise.

    I’m guessing he’s gonna turn Bullet into a female and get him raped as well? Not that we will see it, last episode next week goes to Norn or Hawkeye dude.

    1. I’m pretty sure they just cut off right before the drugged guys got to the bones for the sake of expedience and avoiding too much gruesome detail. That and bones already featuring with Keyaru sucking down the lamb shanks 😛

      And yeah, no Bullet revenge this season it seems. Kind of disappointing, but at least Norn is still available for playtime!

  2. Kinda disappointed with this episode really. No real complaints on how Blade ended, but I felt it lacked some oomph. Maybe it was the lack of screams of despair.

    Would’ve really preferred they skip the mid sex scene and expanded the events of Blade and Keyaru’s merchant friend. Starting to feel there’s too many sex scenes. lol

    1. To be honest, the violence was very light, no muscle, bone or guts. It mainly was alluded by Keyaru eating meat.

      The mind break had shock potential, but I think even some hentai have done that better.

    2. I really think the sex scenes are now just because the producers believe the audience expects it and any removal of them would hurt potential sales. It’s as though they’re afraid of replaying the revenge against Flare again – i.e. similar level of detail – and would rather stick with vanilla hentai over any major shock and awe.

  3. I do wonder if it was the plan all along to have the series sanitized. In comparison to violent shows from the 2000s and before, the violence and shock is very implied.

    Despite the content be already trash, smut and juvenile. I feel it just doesn’t fully to commit to it’s concept. Exploitation has always been around media, but I suppose do to the nature of animation, and how expensive it is regardless of talent. Perhaps that’s why the content is sanitized a bit, to appeal to a TV format (which nowadays seems like it’s getting stale with more streaming letting creators being more explicit and just put a parental control to lock that content).

    I think my issue is mainly the violence, since sex still stirs a knee jerk reactions all around social media. I think old Saint Seiya, Elfen Lied or even Mirai Nikki, had more visceral displays of violence. Claymore and Berserk (90s series) was able to convey genocide effectively with more limitations.

    My point being that I was hoping Healer Redo to make me feel something. But it’s mainly, oh it has softcore sex scenes, not many anime show them on a regular series.

    1. Inclined to agree, given these last few weeks it really feels like the intention was sex first and actual violence second. While Kaiyari arguably always had this focus (given the theme of revenge dominating matters), the past few episodes have put this into focus as you can pretty much assume some form of sex each week – and not necessarily the mind breaking hatefuck kind with a revenge target either.

      IMO though it’s likely the fault of the light novels rather than the adaptation itself. From the beginning this series always was a power trip, and power trips are always more tempting and provocative with full on sex rather than violence. The show is most likely playing to its strengths, but it does feel like it could’ve done more with a little imagination.

  4. Only two things came to mind while watching this episode:

    – The song “Ano ko wo Rape” from Detroit Metal City;
    – And the quote “Ahh…fresh meat!” (The infamous Butcher from the first Diablo game.)

    All while Keya…err, Keara is enjoying a glass of Chianti and some prime cooked meat.

    Also, damn… They even animated the c*mstains! It’s a good bet Studio TNK called in a bunch of h-anime animators/illustrators for that purpose.

    But I honestly didn’t expect those men to (literally) eat Blade out… (Guess all that raping had made them work up an appetite. And one last side note, never knew Blade was that stacked…)

    That being said, the Jioral Kingdom’s propensity for murderous levels of repression knows no bounds. But with Keyaru claiming Blade’s former Divine Weapon as his own, I’ll certainly find some catharsis in how Keyaru “breaks” Princess Norn–if he’s able to defeat the “Hawkeye”. Shame the revenge on Bullet will have to wait for next season (again, if ever).

  5. This show makes me sad that they didn’t animate “Nidome no Yuusha” instead. It is also a “revenge fantasy”, but one that takes the “I wouldn’t even rape you” mentality and focuses on “poetic justice”, abet hyperviolent “poetic justice”, as well as prioritizing psychological terror.

    Also, unlike “Redo of Healer”, the MC does not have mind-slaves, just “co-conspirators” who work together to help each other achieve their vengeance. Heck, In “Nidome no Yuusha” the MC doesn’t even use his vengeance as an excuse for consensual screwing.

    Heck, “Nidome no Yuusha” is one of my top two manga/novels that don’t have English language releases (IIRC) that I’d most love to get an adaptation, with the other being “The Villainess Will Crush Her Destruction End Through Modern Firepower” because gun-toting lolis are awesome.

    1. Just take this as an hentai production with concealed genitals, you wouldn’t take Nidome no yuusha as that right? Hentai will be continued to be produced, so that is that.

      At this point lamening what could be done with that time slot is moot. The problem is if this becomes a trend.


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