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「大主神官」 (Dai Shushinkan)
“Head Priest”

I’ll be honest, I had forgotten about Isekai Maou until now. While this was a series I liked when it aired (mostly for the comedy – I swear!), its version of good natured ecchi ribaldry sort of fell by the wayside after the likes of Ishuzoku Reviewers and Kaiyari made their grand debut. Now though? Well it’s right back into the thick of things, and oh boy how quickly the mind remembers.

Although ostensibly a sequel, the latest Isekai Maou has arguably done a good job with refamiliarizing those like me with whom it slipped the mind. What RC previews don’t describe this episode did well enough, bringing back all those fond memories of slutty buxom elves and cat girls giving magical birth to loli demon girls with unsatiable lusts for biscuits. Also, yes, social anxiety Diablo (Mizunaka Masaaki) in all his hilarious (and ever so slightly relatable) glory to remind us what this season will continue featuring in abundance. Frankly nothing too surprising if you can remember back: Shera (Serizawa Yuu) remains as hilariously scatterbrained and mass endowed as ever; Rem (Waki Azumi) continues the long tradition of washboard tsunder-isms; and little Klem (Tanezaki Atsumi) is as adorably deadly as when we left her. Even some other cast members were kind enough to feature in a cameo or three.

The main crux of this season, however, will be with new girl high priest Lumachina (Itou Miku) who definitely won’t be out of place in this ragtag party. Besides meeting the weekly full length image requirements (and then some), she’s pretty much stage three in Diablo’s social education thanks to her glorious refusal to accept he’s anything either than God or husband material. Sure, Diablo might’ve escaped the conundrum for the moment, but don’t think for a second that bluff will last – not with two other girls quite literally nipping at this priest’s heels. While helping Lumachina with her churchly problems is unfortunately removing Klem from the equation for the moment, I wouldn’t expect anything other than similar levels of Diablo-based hilarity once we start getting into the thick of things. After all, with drag queen tentacle titillation already on the table and Lumachina throwing off purity vibes like no one’s business, I don’t think it’ll take long before we get some really tasty (read: crazy) situations to dig into.

One way or another, I don’t think this season of Isekai Maou will prove disappointing in the slightest.

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  1. This isekai had potential man, if it had only retained the trajectory that it took leading up to episode 4 where it explored the mortality of man and how Diablo couldn’t do anything about it despite being all powerful, but noooo it had to go rapey rapey elf brother and fan service bonanza (many times at the wrongest of times). Every villain that came up after Edelgard just fell flat either being too rambunctious or comically evil. I’m still gonna keep an eye on this with a sliver of hope but I doubt it’ll regain its momentum.

    1. Probably a good idea not expecting anything serious from this season IMO, this series was always ecchi fan service first and any thematic exploration second. We might get something given Lumachina’s role in the church and the corruption at work, but I’d honestly keep doubt in mind so such developments are a pleasant surprise vs. an annoying exclusion.

  2. Hmm, perhaps when the new VRMMO Anime disappoints me, this Anime here could fill the Spot right away.

    I keep an eye on this

    But.. Did we not had an Holy Priest in some Diablo Roomcom Anime? *hust* Highschool DxD *hust*

  3. Pancakes delivering the full length goods, yay.
    Nothing groundbreaking, but fun first episode.

    Gotta agree, after the likes of certain Reviewers and Healer animes, this one felt pretty tame. But I’m absolutely fine being back to a “classic” ecchi anime protagonist. And he’s far more likable.
    Anyways, hearing Tanezaki Atsumi voice a small spunky girl instead of an aloof teenager/young woman sure feels weird these days. If I hadn’t known, I wouldn’t have recognized her voice.
    That End card drawn by Bunny Girl Senpai illustrator Mizoguchi Keiji with Shera and Rem in the uniforms of that LN. Wonder whether there’s any connection between those two series that I don’t know about. Japanese publishers aren’t the same.

    1. Not the only one, I quite like the return to “normal” ecchi given it lends better to comedy and character banter.

      As for the end card I imagine Keiji is just a fan of the series and wanted to pay a bit of homage (although keeping the collars might’ve been overkill 😛 )

  4. Rem not wanting to get nakid for sunbathing was out-of-character
    since in the first series, she insisted that they get washed up in the
    stream in episode 9 encouraging Diablo andShera to take a bath with her ==>

    Rem “It’s only natural to take off your clothes when bathing.”

    Anyway, looks like a good start to an enjoyable series. I’ll miss Klem and
    Edelgard though I hope the series will show them SoL from time to time…

    Can’t wait to see how his dungeon looks and if it was invaded by the
    one Lumachina is looking to meet.


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