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OP: 「Judgement」by Endcape (Written by Sawano Hiroyuki)

「The Void Junction」

If you haven’t watched Thunderbolt Fantasy, I highly encourage you to give it a chance provided you can find the time. Gen Urobuchi quit the anime industry and is now dedicating his life towards creating his own Taiwanese Puppet show. And I must say, it’s truly excellent. Featuring his trademark characters carrying such depth through embodying philosophical motifs, to epic martial art duels across a lawless fantasy world where innocents must fend for themselves while evil is on the rise.

Searching for Rou Shin Kai

Following on from S2, a conspiracy between a sorcerous cult and demons rapidly unfolds, as Shofukan and his gang comb through the Demon Spine Mountain’s treacherous labyrinth, in pursuit of The Seven Blasphemous Deaths. But not before Rin Setsu A pays respects to Setsu Mu Sho, the psychopathic assassin who died in a duel towards the end of Season 1. I’m not sure if this incident serves as foreshadowing for future events, or is meant to be a throwback since the gang are travelling through this area again. Nevertheless, it was nice to see an esteemed and arrogant character like Rin Setsu A genuinely acknowledge the merits of a fallen frenemy.

In terms of why they’re at this mountain, Rou Shin Kai is one tough cookie if he survived a fall off the cliffs into Demon Spine Mountain’s treacherous ravine. It’s possible, since his vitality is significantly enhanced by his attunement to the Seven Blasphemous Deaths. The way I’m imagining it, they’ll probably stumble through one of the portals by accident and discover that living out a private life in a humble hut is much preferred to world domination. Though the question remains, how would Seven Blasphemous Deaths satiate its innate bloodlust leading such a reclusive life? Otherwise he’s actually dead, and someone’s moved his body. Which would probably be a satisfying outcome considering his arc concluded excellently.

Kei Gai Returns

No matter. New season, new villains, as Kei Gai the Demoness forms an unholy alliance with the necromantic faction of sorcerers. As Shofukan and the gang wander into the Void Junction, Kei Gai sees it as her opportunity to end his meddling for good, springing an ambush onto them as they try to venture through the dark corridors. In Season 1, she couldn’t even so much as touch Shofukan. Let alone threaten him. We discover that all this time, Kei Gai has been subsisting off low quality energy in the Night Devil Forest.

Conversely, the Void Junction provides an environment similar to the demonic dimension from which she originates, allowing her to unleash her true powers. And she proves to be a formidable adversary, putting the gang in a tight spot with help from the sorcerous cult. Although she’s still very much susceptible to Rin Setsu A’s smoke trickery and lets go of Juan’s neck before she can deal the final blow to him. If she wants to prevail, Kei Gai will have to do better than that.

Concluding Thoughts

Looks like it will be a difficult fight. Especially since Shofukan is occupied by the Mantis agent, Juan is still on the backfoot while Rofu Yo’s sonic attacks don’t work in this strange dimension. However, Rin Setsu A remains calm as if he has complete control of the situation. Until he’s flustered over what move to make next, I’ll believe that slimy bastard definitely still has a trick or two up his sleeve that will be bound to turn the tides of battle.

Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading this post and be sure to check out Thunderbolt Fantasy if you can find the time!


  1. Glad your covering this.

    I love this show. Looks like I might have to rewatch and take notes as the names have escaped me.

    Love the screen caps.

    And naked girl is not something I thought I ever seen in this format.

    I would tell evil doers. Ignore the swords and you can get away with what ever evil you wish to do as long as you avoid “he who seeks the swords.

  2. My bro pointed out in the opening credits we can see the evil monk dude (Lóu Zhèn Jiè) who fell in love with the Seven Blasphemous Deaths is still alive, you can see him (I suppose still seeking the sword) missing an arm.


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