OP Sequence

OP: 「ロールプレイング」 (Roll-playing) by Masayoshi Ooishi

「いろんな家」 (Ironna Ie)
“A Hoard of Homes”

Letty the young dragon fails to safeguard an egg. That could have been his younger sibling, so you know, I can understand why his father would exhibit such a furious reaction to the point of disowning our young dragon protagonist. I think I’d also be kicked out of the house if I let my younger sister get kidnapped in plain sight. Left alone to fend for himself in this cruel world, Letty takes inspiration from a children’s tale where three weak goblins built themselves an impenetrable fortress, and decides to look for a safe haven he can call ‘home’.

Unfortunately, the situation isn’t as simple as rocking up to people’s front doors and hoping they’ll take you in. Especially when you’re a frickin’ dragon of all things. The goblins turn down his cohabiting request and tell off Letty for being such a wimp before releasing him. The dwarves and heroes want to kill Letty and transform his body parts into valuable merchandise or powerful equipment. The harpies live up in trees – which Letty can’t even fly up to. The kappas live underwater and forget breathing, Letty can’t even swim. His situation looks incredibly bleak.

That is until he’s advised to seek out a legendary architect who builds houses for people. While it takes a trek and a half to reach Yggdrasil, the grand tree in which the architect lives, Letty makes it there and establishes first contact. And at the very least, Dearia is a powerful elven architect who looks to be exceedingly kind, incinerating the human heroes who were ‘bullying’ Letty. But I doubt he will allow Letty to buy a house free of charge. So what kind of future await our young dragon?

I wouldn’t say I found Dragon, Ie o Kau to be outright hilarious. For a supposed comedic premise, I wasn’t laughing much. But I still found the episode highly entertaining and felt deeply sympathetic towards the dragon’s plight. I don’t think I will be covering this show, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye out on future episodes. Although it’s no Yuru Camp, this show will definitely be my comfy pick to fall back on through harder times.

ED Sequence

ED: 「静かな風」 (Shizuka na Kaze) by Non Stop Rabbit


  1. I on the other had was laughing quite a bit, though that may be just because I’ve not been feeling much anime lately. Many anime comedies try to be smarter than they are, but this one knows it’s dumb and rolls with it.

  2. i don’t know where they got the narrator from, but his weird voice drove me nuts. letty didn’t really do much to endear me, either, except whine a lot.

    i wanted to enjoyed it, but i rolled a 1, i guess?


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